A Collection of Brief Essays on Various Social and Moral Topics

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - The Difference Between Women's Rights, Men's Rights, and Human Responsibilities

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



The Difference Between Women's Rights, Men's Rights, and Human Responsibilities

Although I have here written several articles in opposition to the women's rights movement, I nonetheless wish to make it clear that I am no more an advocate for men's rights than for women's rights. No person in the world can claim to have given themselves life, or to have placed themselves upon the earth. Instead, as Charles Darwin once recognized, we are all nothing more than the product of those who went before us. Because of this, I do not believe that any of us can rightfully say that we are entitled to anything merely because we exist or because we are human. Rather, I believe that each and every one of us has a great, all-encompassing responsibility to place the wellbeing of every other living being ahead of ourselves. Therefore, I do not believe that we need human rights. We do not need women's rights nor men's rights, nor black people's rights nor white people's rights, nor any other manner of rights which one can imagine. Instead, what we truly need is for everyone to be responsible. It is therefore absolutely imperative that we recognize the following truths:

#1: As human beings, we are the least important form of life in the world. We are completely and utterly dependent upon every other form of life for our survival, yet without us, most other forms of life would be much better off. We must therefore respect nature above all else.

#2: Women can not be men, and even if they could, they shouldn't want to. Nature has given men certain skills and abilities which are meant to enable men to support and protect women. Although there may be certain women who excel in certain areas of life in which men are more commonly superior, women as a group will never be equal to men in certain virtues, both physical, mental, and most importantly, moral. It is therefore vital that men be given the freedom to be men, and to excel in those areas of life in which men naturally excel, without interference from women. Whenever women manage to force themselves into any domain formerly occupied only by men, and demand equality with the men therein, the inevitable result is that the women are unable to rise to the level of the men in those domains, and so instead, the men must be intentionally lowered below the level of the women, in order to give the women the illusion that they are excelling. In the end, this is very harmful not only to the men, but to all women as well. The reason is because women, although most are loath to admit it, are still completely and utterly dependent upon men for their survival. Although today most women are perfectly capable of finding a job and earning money to support themselves, and in many cases able to do so even without any unfair advantage given to them by affirmative action, what most women fail to understand is that men and women possess very different sets of skills, and that in the world economy, those industries which rely primarily upon the skills which women possess to a greater extent than men, are completely and utterly dependent upon industries which rely upon certain skills which men possess to a greater extent than women. Women excel greatly in jobs which rely primarily upon interpersonal communication, and yet lag behind in jobs which require the use of complex tools and equipment. Furthermore, I suspect that most of those women who do excel in such jobs are able to do so not due to any skill or virtue on their part, but only because the leaders in those industries are artificially uplifting those women merely because it is politically correct. If it is true that women are poorly suited to working in industries such as construction, manufacturing, mining and agriculture, then the constant infusion of women into those industries can only be a burden to such industries. If this continues to too great an extent, those industries must inevitably collapse. Indeed, I believe that this has already been taking place for many decades across nearly all of Europe and North America. This would serve to explain why those industries which are oriented towards producing the basic necessities of life are nearly dead across Europe and North America, yet do so strongly thrive across Eastern Asia. Of course, it must be understood that none of those jobs in which women naturally excel, most being oriented towards service and consumption rather than towards creation and production, can possibly survive without the creation/production oriented jobs in which men naturally excel. For instance: nearly everything which we do today is ultimately dependent upon electricity and upon fossil fuels. Furthermore, both the production of electricity and of fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas, etcetera …), are highly technical jobs at which men tend to excel vastly more so than women. If these jobs cease to exist, the entire world economy will collapse and nearly every other job in the world will become undoable and so will also vanish. Indeed, as of the moment at which I am writing this, I believe that this is already coming to pass. For many decades, we have been steadily eroding those production oriented jobs at which men excel, and have been replacing them with service oriented jobs at which women excel. It is like we have been playing the children's party game "Jenga", and we have been steadily pulling the supporting blocks out from the bottom of the tower, and placing them on the top of the tower. For many decades, the tower has been getting weaker and weaker, and lately, it has just begun to tip over. I fear greatly for the wellbeing of the women in all of those societies which have embraced the idiotic philosophy of feminism. They have done everything which they are able, in order to crush the strength of the men who are necessary to support them, while at the same time demanding ever more and more rights and privileges from those same men. Now that men's strength has finally been eroded to the point that they can no longer support the massive weight of the many selfish, spoilt women in the world, I fear that those women will fall very far, very soon, and will land very hard. It is imperative for any woman who wishes to save herself from the coming collapse that she recognize her dependency upon men for support, and that she allow men to take the lead and to excel in those areas in which men naturally excel, so that they might rescue her from the trap which she has built for herself.

