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Michael Ross is a young teenager who sees more than other people. The year is 2135 and all the different countries of the world have united to create Unitar. Run by the union, which is led by Him. They control everything the people watch, read, and learn. Rebel forces have been trying to fight against Him, but they have been forced into hiding.
Michael Ross has started to write a journal, after writing in the journal several times, he is inspired to write a novel.
But he must decide whether to write what he feels or what he's told.
"I Pray that he views me as his equal
And gives me life in tomorrow’s wake"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Birth

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013




How to start. Let’s start with my name; Michael Ross.

It is curious that I would take up writing, writing in a journal more over. My age group- 17 years- is too into the internet and projected screens to care about the wonders a pen and paper can create. So for I hope to be the only one reading this, I will describe myself truthfully, despite what I want to be viewed as. I am slim but not toned. I have thin arms with little muscle, scraggly brown hair, and thin pale lips.

It is strange that I write my history down, maybe it will be a fruitful history, and maybe there’ll never be an ending, if I ever come to it!

 I never was one to care about feelings, they seemed to hurt me too much to dwell, and well I guess it was for I started earlier than other boys. At an age while other boys were chasing girls with their premature minds,  I put my head down and focus on my future and what I am going to do with my life. Maybe writing in this journal will inspire me, to do what, I don’t know, but surely something will come. I have always had dreams about my life, where I would like to be in so many years, if I even live long enough, which is unlikely in today’s age.

Maybe I should state the year so if anyone from the future digs this up out of the rubble of today’s sanity, they’ll understand how close they was from witnessing the horror of power. The year is 2135; I don’t know anything about the world’s history, for we no longer learn it. The Education system revolves around military tactics and Technological Development, the world has turned upside down. I know looking over this entry, I didn’t give any hint of a war torn world but I try to drag myself away from the reality, and at first I was. But now I’m back lying on my bed like the gossip girls I so despise writing into a journal. Instead of writing about a new crush among many though, I write in the blue, writing the things I think should be written down.

With so many people writing onto websites and computers, work can be deleted by a single button by the Big Man in his little hideout somewhere underground monitoring the internet. Well now that I’m straying onto the subject, let’s delve more into the controlling body of the world.

I will start with what I know, with what the world tells us. The world is one kingdom now, Unitar. It was formed at the end of the great thousand years war. All I know is that it wasn’t a war until 2015, but it had been going on for years behind peoples back with secret assassinations and other secret military stuff. Well no one came out winner, so to stop the death they created one union, all run by one government, with one person telling them what to do. It was a bad idea from the start.

Rebellion forces rose against the Leader of the now whole World. They wished him to stop controlling everything; to give power back to the people, there motto was something about democracy, whatever that is. They live in abandoned cities and underground bases that were closed after the war, I’ve never seen a rebel personally, but we are constantly shown pictures at school, and how they must be punished for talking against the great will of Him. Him, or he, was the Head of the Body, and us civilians were the legs, made us feel important, even though I know we’re not. They never told us bad things during school, but I always saw more than other people. Maybe I am a rebel myself, I don’t agree with some of the decisions Him brings out, but I must agree for it is my duty as a citizen.

Everyone knows for a fact that the internet is controlled, but no one cares, it has always been that way. If someone writes something bad toward the Union then they would be found, there text destroyed and put on trial for heresy. We are told it is for our safety, for the welfare of the people. Because lies that run in a truthful world deserve to be extinguished to keep the world pure. It is late and my mind is fogging, I am afraid I may start rambling, I pray the Union prayer to Him before I go to bed:


I Pray for the welfare of the people

I Pray in hope I will wake tomorrow

I Pray in knowledge that I am important in his eyes

I Pray that he views me as his equal

And gives me life in tomorrow’s wake

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