A Collection of Brief Essays on Various Social and Moral Topics

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - The Glory, Strength and Power of Womanhood

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



The Glory, Strength and Power of Womanhood

Honestly, I think the true source of most of humanity's problems is not a lack of human rights, but rather, that we have given ourselves too many rights/freedoms and that we are not responsible enough. We think that we are the most important life-form on this planet, yet in reality, we are the least important. We need all of the plants and animals in nature in order to survive, and yet they would all probably be much better off without us. I also think that societies attitudes about gender equality are fundamentally misguided. Women and girls are constantly being told that being wives and mothers is a form of slavery and exploitation which has historically been imposed upon them by men, that working constantly for a large business or corporation is somehow a wonderful privilege which men have historically denied to women, and that women must force their way into the corporate world in order to prove that they are the equals of men. Nonetheless, I do not understand this outlook. There is nothing in the world which I find more beautiful and awe-inspiring than the creation of life, and it is the women who fulfill the primary role in the creating of such. The power to create life is something which has historically been seen as the mark of a deity. Therefore, when a woman gives birth to children, she is, for lack of a better word, a goddess. I understand that many women are forced to work constantly in businesses in order to support themselves because no one else will support them, and so are not able to devote much time or effort to their roles as the creators of life, yet I can not understand why so many women would be so eager to throw away the greatest privilege in the world, simply in order to have successful careers which are, in my view, quite mundane and worthless in comparison with the role for which nature has intended women. Indeed, I find the traditional role of women as wives and mothers to be infinitely more wondrous and beautiful than any of the roles which have historically been filled by men. We have all been brainwashed into thinking that the role of men as protectors and providers is some great privilege from which women have historically been banished, yet in my view, the traditional role of men as protectors and providers has no reason to exist except to support the traditional role of women as the creators of life. The real problem at hand is not that men are more valued than women, but rather, that the roles which men have traditionally fulfilled are more valued than the roles which women have traditionally fulfilled. Traditionally, women provide a family, and men provide the material sustenance which is needed to support that family. In truth, the material things which the men provide ought to serve no purpose other than to care for the family which the woman has provided. Ideally, I believe that all women ought to have the utmost appreciation for their privilege of being the creators of life, and that all men ought to take it as their most sacred duty to support women in that role. Unfortunately, our world is filled with pompous, arrogant men who are convinced that they are superior to women because they are better at doing work, earning money, or something similar, and our world is also filled with angry, spiteful, vindictive women who constantly lash out at men because they are jealous of the men's roles as laborers in the economy, because they have been brainwashed into thinking that that role is more important than the role of women as wives and mothers, when in reality, the role of men as providers SHOULD exist only to SERVE the role of women as wives and mothers. Lastly, I feel that we must ask why it is that we consider wealth, money, education, and corporate success, to be more important than family, because that is, I believe, the true origin of all of this confusion. What is more, the vast majority of material possessions which we strive for are things which we do not actually need, and would likely be much better off without anyway. Remember: no matter how old or young you are, you are still mortal and will someday die. When you die, all of the fame, popularity, and material possessions which you have accumulated, will cease to be of any benefit to you. The only part of you which will remain and which will be of any value, will be the service which you have done for others. I am convinced that if only we could learn to value life and family more than material wealth, we would then realize that the traditional role of women which we currently perceive as one of being oppressed and persecuted, is in reality the most magnificent and glorious role which one could imagine. Hence, the title of this essay: "The Glory, Strength and Power of Womanhood".

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