#3: Both men and women need to recognize just how wonderful, beautiful and spectacular women are as nature designed them, when they are not poisoned by the greed, conceitedness and lust for power, which is feminism. Just as nature designed men to be the protectors and caretakers of women, nature also designed women to be the givers of life. Everything about a women who is not poisoned by feminism is designed to create and nurture life. Physically, a women's womb is designed entirely to give life to children, and her breasts are designed to nourish them when they are young. Mentally, she is skilled at understanding the thoughts and emotions of others. Emotionally, she is unceasingly kind and compassionate, always doing her utmost to love and to care for others. There is nothing in all the world which is more lovely or more beautiful than is the kindness and love of a woman not poisoned by feminism. Although women could not possibly survive without men, it is also imperative that both women and men recognize that without women, there is no need for men. The sole purpose for which men exist is to assist women in their most wondrous and beautiful role of creating life. One may perhaps compare women to a beautiful sculpture or work of art, and men to the base upon which that sculpture stands. If the sculpture were to be without the base, it would therefore fall and break, just as I expect women are about to do. However, if the base were to be without the sculpture, then although the base might not break, there would nonetheless be no need for it to exist. In the same manner, women can not survive without men, yet although men might survive, for a time at least, without women, their survival would totally be unnecessary. Although men have built and invented, and do continue to build and invent, countless great and wondrous tools and inventions, I do not believe that anything which men as a whole have done or are doing can be considered to be, in and of itself, a cause worth living for. In my opinion, the only good purpose which there can be for any of the great and wondrous things which men do, is to support women in their most beautiful role of creating life. Ultimately, although the achievements of men in the world are very great, very wondrous, and very numerous, I do not believe that any of them is of any value by itself. I am convinced that ultimately, all of the great and wondrous achievements of men in the world can have no worth except as tools with which to assist women in fulfilling their role. The achievements of men may be very great and very wondrous, but ultimately, they are merely tools and nothing more. They are not worthy ends in and of themselves. Their sole value is in their usefulness in helping women to create and nurture life. Unfortunately, today we live in a most absurd, mixed up world. We have convinced ourselves that the material wealth and power which men are meant to provide solely in order to support women in the creation of life, are in reality the sole things which are of any value in life. At the same time, that unbelievably beautiful and magnificent role of women as the creators of life is continuously derided and spat upon by men, and even more so by women, who believe that wealth and power are the only things in life which matter, and that women who chose to support their families and care for them at the expense of earning a large quantity of money, are nothing but worthless parasites, burdens upon the hard working people of society. What a horrid tragedy!

#4: Young people must always respect their elders. Young people may be lively and quick to learn, yet they have not had sufficient time to learn for themselves all that they ought to know in order to be responsible human beings. It is therefore imperative that old people teach their wisdom to young people, and that young people take such wisdom to heart. Old people must also take the care to teach their wisdom to young people. It matters not how willing a young person is to learn, if there is no one to teach them, they still can not learn.

#5: Lastly, I must say that I don't believe that the ideology of "human rights" ought to be necessary. It may perhaps be necessary, but I do not believe that it ought so to be. You see, if everyone in the world were to be responsible for the wellbeing of every other human being, and for every other living being in the world, everyone would then be treated with kindness and respect, and there would be no need for anyone to stand up for their rights or to believe that they were entitled to anything.

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