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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: May 14, 2013

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Submitted: May 14, 2013





Today I was called into the local police station.

They told me to pack some clothes they will provide the rest.

I packed some shirts and shorts and a blanket, in the Southern jungles the season’s change rapidly.

I had only told Sammy I was going on a business trip, I didn’t tell her the details. I don’t know how but it seems that I and Sammy are now living together; I mean we’ve only been together for not even a week.

When I turned up at the police station two men were talking to the major. They were wearing shorts and a T-shirt. The Major was handing them what looked like hunting rifles; the guns the Major was talking about a few days ago. They noticed me and one of them came over and took my bags, he had a blank expression on his face and showed no sign of life in his dull grey eyes. He was skinny but not toned like the Major. The other guard was more plump but clearly still athletic enough to be a good soldier. Both their shirts were a dull brown with cheesy slogans on about hunting. The Major walked over to me and shook my hand,

“I apologize about my attitude toward you a few days ago, the fact of the matter is, you’re as important as these two soldiers. Follow me and I’ll debrief you.”

I followed him and the two soldiers into a grey room with a long table.  On the wall was a screen with the Union flag rotating projected onto it. The Major clicked a button from a small remote he had picked up and the screen changed to a map of the Southern Jungles, A large pentagonal shape on a thin piece of land that connected two major Union Colonies. The Major clicked again and red points showed up on the map in various places, mostly in the east of the Southern Jungles, where various rivers laid. A play button appeared in the bottom right corner.

“These red dots represent different sights of possible rebel activity. You will head in from this blue dot here.”

A blue dot appeared just at the north-western border of the jungles.

“You will have to take a long winded path to avoid any ruins of former cities in that area, for there will most likely be a large population of rebel forces in there.”

Former cities that were abandoned once everyone had moved to the major cities by the capitol, or some of the towns that had been too badly destroyed during the thousand year war.

“Pretty straightforward to be honest, you will head to these various red dots, hope you find a rebel camp. Convert them and then bring them back safely, meaning, anyone who doesn’t convert will have to be killed if they are a small enough force. Michael have you ever fired a fire arm before?”

I shook my head.

“Well you’ll have plenty of time to practice.”

The Major dismissed me but kept the two soldiers behind.

Once I had got back into the main room of the police station a policeman handed me a box. I looked at him confused and he pressed a button. I heard a slight whirring and two straps appeared out of the bottom. The policeman pulled up my trouser leg and wrapped it round my ankle. Once he had finished he gave me a pat on the back and left. I sat down on the bench waiting for the guards.

After a few minutes someone I recognized sat down, it was the policeman who had arrested me. Now that I had more time to focus on him, I could see that he was dark skinned and extremely handsome. He also patted my back.

“So you’re a young man now. You don’t look much different.”

This was true I had stayed skinny and scrawny throughout my life in solitude.

“I’m glad to see you’ve got a name for yourself, don’t worry though I’m not allowed to tell anyone about what you really wrote. So I guess you’re safe. So how’s life treating you?”

I told him about Sammy and the recent parade and the death of the Colonel.

How so I missed him.

“Ah, yeah. I heard about that little kerfuffle. Shame. But, you’ve got yourself a girlfriend which is good. How’s your father?”

“I haven’t seen him yet.”

He paused for a moment.

“You’re still angry aren’t you?”

I nodded in surprise that it was that easy to tell.

“Look sonny, here’s the thing. I know you are angry with your father for murdering your mother. But he was doing it to protect you. I know some people out there speak against the Union, but they are stupid to do so. Not because they are perfect and oh so good like they teach us, everything has its flaws. It’s because they’re just too god damn powerful.”

The rest of the time was spent in silence after that. This man confused me, he seemed so much like me, but I could tell he despised me in his eyes. Maybe he despises himself. The guards came out fom the boardroom without the Major and led me over to a car. We are in the airplane right now flying toward our drop off point. One thing that is sticking in my mind though.

The last thing I saw in the police station.

I could’ve sworn I saw blood on the boardroom table.




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