A Collection of Brief Essays on Various Social and Moral Topics

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The True Oppression of Women

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



The True Oppression of Women

Honestly, I don't think that women as a group were ever oppressed historically. If anything, most societies throughout history have held women higher than men. Although there has been plenty of suffering throughout history, from war, famine and plague, I believe that in most cases the men suffered worse than the women. In fact, although it may seem counter-intuitive, I believe that the true oppression of women ORIGINATED with the women's suffrage movement. Let me explain: In nearly all societies throughout history, it has been the role of men to gather the resources necessary to provide for their families, and it has been the role of women to use those resources to care for their families. In hunter-gatherer societies, the men spent their time hunting and fishing, and the women spent their time cooking the fish and animals which the men brought back, gathering wood for the cooking fires, making clothes from the skins of the animals, washing the clothes, and so forth. In later agrarian societies, the men spent all day farming and the women spent all day keeping house. Later, when the industrial revolution happened, men spent all day working in factories and construction zones, and the women spent all day keeping house. Now, most people today perceive those arrangements as being founded upon a belief in the inferiority of women. In other words, "The men were allowed to do all of the cool and exiting jobs because they were men, whereas the women were forced to spend all of their time taking care of the home because that was all that the men thought they were good for." I personally can't think of anything more untrue. I believe that this perception stems from the misguided priorities of modern society. Today, we are convinced that money and material wealth are the only things which matter. If that were true, then working a full-time job would certainly be a privilege, and being forced to stay home and keep house would certainly be very degrading. However, most societies throughout history did not value money and material wealth above all else. Instead, most cultures have traditionally valued FAMILY above all else, as I believe that we also should. Indeed, I believe that the jobs and careers which feminists so long for are, in and of themselves, completely and utterly worthless. The only good purpose which they can possibly serve is to provide the monetary resources to care for one's FAMILY. Once we understand that nothing is more valuable or important than family, we suddenly see that caring for and nurturing one's family is not a lowly and degrading job, but is in fact THE GREATEST PRIVILEGE THERE IS! Rather than saying that men forced women to stay home and care for the family and household so that the men could have the privilege of working all day at their various jobs, it would be much more appropriate to say that men have historically taken upon themselves the RESPONSIBILITY of working at various jobs and careers so that women could have the PRIVILEGE of caring for their families, and women were historically content with this arrangement because they also understood the importance of family. That is not to say that for a woman to care for her family isn't work. Indeed, it can be quite a lot of work. Nonetheless, it is work which is done to serve a more important purpose than any of those purposes which are served by the work which men have traditionally done in the "workforce". Rather than constantly trying to force women into the workforce and brainwash them into thinking that they need to have careers to be someone worthwhile, I believe that we as a society should instead ask ourselves how we may help women to realize the true wonder and beauty of their traditional role in the family, and if financial pressures prevent women from being able to devote sufficient time and effort to the care of their family, I believe that it is the responsibility of men to alleviate those pressures so that women can be free to fulfill their true purpose, which is the care of the family. Society tells us that women have been oppressed and exploited throughout history, and that they have only now won equal rights. In reality, I believe that women were honored and revered throughout history, and that it is primarily in the wake of the "women's rights" movement that women have in reality lost their once privileged status.

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