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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: September 01, 2013

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Submitted: September 01, 2013



Today we came across a rebel camp.


I was woken up by one of the guards, the slightly plumper one. He shook me and shouted my name.

I jumped up thinking we were being ambushed, but the bright sun’s light hurt my eyes. I glanced up to see the sun was directly above me, I had overslept. Who could blame me? I missed my comfortable bed with my false lover lying next to me. I was sure that Sammy loved me, just not the other way around. The plump guard who had still not been named dragged me along to a nearby tree. He started to shout at me, waking me from my surprise.

“Wake up you lazy fag! We’ve got land to cover!”

I nodded clumsily and stood. The guard was smaller than me by a head, but I still felt powerless against him. I took my bags and started to join the plump guard as he started to walk toward the other slightly skinnier guard. We had had no conversation on the flight nor on the days of travelling, just orders given and a nod of the head in return.

One thing I must admit to though is my weakness, they knew I was weak, and they took advantage of it. They made me carry their bags, they made me stay up on guard all night. They even beat me if I was caught slacking. During the nights we hadn’t encountered any rebel’s or wild animals, but I don’t know which I’d rather meet first.

That day we had walked for a few hours before we reached the rebel camp.


Body parts were strewn everywhere. The two soldiers laughed and sang jolly songs to the grissly scene that lay before us, but i started to weep. A rebel in his orange jumpsuit lay with his side cut wide open, a look on agony on his face. A pure innocent agony.  I wanted to scream at the soldiers for their ignorance and stupidity. When is pain ever jolly and appraisable?

I would even cry if one of the soldiers died for it is a potentially beautiful soul and life taken.

I turned to the soldiers singing their jolly songs and I felt a breeze and they stopped dancing and singing.

They literally stopped. Frozen in spot with smiles on their faces. A bit of spit flying halfway through the air. The breeze stayed blowing though flickering the hair of the soldiers gently but angrily. The leaves in the trees surrounding us leaning, almost pointing at me.

I heard a faint whisper behind me and turned to see the rebels that were slaughtered standing, looking at me. Yet not with anger and hatred for they knew what I was inside. I don’t know how but I know they knew. The rebel that had been slumped with his side open stepped towards me smiling, a slight tear shining in the rays of sun that made it through the clouds above that grew darker at the second. The rebel caught me staring at the clouds and whispered in a faint ghostly yet angelic whisper. Yet a loved one lost guiding u with a hand on a shoulder in a voice.

“Don’t worry about the clouds they are just clouds after all and do not determine the fate of others. They just sit and watch. Like you.”

My eyes widened, and I took a step back.

“I have no choice! What can I do exactly? Look at where I am. A device on my ankle and two bodyguards not to protect me. But to make sure I don’t wander too far. I’m like a young boy at the carnival. Amazed at the flashing lights but powerless. Tied to my mother’s hand.” I choked the last sentence.

The rebel laughed slightly. A kind honest laugh. Not a maniac evil one. I got time to notice his features. This rebel was beautiful. Blue eyes strong nose and jawline. Thin lips that hid pearls of the ocean. His slightly tanned skin took the sun and wore it as an accessory. A beautiful life and soul taken.

“You will do so much. You will become so much. You have become what you hate but you will learn to love it. Don’t cry for us dead we are gone. Cry for the living. For they are the ones who still can feel pain and emotion. Take what is yours in this world. Take your throne and lead those who fear you. Goodbye now.”

And with that they were gone, the jolly songs were back. And the rebels once more lay on the floor. I sat down and waited for the soldiers to tire themselves out. What throne must I take?

Or more importantly. What in earth just happened?

I won’t sleep easy tonight. But I never do.”


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