A Collection of Brief Essays on Various Social and Moral Topics

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - How the Beauty of Women has Been Forgotten

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



How the Beauty of Women has Been Forgotten

In the past, I think raising children and caring for a family was seen as the most important thing anyone could do. Because women had the privilege of fulfilling the primary role in such, women were given great honor and respect by people in their communities. Unfortunately, we no longer care about the family today. Instead, the only things we care about today are money, and the worthless luxuries and material possessions which money can buy. Consequently, I believe many young women feel that the only way they can be anyone worthwhile is by pursuing their educations and careers all in the name of money, and in so doing, abandoning their sacred roles as the givers of life.

It is horribly tragic that so many women all over the world have forgotten the wonderful, magnificent beauty of being the giver of life, and have been deluded into thinking that their worth is measured only in the size of their paychecks. It is yet more tragic to see this delusion constantly reinforced by all the men in the world, who only want to use a woman for sex, and who have no interest in faithfully helping her and supporting her if she wants to give birth to children and raise a family. Men have come to think of women who sacrifice their educations and careers for the sake of their families as being economic parasites.

Thus, women have been tricked into thinking of sacrificing their educations and careers in order to care for their families as a degrading form of imprisonment which they must escape at all costs. Then, unfortunately, whenever someone like me suggests that women would be wiser to devote their lives to raising children rather than to advancing their careers, such a person is seen as advocating the enslavement of women.

We must cast aside the idea that money is the only thing in life which is important. In truth, I do not think that there ought to be any purpose whatsoever for money, save to provide for one's family. Without a family to care for, there is no purpose in life. Indeed, there is nothing in the world more wonderful or beautiful than the act of giving birth to life, and women alone have the ability to do this. We must help all the women in the world to appreciate this magnificent, wonderful gift, and it is the responsibility of all the men in the world to support women and care for them so that this great gift which nature has granted women, the gift of giving life, can grow and blossom.

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