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\"Shawn, git yer stanky boot-tay off of me!!!!!!!!!!\" \"AAAAHHHHHHHHH!\" I screamed, and winced at how heavy my twin brother was. He chuckled and moved over onto my beanie bag chair.

\"Ya big baby,\" he said, still chuckling. \" Anywho, I got u a little something for your birthday!\" he sang.

\" I didnt want anything for my birthday,\" I whined. He always went overboard when it came to gifts.

\"Trust me, u will like these,\" he said. He pulled out a small, slender, perfectly wrapped box out of his jeans pocket. He tossed it towards me, and i took it. Slowly, I unwrapped the glossy wrapping paper and opened the magenta colored box. Inside was four black V.I.P tickets to my favorite band, Coldplay.

\"Oh My Gosh,\" i sighed. \"You didnt.\"I said, unbelievingly. \"You did NOT get tickets to Coldplay's latest concert. Oh My Gosh, you did!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\" I was talking soo fast, and a bunch of questions ran through my mind. How did he get them? I thought they were sold out! But one lingered in my mind.

\" Why did you get me four, though?\" i asked, confused.

\"Well, one for you,\" he said, holding up his index finger to represent me. \"One for Ciara,\" he said, indicating my best friend and his girlfriend. \" And one for Michael and me.\" he said , this time indicating to my boyfriend and his bestt friend. Michael wasn't only the best boyfriend in the world, but he was also Ciara's brother.

\"Awesome!\" I sang. I'll go call Ciara.

\"No,'' he said. ''I'll take care of that. the concert is in an hour. Go get ready. we'll take my car.\"


i yelled and ran into the shower, resting the tickets on the bed.

I got dressed and ran out the front door, only to run smack in to Michael.

\"Oh, michael,\" i said, breathless.

\"Hey, whoa, are you ok?\"

'' yea just excited''

\"I can see that\" he said, smiling a beautiful smile. His curly black hair was extra shiny today, and his green eyes sparkled.

'' Tonight, After the concert, we go to my place, and there I will give you your birthday gift.

My stomach tightened even more of excitment.

\" cant wait\" I managed to choke out.

\" Good \" he said, and smiled my smile. Then he leaned in and softly kissed my lips.

\" sorry to break uo this make out party, but she's mine, too!'' cried Ciara, running up the driveway. \"Happy birthday!!!!\"

'' thanks!!\" i cried

just then, my mom came outside.

\"You guys, i have to talk to you for a second\" she says.

We all pile into the living room, and mom speaks softly.

\"Im Getting married.\"

Authors note:

HI everyone!!!!!! this is mah first book published, so cut me some slack!!!!!!!!!!

and btw......... i forgot to put this in the story, but LaShawna and Shawn set their birthdays to different dates so they dont have to celabrate it on the same day.

Chapter 1

\"YOU WHAT!!!\" I screamed! \"NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!! WHY THE HELL--\" BEEP BEEP!!!! BEEP BEEEP!! My head shot up from my pillow. \"Another nightmare??\" I looked up to see shawn standing by my door. \"How long have you been standing there?\" I muttered. \"About half an hour, waiting for you to get up. Your going to be late for school.\" \"no, im not.......its only\" i turned to my alarm clock, which was still annoyingly beeping. \"Holy crap! 7:59!\" \"Yup\" \"MAN!\" i jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom.\"You go ahead\" i yelled from behing the door. \"tell Mich and Ciara Im running late. \"Alright\" he muttered, and left.

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