A Collection of Brief Essays on Various Social and Moral Topics

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Why Sadness is Wise

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Why Sadness is Wise

Honestly, I don't see how any intelligent, educated person could be happy in today's world. Instead of respecting nature like we should, because we depend upon nature for our survival, we treat the planet as one giant garbage dump. (Just look up "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" on Google.) Rather than celebrating the differences of each sex, and working together to compliment one-another's innate strengths and weaknesses as we ought, both sexes now seem determined to prove that they are inherently superior to the opposite sex in everything. Rather than people of all ages working together to help one another, young people are dumped in under-staffed and under-funded public schools, and in similar daycare centers, because their parents consider them to be too much of a nuisance to deal with. At the same time, old people are dumped in lousy nursing homes / old-folks homes, (which are really just daycares for old people) because their children consider them to be too much of a nuisance to deal with. Neighbors used to live and work with other neighbors in the community, for the common good, but now, hardly anyone even knows their neighbors. It used to be that men cared about women and women cared about men. Old people cared about young people and young people cared about old people. Neighbors cared about neighbors, and EVERYONE cared about the earth. Now, men no longer care about women, and women no longer care about men. Old people no longer care about young people, and young people no longer care about old people. Neighbors no longer care about neighbors, and hardly anyone cares about the earth. It seems more and more that the only things which most people care about are money, and all of the worthless, material junk which they can buy therewith. Unfortunately, most people seem to think that everyone needs to be happy at all times, no matter what. In reality, I think that too much joy and happiness make people lazy and complacent, whereas loss and sadness often make people think more seriously about many things. I have observed that whenever anyone seriously reevaluates anything, it is never when things are going well for them. Rather, it is always when things are going badly that we consider everything the most carefully. What is more, I have also found that more intelligent, educated people, are less inclined to be happy, because they are more aware of the problems facing the world. Unfortunately, modern society thinks that everyone has to be happy at all times, and does not recognize the necessity and virtue of sadness. For this reason, I believe that far too many people drug themselves with antidepressants, so that they can delude themselves into thinking that the world is a much nicer place than it really is, and so that they no longer are obliged to face the world's problems. Isn't it ironic? One of the universal hallmarks of mental health is perceiving the world the way it really is, and one of the universal hallmarks of mental illness is perceiving things which don't exist, (Seeing things, talking to people who aren't there, suffering from delusions, and so on ...) yet, whenever someone is aware of the bad things which are continuously happening in the world, and is therefore unhappy about those things, psychiatrists prescribe them drugs so that they can delude themselves into thinking that the world is a much nicer place than it really is, and therefore do not feel the need to take responsibility for anything bad which is happening in the world.

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