Empty Souls

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Three teenagers, end up teaming together to fight to survive in a world where the undead walk. They do not understand why they didn't turn, and they look for as many survivors that they can. But when they stumble across a discovery, everything they thought is happening becomes untrue.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Empty Souls

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013





October 5th 2014 ,A small town in Texas

Brady glanced at his watch, two hours until sundown. He sighed at the thought of having to look at another empty, their dark set eyes and their skinny frame which made them resemble more of a ghost than a cannibalistic psycho. Brady called them empty’s for when he stares at them he sees no sign of life in them, no expressions apart from a constant snarl. No intelligent words ever escaped them. He saw no emotion and felt no emotion for them, even if the bodies were his loved ones, they were just sacks to Brady.

Before the world turned upside down, Brady lived by himself with little friends and never was the social one, he was the bully of the town; a young teenager who had no care for the people around him and their property. He was nineteen when it happened and even though when an event like this happens to a young man, they mature greatly, Brady still felt nineteen, just with more experience with a gun and knife. He had acquired a small rifle and sever large boxes of ammunition from a local convenient store. He didn’t know what make or what kind of rounds he was using but he tested the gun on a few bodies and was pleased, at the guns skill and his surprising talent at firing. He thanked himself for living in Texas, he had become accustomed to the annoyingly varying weather and was a natural at hunting, primarily with knifes, and where else is he most likely to find a gun, and be able to dodge heavily populated cities.  Though, he didn’t bother moving much, he had stayed in his flat for six months now, after quietly taking out the other inhabitants of the building he had been able to secure himself a helpful building in which to dwell in. He had plenty of escapes to choose from and plenty of places he could head to in the event that he had to evacuate. Before all this everyone just thought of Brady as brawl and no brains, but Brady had always been very intelligent. He just didn’t want people to know it.

He was situated in a small four story flat building, with two flats on each floor. The flat building was on the outskirts of a small town known as Derickson, it was to going to become a huge city, so in anticipation they built the flats. In turn the city never became as big as they were expecting and then people started eating each other. Everyone started screaming about the zombie apocalypse, but Brady refused to call them that. Zombies are the dead turned undead, to him these were just people losing everything humane about them. He had still to see a dead man rise, and until he did, they were not zombies to him.

Brady sat on his bed in the No.3 flat, on the left side of the second story, his own bought flat. He stared out the window at the fading sun, thinking off all the people that had once showed him compassion that he had just turned away from. He had no idea why it didn’t happen to him, why he doesn’t want to eat people, he just didn’t turn. He had thought many times of suicide, but as strong as he was, he was never able to get the will power to do it. A few empty’s walked around a couple hundred yards down the street. He paid them no attention; they were no threat to him. The town only had a couple hundred people in, and now only had Brady and a few empty’s walking around. Brady had neutralized some while the others had just left, looking for food. Brady remembered watching zombie films, how the main character always gets into a massive firefight, causing more of the cannibalistic humans to come, and forcing the character to run. Brady never understood that, if making yourself known is just going to cause you to nearly die and then have to run, why not just stay low, and confine yourself to only using silent weapons? He found the acts of other people stupid and rash, all you had to do to stay alive was pretend nothing has happened, and go about your daily life, just without making a noise. As the sun set Brady shut his curtains and crawled into bed, The rifle was on the opposite side of the room, he felt he had no need to have it beside him. Yet on his dressing table was his knife, in case they were able to break in, but he thought that unlikely. Brady shut his eyes and gave no thought to any other survivors, nor the empty’s that walked on the world.


August 18th Granger, Texas

Aaron stared at the swarm of zombies headed down the road toward his home. He too was young ,only seventeen, and before now had never killed or done anything wrong. His family had turned into zombies and had tried to eat him, he couldn’t bring himself to kill them, and so he locked them in a room in the big two story western mansion. He stood now on the roof looking east, down the main road towards the hundreds of undead stumbling toward him.

 Aaron was clever yet had no common sense and that got him in trouble. He had moved to Texas from England so was a natural ladies man, he could’ve had all the girls in town, just by talking and exaggerating his accent. But he was a very passionate fellow and when he had his heart set on a girl it stayed there until she either rejected him or they ended up together. Before the zombie’s took over, Aaron was not afraid to call them what they were, he had been talking via webcam to this girl he met in a chat room. Of course, most people wouldn’t go so far as to webcam chat, with most people on chat rooms, being perverts or just plain weirdoes. Yet he did anyway, and he had fallen in love with her from the first conversation. He had kept a solid friendship with her by talking late at night when their parents were asleep. As much as Aaron had loved her, he had long forgotten her since it all happened.

As soon as it started his parents had forced him to get able to handle a gun, no one in the family had ever fired a fire arm before, and so he wasn’t taught out of experience. But he managed to cope. He was affected more by the outbreak then Brady, though both had seen the same amount of death, Aaron was just more easily affected. Though he stayed strong and had stocked up on supplies, he had been intending to move out of town, but he did not know where to go. The nearest town was Bartlett, and that was about six miles away, and with this temperature that Aaron still wasn’t use too, it would be difficult, for Aaron to walk so far, and he didn’t know the undead situation. He glanced back at the undead crowd waving to the scent of fresh meat. They had noticed him, they were too far away to see him, so they must have smelt him, Aaron couldn’t think of any other explanation.  He quickly ran inside took his two small pistols, and strapped his Japanese katana to his back, not actually Japanese, was blunt but now sharpened. He prayed for his soul, and for the soulless. He glanced at the room at which his family was inside, slowly rotting, his huge dad, his slender mum, and his pudgy sister. All with vacant looks not resembling the family he once loved. He ran out the front door into the main street before a tear could well up, this was his first mistake.

 As soon as he ran out, the horde saw him and gave chase. Those that were into the decomposing stages more were slower, but they were still surprisingly fast. Aaron cursed as he remembered he had forgotten his bag with supplies in on the kitchen table. He sprinted inside grabbed the bag and ran back out, the horde now a few hundred yards from his position. He whipped out his dual pistols and fired a few rounds, after firing he remembered to check ammunition and was pleased to see that he hadn’t forgotten that. He put the pistols back into their holsters and slid out his katana from the strap on his back. He retreated and ran into the country, west.

 The Texan sun beat down onto Aaron’s bare skin. He was wearing only a tank top and shorts. He ran over the bridge and into a field the undead following him, as long as he was in plain sight they would find him and he had no time to zigzag across the country. He only hoped that he would come across a town in which to lose them in. Praying to a God he didn’t believe in he picked up his pace.

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