heavens eclipse - starcrossed fate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

'Suddenly the wailing and cries mixed with the clanging of bone of claws and muscle.
The beast stepped forward and its shadow loomed over her, completely covering her
in its darkness, she flattened against the wall and turned her head away...'
Define normal: Conforming to a standard.
In Nia Raven's case, this was never her story. Forced to learn skills that other teenage girls simply don't have to, will do that to a girl. Regardless, bruises, cuts and even broken bones were a weekly occurrence for her, but it was her life and the only one she knew.
So when the supernatural world -a place she's fought to keep at arms length- comes knocking on her door, she'll have to learn how to defend herself, or die and this time, its not training.
Thrust into a safe house for the supernatural, her skills of being a Hunter will be put to the test if she's to survive until graduation. One things for sure, when your classmates are werewolves, vampires and half-angels, high school's a killer.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - heavens eclipse - starcrossed fate

Submitted: September 03, 2014

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Submitted: September 03, 2014



~~Heaven's Eclipse: Star-Crossed Fate
-The Heaven's Eclipse: Fated Chronicles.-







Bound By Mortal Desire










A.M Kaleigh Ellis
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ISBN: 978-304-34783-1


Written by A.M Kaleigh Ellis.
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author, nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that of which it is
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subsequent purchaser.
All names are purely fictional and any relation to living or deceased people is purely coincidental.
The moral rights of the author have been asserted
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To Lucy and Megan

You're the two best sisters I could ask for... when you're not arguing.
'Let there be light.'
Sneak Preview

'Suddenly the wailing and cries mixed with the clanging of bone of claws and muscle.
The beast stepped forward and its shadow loomed over her, completely covering her
in its darkness, she flattened against the wall and turned her head away...'


This book is the first in a new series I am starting to write..


Prologue: The fall of sins

Falling through the sky; my body tumbling over and over out of control, I reach out
blindly, a mass of failing limbs and whipping hair trying to grab something, anything
to steady myself and slow my descent or at least stabilize it from this swirl of blues
and greens. Through my watering eyes I see the patches of greens looming closer and
beginning to take the forms of terrain and landscape. My wet hair is plastered to my forehead from my free-fall through the clouds and my clothes are soaked chilling me
to the bones as I shiver uncontrollably. I uselessly try and right myself as the green
looms still closer, close enough for me to now make out trees and vegetation, but as I
twist around futilely my back explodes in pain making me cry out from the sharp
stabbing ache. My agonized cry is gobbled up by the whipping winds and whisked away from me, silenced into nothing by the crescendo of the winds around me and the infinite blue sky. I can't remember what caused me such pain nor can I fathom what I could have done to myself to deserve such pain. I try to reach round but my whole body is now numb from the cold and tinged a slight blue. Salty tears stream their way down my raw and rosy cheeks whilst blurring my vision and my hair is a streaming banner. My back once again erupts in to a tormenting agony and this time spots of grey dance in my vision and darkness encroaches on the sides of my sight. My throbbing head adds to the disorientation and just as the land looms closer and closer still, a voice is carried on the wind.
"Heaven above and earth below,
The sun and moon are bright and doom.
Follow your heart to do your part.
Let the light and the sight be your might,
And visions be your decisions,
To use you're talents to restore the balance."

And then finally darkness swallows me whole and I know no more as I faded into a deep faint, I have arrived. I have come to Earth.



Chapter One: Mystery Girl

I scream as an imaginary electric shock makes my limbs spasm like liquid fire and
I end up in a heap on the floor, the alarm clock blaring out its sleep snatching siren
until I hit it with my hand in groggy irritation, the thump cutting it off mid-wail. The Sunday morning rays gleam through my bedroom window as the birds chirp in their lofty branches as their voices and calls summoned the start of a new day. The green
expanse of countryside just outside of Boroughbridge in Yorkshire is part of the
National Park that covers 1,773 square kilometers of England's finest countryside; the
dales are full of wildlife and beautiful scenery. The small and civil parish town is
situated in the Harrogate part of the North Yorkshire district and has been my home
since I was six, when I wasn't training I was roaming the countryside mostly by myself or sometimes Alec would tag along.
Stretching like a lithe cat unwinding and rubbing the sleep from my eyes I shuffle over to my bathroom to begin the new day, the kettle whistling merrily signals my parents whereabouts; as the waft of breakfast pancakes sifted up through the floor boards, yummy enough to make me do my morning routine on fast forward before taking the stairs two at a time.


