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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Today is the second day I am writing in my journal, it is also my birthday. It has been two weeks since I last written into this journal. I just never felt like writing into it until today. I woke up this morning expecting my parents around me smiling and congratulating me with candy and presents, but they were not home. The kitchen was clean and the draws were full. The house was empty and noiseless apart from my footsteps. I had no siblings to look after so it was just me, school finished yesterday so I wasn’t going anywhere. I entered the living room and stopped. There was blood over the couch and the glass table was cracked. Half full glasses of wine had been tipped and the bottle was in half on the floor, the other half I could not see. I slinked back into the kitchen and sat on the bar stool resting my head on the counter. I started to sob, though not for long. I raised my head to the sunlight touching my skin, warming me slightly. I moved over to the window and peered out, the suburbs of which I lived were slowly waking. People were out mowing their lawn in a robotic fashion, people walking their dogs in the same way, and a couple in love, yet no sign of it in their faces. This is what the world has become now, normal routine, a machine doing the same thing, running on rusting gears. In time the machine will stop, yet what happens then I do not have the knowledge to know or the power to influence.

 I made myself breakfast afterwards and sat watching the small TV in the corner of the kitchen, waiting for someone to knock on the door.  I waited for a few hours for a happy birthday call or anything; maybe a friend would call over.  I had no hopes up for I had few friends, but soon after a long wait there was a knock. I only slumbered over to the door like one of the cogs I am.

It was one of my few friends; Sammy, a petite brunette who was like me: not very sociable. I welcomed her with a hug and she handed me a small box, I still haven’t opened it. She smiled at me and through me, as if trying to look into the living room. I stood there waiting, I didn’t know what I was waiting for, just a sign of hope that my fears weren’t true. Sammy took my hand and led me outside, never keeping her eyes off me. We stood together, holding hands, in my front lawn. She leaned toward me and kissed me, a soft touch of heaven on my lips. I had never been kissed by a girl before, not even my mother would kiss me goodnight.

They were distant folk, my parents, always muttering things while the news was on. Both my parents were scientists for Union Global M.D the medicinal part of the union. Being a scientist wasn’t anything big now, they’re more like the laborers of the world. They just looked at stuff and discovered stuff, it was all taught in school, and it needed the most basic of knowledge. So in short my parents weren’t important, they were average, just like me. My parents were suckers for the Union, they believed all of his messages to the world, only broadcasted in one language; it was forced upon that everyone speak English. They never saw it like I did; a scary looking man presenting a speech about death but implying life. I never truly listened to his speeches, and I have always questioned it, but never spoke against it. I had no reason too, I was happy to be in the cycle, if it meant life, I couldn’t care less.

Sammy pulled herself back from my lips and smiled, I smiled back, but I didn’t feel any emotion. She was my friend true, but I had never had a crush on her, but I couldn’t tell her. I did not love her, but I cared for her. I continued to hold her hand and I turned to face the rising sun . Even that seemed on routine nowadays; a dull light rising and falling with a clock. Even though it is the clock that runs with the sun, it feels the other way round. The soft orange glow stroked my cheek and held my other hand. Sammy said something and run off, letting go off my hand. I stayed where I was, letting dawn take me in her arms. I looked around at the neighborhood to see everyone staring at me, I waved and headed back inside.

No one has come home yet, my parents weren’t working today so they should’ve been back. They can do what they wish, they are adults after all; but the truth of the matter is, they can’t.

I Pray for Freedom

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