A Collection of Brief Essays on Various Social and Moral Topics

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Women are at Risk of Becoming (Perceived as) Worthless!

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



Women are at Risk of Becoming (Perceived as) Worthless!

Note: The following is a brief conversation which I had with Clare Hill on www.booksie.com, about her poem entitled "Robosexual", which was about the possibility of human women in the future being replaced sexually by gynoid robots.


The sad part is, this is quickly becoming true. In the family, women have already been replaced by the state. With interactive virtual sex, women will soon be replaced in the bedroom as well. It's horribly tragic!

Clare Hill:

But you could also say, with all the sex toys available, that men could soon be replaced. Maybe I'm an old romantic, but I think we humans will still need the comfort of another real person, no matter what techology [sic] comes along.


"But you could also say, with all the sex toys available, that men could soon be replaced in the bedroom."

Yes, it's true than both women and men could be replaced in the bedroom, but I am ultimately far more concerned for women than I am for men. Whether or not men are necessary has nothing to with sex toys. Men are needed economically in all of the heavy industries because of their unique proclivity for using tools and machines. Of course, women are also necessary because of their function in the family. I have found that women are far superior to men at nurturing children. Although men might substitute for women in this role, I don't think men are really ever as good. Unfortunately, the modern, western world appears to care much more about money than about families. Because of this, women who care for their families as nature intended are increasingly marginalized. I do not think that the job of caring for one's family is any less important than the role of earning money. Indeed, I believe that the sole purpose of money should be to help one care for one's family. Sadly, society seems to have this backwards! We think that money is all that matters, and family is secondary. In the past, when family was valued more than anything else, women were revered for their role in the family. Now that we have forgotten the importance of the family, we come to see women as much less important. Because of this, more and more women feel compelled to abandon their families and to pursue those activities which have historically only been pursued by men. Unfortunately, many of these activities are quite worthless in comparison with the family, and are often downright destructive. (For example, think of the wanton violence and brutality of competitive wrestling.) Women say that it's unfair that they should be expected to stay home and care for their families while at the same time men are absolved of nearly all familial responsibilities. However, this belies the truth which is that it is irresponsible for anyone of either gender to neglect their families. Too many men in the world place money ahead of their families. Unfortunately, the so-called "feminists" do little to encourage men to be more responsible. Instead, they fight constantly to give women the right to be just as irresponsible as the men. It is as though both genders are riding in a car which is racing toward the edge of a cliff, but instead of turning the car around, they're merely arguing over which gender gets to sit in the front seat! Sadly, as the family loses its value in the eyes of society, women also lose their value in the eyes of society, because it is women's role in the family from whence women derived their once revered status. I fear that as the family is destroyed more and more, women will one day find themselves with nothing to give their lives purpose save for those historically male-oriented pursuits which are not only ill-suited to women, but which ultimately do not, in and of themselves, amount to anything worth living for. That is what I truly fear, not just that women will be replaced in the bedroom by cyber-sex.

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