The kitchen is full of the smells of freshly baked bread and newly squeezed oranges to make my dad's breakfast as he sits polishing a silver loaded blade with one hand
whilst shoveling toast in to his mouth with the other, something only he could pull off successfully, he nodded his morning to me, not pausing.
"Morning dear." My mum calls from her place at the stove where she is busily
flipping pancakes like she'd been born to do them. I take my usual place at the other end of the kitchen table and pour myself a glass of orange juice whilst I wait for my brain to wake up and grunt a reply that barely passed as civil.
"School tomorrow then, that means you won't have time to do as much target practice so you'll have to fit it in after school. Alec is coming round later on to
practice archery with you again." He didn't take his eyes of the blade so I got away
with rolling my eyes at him, only to have my mum chastise me as she leaned over
with a plate of pancakes for me.
Alec was a young apprentice my dad had taken on two years ago, he was fourteen- a
year younger than me- and often came over to train with me, at times it was like he had no family of his own and he rarely talked about his home life, but from what I managed to squeeze out of him -like blood from a stone- in the couple of years we had been partners was that he was part of a large family of two parents, two older
sisters and two younger twin brothers, who were only four. The sisters were at
university and were not expected to go in to the family business. His own father
wasn't training him because he had been relocated temporarily by the APH to
America to track and destroy an elusive pack of vampyres, nobody knew how long he
was going to be there but the American sector of the APH had called in for
reinforcements because this particular pack was exceptionally strong and had already
destroyed an entire village- something that was very hard to cover up, but those
conspiracy stories had to originate from somewhere. Something the APH was very
good at-. He had been gone for six months so far. Sometimes Alec even slept over on the couch if we had running early in the morning, as it was easier for him to spend the night. He had a school boy crush on me, but I didn't feel the same way about him, he was just a really good friend and excellent sparring partner. He never held back with
me and although we ended up bruised and sore after every session we were honing our skills together and there was talk of us becoming future Hunter partners, but I only had eyes for Sam which is where it gets complicated because he's human and knows nothing of this world, my world.
"Now Nia respect you're father, one day you'll go into the family business." I drenched my pancakes in syrup and stuffed a great wodge into my mouth so I
couldn't answer whilst avoiding my fathers puzzled gaze. Not many females went
into the Hunter business after their parents, but because I was an only child they had to leave their legacy to someone and they had already been training me from an early
age anyway, so why not, but no one actually asked me if I wanted to go in to the
family business so all summer holiday my dad had been making my target practice
and most days I had woken up with a sore shoulder from the recoil and an aching
back, my mum had made him slacken and lay off towards the end of the holidays so I could recuperate for the start of the school term. When it came to the Hunter training
she was the most relaxed and it was nice to have her there to remind my dad that I was only fifthteen and was still at school.
With one of his legendary sighs my dad heaved himself out of the chair and inspected the gleaming blade under the scrutiny of the kitchen lights, then he deftly turned and
flung it at the wall hitting a paper bulls-eye that was tapped to the back of the door, this earned him an earful from my mum.
"Steve! Mind the wood work!" He turned and winked at me before retrieving the
dagger and retreating to the sanctuary of the attic gym; I hid a smile behind my hand and finished up the last of my breakfast as mum got the wood filler out to once again patch the poor door that was always bearing the brunt of my dad's practice shots. Just
another typical day at the Raven's household, at least he wasn't working on his gun
today that had been fun, if a little scary, but there were only so many bullet holes you could stick a nail in and hang a picture from, as if it had been meant for that purpose
all along. I had the secret nervousness that the house couldn't stand much more.
I was surprised the neighbours didn't think there was spouse abuse going on the way my parents came back black and blue from their hunts and what with the gun shots echoing in the back fields and me limping or nursing my own sparring aches, then
again maybe that's why they chose to live on the outskirts of the town with only the farm fields and wildlife for neighbours.
"Mum when can we go to the holiday house again? I love the walks we take on
Dartmoor and Exmoor when you're off duty." I tried to keep the whine out of my voice. My parents owned a small thatched cottage in Black Dog, a small village in
Mid Devon that sat ten miles west of Tiverton. It was an isolated place away from the
bustling towns and dangerous life my parents led, but most importantly it was away from the supernatural and we could enjoy peaceful walks in the evening without the worry of getting ambushed and without my dad having to carry a 9mm everywhere he went. It was a chance for my parents to unwind and get their blood pressure back
to normal, being Hunters meant that they were often hunted themselves by
supernatural's who wanted to kill them or get revenge for the deaths of family or
friends. We spent two weeks there every year as that was the only time my parents
had off duty, you can't slack around when you hunt creatures that, in the
government's eyes, don't exist. It was coming up to the period when we would normally be heading to Black Dog in a couple of days.
"I'm asking for the time off today after we check in over the phone for our next
mission, I'll tell you tonight okay." I nodded; my parents got all their mission requests over a secure and untraceable phone line, it was just one of the new
improvements that had been introduced when a new leader had taken over the APH.
They didn't just wander the streets and knock on doors and they no longer had to
stake out the situation. It was phone call, get to the location, dispatch supernatural, clean up, get home again. No questions asked because they were never answered.


