A Collection of Brief Essays on Various Social and Moral Topics

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Truth About Female Empowerment

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



The Truth About Female Empowerment

In the modern world, we assume that freedom is always a good thing, yet I believe that what we really need are not rights or freedoms, but rather, a devotion to being responsible. Furthermore, I am convinced that freedom without responsibility is ultimately self destructive. Many people like to talk about gender equality, believing that an equal balance of power between the sexes is the best way to ensure that people of both sexes are treated fairly and equitably. However, I believe that perception to be misguided. In my opinion, the true cause of the pervasive lack of respect in our society by persons of either sex for persons of the opposite sex, has nothing to do with any balance or imbalance of power or control between the sexes. In my opinion, the true problem at hand is universal human selfishness. For decades, we have all been colluding with one another en-masse, to reinforce our own sense of self-importance, as an excuse for caring more about our own wants and desires than we so ought. Unfortunately, we are all so preoccupied with our own wants and concerns, that no matter how often society reminds us to respect one another, we can not, because we have no room left to be concerned for anyone but ourselves. The result, I feel, is that we are rapidly becoming not a society in which everyone is respected equally, but rather, one in which everyone is disrespected equally. In my opinion, female empowerment/disempowerment is irrelevant as to how much or how little respect is shown to women in our society. Indeed, I think that on average, women tend to be more hostile to one another than men typically are to women. Example: (Lookup "Girl Fights" on Youtube). The way I see it is as follows: In a selfless society where the men have all of the power, the men will selflessly care for the women, in a selfless society where the women have all of the power, the women will selflessly care for the men, and in a selfless society where the women and men share power equally, both sexes will selflessly care for one another equally. In contrast, in a selfish society where the men have all of the power, the men will selfishly exploit the women, in a selfish society where the women have all of the power, the women will selfishly exploit the men, and in a selfish society where the women and the men share power equally, both sexes will selfishly exploit one another equally. It is my belief that the only way for everyone in the world to be truly respected is not for anyone to be empowered, but rather, for everyone to accept that his or her own needs and desires are less important than are those of other people. Also, although the liberation of women is much more publicized than is the liberation of men, I personally believe that the liberation of women has actually liberated men just as much as it has women. That being said, and this will probably sound very counter-intuitive, I do not think that the liberation of either sex is a good thing. I am convinced that in reality, both liberations are in general harmful to people of both sexes. In the past, women and men both depended upon one another very closely. Throughout most of human history, women have depended upon men to provide them with the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, and so forth. At the same time, the men depended upon the women to bear children, and to care for those children until they were grown, so that both the men and the women would have people to care for them when they were too old to look after themselves. For that matter, old people and young people depended a great deal upon one another as well. Young people depended upon old people to teach them how to do things which they did not know how to do, and old people depended upon young people to do things which they were too old to do. Also, there was a time when everyone in the world depended very closely upon nature to provide them with what they needed to survive. If the sun did not shine or the rain did not fall, crops would not grow, and thus many people would die. In the past, people worked very closely with nature in order to survive. Therefore, they knew quite well that they could not survive if nature was not kind to them, and thus they respected nature greatly. Yet, how many people work closely with nature today? In modern society, it certainly isn't very many. Today, all of those necessities of life which we once received as gifts from nature, we now purchase from various businesses. I believe that because of this, we all have much less respect for nature than we should, and also much less than we once had. In the past, women and men could not easily live without one another. If a woman's husband would not provide for her, she was then doomed to a life of poverty and destitution, and perhaps even a slow and painful death brought on by continuous deprivation. If a man's wife did not bear him children, they might both do well for a little while, but when they became too old to look after themselves, they would both be doomed to a life of deprivation, having no one to care for them. Of course, the women were only able to bear children if the men provided for them sufficiently. Thus, I think that throughout most of history, people of both sexes knew that they could not afford to treat one another badly. Unfortunately, women and men in modern society are both needing one another continuously less and less, and it is getting continuously easier and easier for anyone of either sex to temporarily use someone of the opposite sex for their own ends, only to cast them aside as soon as they are no longer convenient. Women don't need men to provide for them any longer, because there laws requiring corporations to hire women, even if those women are not especially competent at the jobs for which they are being hired. Also, men don't need women to bear children for them anymore because … well, men don’t NEED children anymore. When men get old, instead of their children caring for them, the government cares for them in the form of social security and retirement benefits. Also, the widespread use of various pregnancy prevention products, together with the destruction of the institution of marriage, has made it easier than ever before for people of both sexes not to have any respect for one another at all, but rather to treat one another constantly as frivolous tools of sexual pleasure, without anyone ever needing to be responsible to anyone else. Furthermore, as I have already stated, nobody really needs children anymore, because everyone now has governments to provide for them when they grow old, yet at the same time, children also need their parents much less than they once did, because parents are being ever more and more replaced by governments in the form of public schools and government-funded daycare centers. So, there you have it. In the past, young people depended on old people, old people depended on young people, women depended on men, men depended on women, and EVERYONE depended on nature. I believe that because of all of these close dependencies, everyone in times past knew that it was in their best interests to treat everyone else with a great deal of respect, and so they did. Yet because these close dependencies have now been mostly severed, I think that people today therefore have much less to lose by neglecting the wellbeing of one another, and I think that people today do thus in general express much less concern for one another's wellbeing than did people in times long past. In conclusion, I believe that the very idea that women have somehow been liberated or empowered in today's world is in reality a dreadful lie. In actuality, I perceive that women have merely shifted from being dependent upon men to being dependent upon governments and corporations. The difference is that, certain unscrupulous individuals aside, most men did and do care a great deal about the happiness and wellbeing of the women in their lives. In contrast, I suspect that most leaders of governments don't really care about individual women at all, but only about those women's votes, and at the same time, I suspect that most leaders of corporations don't really care about individual women at all either, but only about those women's money, and about whatever labor they are able to extract from those women. To make matters worse, I do not believe that this problem is confined to the female sex. Rather, I am convinced that both sexes are suffering equally under our corrupt, modern philosophy of "everybody-is-always-entitled-to-everything-and-nobody-is-ever-responsible-for-anything-ism". Society constantly tells us that women and girls were treated very unjustly in the past, and that we as human beings have made and are making great improvements in how we treat women, yet I am convinced that the opposite is true. I believe that women and men once both bore great respect for one another, and also that the respect which men have for women, as well as the respect which women have for men, have both been steadily slipping away for a very long time.

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