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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: May 13, 2013

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Submitted: May 13, 2013




Today I had a meeting with a Major, Major Cunders. He was more usual looking than the recently deceased Colonel. The Major was from the west of the world, so had the thin eyes and tanned skin. He was strongly built and though his suit was formal his long hair showed he was just another young man who liked to go out and have fun. I still felt like a child around these men of war.  I used to question what war but I understand now. Though in some of the soldiers I see daily, I swear I can see a struggle within themselves, fighting their own war. Fighting themselves to fight in the war. The major had me sit down in a big brown leather chair, it was the most comfortable chair I had sat in for years. He sat opposite me on his azure desk, his room was less blue than the Colonel’s and only one flag was situated on the wall of his room. His room was also noticeably brighter, a large window on the left side on the wall let all of the risings suns light in. Why did I have to wake up so early to come to this meeting? I had been planning to go back to my old house today to get the gift Sammy gave me and maybe talk to my father, but my rage was still burning. The Major shuffled around the various piles of papers on his desk. He took one up at glanced at it. He put it back down and clasped his hands together.

“Let’s start this meeting. First of all let’s address the recent death of Colonel Sanders.”

I nervously shuffled in my chair as the Major prayed.

“Um, how is this a meeting? It’s only me and you.”

The Major glanced up at me.

“I don’t know, I called it a meeting so it’s a meeting. I’m meeting you aren’t I?”

I nodded my head in response.

“Anyway, now why we called you here. Only three people knew about your original book and you being against the Union at first.  Him, Colonel Sanders, and the arresting police officer, and now me. Because of the recent death of Colonel Sanders the Union turned to me, his apprentice. They still feed the need to give you an Escort, so I’ll be making sure that you are who you say you are.”

Which I knew I wasn’t.

“But now, this is why I’m a bit agitated today, they also want you to go on an expedition. Him wants you to travel through the jungles to the south and locate rebel camps and try to turn them to the Union cause. I preferably still think we should just burn down the whole forest but I don’t seem to have much say. Now reading Colonel Sanders reports on you, I still don’t think you can be trusted. Obviously you’ll be travelling with two Union soldiers as protection, but I am also ordering that they strap a tracking device onto your ankle, so if we lose you for some reason, we can find you. And kill you. Also you’ll help us find some rebel camps, just in case they decide not to turn. You’ll be leaving in a few days so start packing your bags, we’ll notify you what time you need to be there.”

I was confused at the whole idea.

“You want me to try and find a rebel camp and then try to turn them, while I have two union gaurds fully dressed next to me. They’ll probably kill me on sight.”

The Major laughed.

“Let’s hope they do. Do you think you’re special or something? Us soldiers are the important ones, your nothing but a geek.”

I could tell the Major was a bully in school.

The Majors actions and his reddening face scared me; I started to miss the Colonel’s sly comments.

What one do now but simply nod their head and agree, I had no choice.

“But don’t you worry you and the gaurds will be dressed as normal citizens, the guards rifles will be disguised as hunting rifles.”

So some good news, less of a chance I will be shot on sight, but when I address them I would still be under the threat of death. The major calmed himself down and bidded me farewell, I bowed and left his room, and left the vigorously blue building he was in.

The rest of the day was spent at home considering the options.

I could continue to be a guinea pig for the Union and try and turn the rebels.

Or I could tell the rebels the truth and hope they spare me, but I know the guards will turn on me as soon as they hear the words.

Then again I could just not go and run, though that wasn’t really an option.

In this world you cannot be mutual within the war, you must have an enemy, you must have a friend. But I wasn’t in the situation to be able to decide it for myself.



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