The day went by like the rest of my school holidays, although I could feel my dad
holding back in sparing and target shooting today fearful of my mum's wrath. I
ambled my way through the day just working through it like it was nothing special
and not doing anything out of the ordinary. My mum baked fresh scones for
tomorrow and whipped up some jam to go with it, I got in to another argument with
my dad about the benefits of wearing stilettos and how they weren't just 'walking
ankle breakers', I was trying to prove how the point of the heel could be a great self defense weapon so you wouldn't need to worry about 'staggering away'- his words
not mine-. I thought it was going marvelously until he asked for a demonstration and two seconds later I was laying flat on my backside, with my dad pointing the shoe in my face -most people freeze when a gun is pointed at them, I freeze when it's a shoe
because its my dad holding it- before throwing it aside like it was contagious, there went any chance of being a girl, tomboy here I come. In the afternoon, as promised,
Alec came over and we retreated to the far field with a handful of scones and our
bows and arrows. We sat down on a fallen log and spoke between munching on our
"How was your day, did you win the argument with your father?" I paused midway
through putting another scone to my mouth and gave him the duh look, he almost
inhaled his mouthful as he cracked up sniggering. We wiped the crumbs off our laps and got our archery kit ready, our targets were nailed to tree trunks and Alec released an arrow and hit the targets bull's eye dead on in the center. He turned smugly to me and leaned against his bow as he watched me line up a shot, I aimed and hit the same
target dead on making Alec's arrow split down the middle as mine thudded in to it quivering. I lowered the long bow and turned to Alec with my own smug smile in
place; he looked on in amazement before covering it up and shrugging, came up behind me.
"It was a good shot, but your stance is all off. It's like this." He nudged my body into position with his and stood close enough that I could feel his breath on my neck, too
close. I dropped my arms and stepped out of his reach pretending to fiddle with an arrow, we were never allowed guns when we target practiced on our own, even my parents had limits.
"Come on let's head in, dinner will be ready soon." I started to head back towards the
house as Alec opened his mouth to protest, just as my mum called us in for dinner
and I found myself muttering a prayer to some higher being for my physic abilities as Alec gave in and stomped along behind me.


That night Alec went back to his own house for the first time this week and I let out a mental breath I had been holding in the whole time as I went to bed that night with a
sore butt and a bit of a grudge, if I'd known it was the last time I would see my parents I would have made every moment special, but as it is I didn't and as the
saying goes 'you don't know what you've got until its gone.' I really needed to start paying attention to those sayings and to my gut instinct.


155 AD

The wooden village was fortified by a high circular wooden fence with ends
sharpened in to spikes for protection and intimidation; the huts were all simply made wooden structures with thatched roofs and animal skins hanging over the
doors for privacy. The whole village was made up of ten huts each placed around
the edge of the perimeter fence making a clearing in the middle, where a long wooden table sat low to the ground for the village feasts, the ground was sand
made fine from years of feet treading across its surface, wearing it thin and
smooth. In one of the huts a girl, quite tall for her age and the people of her time,
stirred on her bed of animal hides and straw as the sunlight streamed through
the creaks in the thatched straw roof, making beams of light on the compact sandy floor. One of these beams danced across the face of the girl making her
eyes screw up against the bright intrusion. With a few rapid, orientating blinks
the girl rose from her bed letting a deer hide fall off her shoulders and pool over
her legs as she stretched hearing the small satisfying click of bones popping as she did.

Getting out of her bed she trod over to the other side of the hut to the neatly folded pile of material and slipped on a simple material shift over her naked
body and wound a braided rope around her waist to secure the fabric against her body. Parting the animal skin hanging over the door way and ducking her head she walked out in to the bustling village of thirty people all milling about
the wooden interior of the fort, preparing the morning food on the wooden table that sat in the middle of the village.

