Empty Souls

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013




January 17th Derickson, Texas

Brady crept up to the slumbering man. Harsh breaths escaped the man’s mouth, his slight belly reverberating in rhythm. No, Brady reminded himself, this is not a man, he has gone past that stage. He is a ghost of the man he used to be. Brady stood over the man. The man shifted and murmured. As Brady raised his knife to plunge into the man’s neck the man opened his eyes. The man went to raise his claw up to Brady’s face, but was too weak. The man sighed and turned his head, as if realizing it was hopeless. For a moment Brady felt as if this empty was in fact still human, for a moment he saw emotion in the emotionless eyes. Brady shrugged it off and pressed the knife gently on the man’s Adam’s apple. In a swift movement, he ripped out the man’s Adam’s apple along with his throat, neutralizing the empty. Fresh blood covered the dry blood that wrapped around Brady’s hand. Brady took his knife and walked out of the living room of the house he was clearing. The howling of the man had stirred some of the creatures upstairs. Brady laughed at the fact that so much humanity and intelligence had been took from them that they couldn’t even open a door. Brady glanced outside. Pleased with the emptiness of the street he pulled out his rifle and popped a bullet into each of the empty’s heads. Brady stepped out of the small building that had accommodated a small family of bloodthirsty empties. Brady sat on the curb resting the rifle on his lap. He looked up at the clear sky with the setting sun and smiled. He enjoyed being able to sit and watch the sun set as if nothing has happened. Brady was sat by the main street of which he had a plain view of the borders of the town. As the sun reached its lowest point and faded till the morning Brady walked toward the convenient store, unlocked the chain he had around it, just in case any other survivors decided to steal his food and entered. He turned the lights on and grabbed what he needed. Two cans of chili, three cans of beef stew, and a gallon of water. Brady turned off the lights before exiting the store and made his way toward his flat. He walked up main street and just before he reached the population sign, now crossed out and replaced with a one, Brady turned right toward the main door of the flat building. He unlocked the front door with his key and walked up the stairs to the roof. He decided he was going to sleep on the roof for there was going to be no rain and it would be nice just to look at the stars again. Brady set his stuff down and lied down, his head resting on his bag. Brady gazed at the stars, small pale lights dotting the darkness, just like the world now.


January 21st, Granger, Texas.

Aaron stepped into school. No one recognized him for a friend, just for a meal. A student whose name he could not remember turned around to face him and snarl. Aaron took off his head with his sword before he could take a step toward him. Aaron opened the door to the geography classroom, atlases of the world and the United States depicting various things dotted the room. Rows of seats were lined up facing an empty desk with a blood stained office chair behind it. The whiteboard had various notes on Economy and the different governments of the world. A zombie sat on his desk looking over a bloody paper with scratchy markings on it. It had decomposed so much that you could not tell it’s gender apart from the face and the hair. The monster had waving brown hair and an angelic face, but Aaron was remembering it before half its mouth had been ripped out revealing gum and teeth. Flesh clung onto the monsters teeth, brown and dry, Aaron had no idea how old that flesh was, or whose it was. Aaron pulled out his pistol and aimed it at the creature. At the sound of this the zombie turned his head to look at Aaron just before a fresh hole was made in his head. Blood dripped down from the wound as the monster went down to looking back at the notes, just a bit more closely. This zombie Aaron did know, she was in the same grade as him and had shown no interest in Aaron. So Aaron could barely remember her name, something beginning with C.  Aaron stepped out of the classroom and headed toward the next one. The rest down the hallway were all empty, but Aaron was sure that the gunshot had attracted more zombies in the school, so he wasn’t surprised to turn the corner and see the whole school board stumbling toward him, excited at the thought of fresh meat.




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