She wandered over to four women each gutting fish to prepare them for the
feast. Picking up a simple bone knife she choose a large salmon that had been fished from the river half a days walk from the village, but not so far on horse
back, the smell of fresh bread wafted under her nose as ten loaves were brought
to the table from a line of massive mud and clay fire places that each had
roaring fires billowing beneath them. Slicing open the fish's guts she picked out
the inedible organs and giblets before tossing them in to a wooden basket
already stained red from many a feasts worth of fish gore. The pile would be
placed outside the village perimeter for the wolves as easy food so they wouldn't attack the livestock, or them.

After the twenty-five fish had been dug out from the basket of salt and ice that
acted as a preserver to stop them going off she carried them over to the table
already packed with bread, fruit, milk, cheese, cream, vegetables and now fish, a feast fit for the gods and goddesses. The entire village gathered around the table
and knelt on the sandy floor, bowing their heads over the wooden edge in the prayer position, all together they turned to face the ancient stone that loomed
over on end of the table, the entire village had been built around this stone and the way it looked like a wolf's head. Every day the fearful villagers would pray to the stone wolf for protection from the giant wolves that would come stalking around the village fence every night baying up a storm, so blood curdling it sent even the most hardened men and warriors of the village scurrying to their beds when they were not at the ramparts that stood as two platforms on either side of the thick wooden gate for lookout duty.

Finishing the pray to the Heaven's, everyone sat cross-legged on the ground preparing to start the mornings feast, just as the girl reached for a piece of
bread a howl echoed around the village coming from the forest that surrounded the fort. It couldn't be they never came in daylight. A herd of panicked animals
charged through the open gates so spooked that the whites of their eyes were
visible in their rolling eyes and foam plastered the fur at the sides on their
mouths, another howl responded to the first hunting call and then their was the sound of a dozen giant bodies crashing through the undergrowth and snapping
the low hanging branches against their thick, almost impenetrable hides. The
Black Claws were coming. The village erupted into chaos as the men and boys
ran to pick spears and swords from where they lay propped up against the fence,
others ran to the large gate and grabbed hold of the fraying ropes- five to a
single gate- as they desperately began to tug the gates closed, the heavy wood running along the well worn grooves in the ground, as its burdensome weight wore evermore in the earth. There wasn't enough time they weren't going to
make it; they never came in the day so no one was prepared for them. The girl
ran to the gutting table and picked up the bone knife she had wielded so
precisely and delicately earlier but as the sound of the wolves got closer she
looked down at the flimsy blade that hung awkwardly from her hand, no longer
sure and firm as it shook in her grip. She waited for them to come, knowing there was nothing more she could do, that they could do.


Present Time

I jerked awake, my limbs star-fishing until I collapsed into a disgruntled heap on to
my bedroom floor banging my bruised butt against the bedroom floorboards and
narrowly missed bashing my head against my bedside table. I pulled my sleep deprived self up from where I laid tangled up in my bed covers and cursed yet another rude awakening from yet another weird dream, as my senses cleared I
realized the house was empty as I couldn't feel my parents signature auras- I know
what you're thinking and no I'm not crazy- it was the signature-less feel of my missing parents that was the weird out of place sensation that had woken me so
suddenly. Groaning I rubbed my head to clear it when I realized it had just been the dream again, yet again. I whipped open my curtains and stared daggers at the early
morning sun as it assaulted my retinas and made bright spots slid across my eyes
before I could shield them. I grabbed my uniform and stalked off to my suite
bathroom to prepare for my day because even though I was pretty sure my physic
powers were showing me something important and I have a vision that has been
plaguing my dreams for months, I still had the mundane task of going to high school and had exams to contend with. As I showered I noticed the beaded necklace hanging
from the hook on the wall, it had been there for nine years now and was the first
present my parents had gotten me when they adopted me from the orphanage, when I
had been six years old. I remembered that day as clear in my head as my divining
crystals, I had been sitting in the main drawing room on my own when a member of the orphanage staff strode into the room with Marcie and Steve in tow. I hadn't even
glance up as the matron introduced me but something about me had made Marcie
kneel down beside me, even when all the other staff members had tagged me a
'hopeless case' and the other children had mocked my sullenness and shyness. As I'd looked up into her face something had overcome me and at first I hadn't known what
it was, but as a smile spread out across her lips and I'd smiled back I knew what to call it. Hope, she had then held out her arms as I'd flung myself in to her them, as Steve came over to join in with the trio hug. Their next words they had spoken had
been a godsend.
"You're coming to live with us." Just thinking about that day when the orphanage
doors finally swung closed behind me, for the final time, made me smile. I have no reminiscence or memories of the day I arrived at the orphanage, except for dragging
myself up the stone steps with the last of my strength before collapsing just as the doors had opened, casting a beam of light over my six years old, rain drenched and frail body as I'd fainted.
As I rhythmically moved over my body I slowed down when I came to my back and gingerly washed along the 'v' shaped scar that blemished my back, it started halfway down my spine right over my spinal cord before branching off into two, the two tips
stopped just below my shoulder blades. The scar was puckered and looked fresh even
though I'd had it all my life and couldn't remember how I'd gotten it. In contrast to
the rest of my body it was sensitive, I didn't feel touch or taste like everyone else and
used my physic touch to tell my body when I was too close to the hot hob on the
cooker or when I'd hurt myself. I don't know how I did this, but it has always been the way I felt the world around me and didn't think, or know, any different until my
mum had yanked my hand away from the hot stove one day only to discover I hadn't
reacted and didn't feel the pain, I hadn't been paying attention and so my physic
cocoon of energy had slipped making me resort back to my natural, unfeeling state. I felt the world through energy as naturally as any other human did through physical contact. I'd often worried about whether this made me an Apexdator, but my parents
had taken me to a doctors after a week of persistent perturbing and distressing. The doctor had diagnosed me with Congenital Analgesia- unable to feel pain, but deep
down I knew it was more than that; I was too different from everyone else, and that worried me.


Half an hour later once my crow nest hair was smoothed down and I was feeling semi
human, I trudged down the hallway of our cottage to the kitchen to fix my breakfast.
Sunlight streamed in through the hallway window, highlighting the floating dust
specks and the carpet fibers, the kettle whistled tunelessly away to its self as I dug
around in the fridge for the milk, in doing so I noticed a note taped hurriedly onto the door of the fridge as I closed it and tore the note off already knowing the gist of what it would say.
Morning honey,
We're going to be gone for the whole day and night, so don't wait up. The howlers
are at it again. Eat a good meal and do your katas.

I Heaved myself up onto the kitchen counter and flicked through the TV channels
idly, until the local news came on, then I swiped an apple from the fruit bowl. I found
myself looking at the apple with the strange sense of familiarity, but why would the
apple look familiar? I had an apple almost every morning, that strange dream was
getting to me, shrugging I dug my teeth into the crispy and juicy layer, tearing a piece
off to crunched away on whilst looking for any signs of my parents. It certainly tasted
no different anyway. I hadn't expected any 'love you' and especially not any x's. most parents reminded their children to do their homework and to not go out after dark, but
mine only reminded me to do my katas and to not wait up for them. Howlers meant that they were hunting Primorphs (Primalupuses for lack of a better word.), we had our own code for the different supernatural creatures: Howlers were Primorphs; this
was what humans called werewolves. Primalupuses (or Primalupus for single) Congs
- short for congenital (is used to describe their peculiar inbred condition.) were vampyres, and 'Lightbloods' were Exiles (also called shapeshifters), Fallen and
Nephilium, whilst the 'Nightlanders' were the collective term for the virally infected
supernatural. The Apexdators (is what we call all the supernaturals: Primorphs, vampyres and Exiles, Fallen and Nephil. This is because they are like the apex-
predators of our world; they have no natural threats and are exceptionally strong.) This is what we termed all the supernaturals.
The breaking news came on and I perked up at the mention of a warehouse fire as I turned up the volume.

"Firefighters and police were called to this industrial warehouse at the early hours of this morning, its not yet known how the blaze started but witnesses report hearing
howls and allegedly the sounds of gunfire, although no animals have been found in
the remains so far."

I turned up the volume some more, listening carefully to try and piece together what had happened on my parent's mission.

"Two bodies were found badly burned along with the remains of bullet shells, but the
police are treating the deaths as suspicious and are looking into foul play although
the actual cause of the blaze remains unclear."

I smiled grimly; my parents would not be pleased that there would be an investigation
leading back to them, although the fire would have eradicated any evidence of the
bodies being Primalupuses even in autopsy. It always amazed me how blind and naive the officials and media could be under such strange circumstances but they
certainly had an annoying habit of sticking their noses in where it caused trouble, at
times I almost envied their innocence and blindness towards the Apexdator but
knowing what I do, I could never go back to being an ordinary civilian. I leaned back
against the cool tiled wall and closing my eye envisioned the warehouse scene
knowing my physic senses would help:

Two wolves, much larger than normal wolves, darted into the dark shelter of the old warehouse followed closely by two humans each wielding a 9mm automatic pistol. The wolves raced through the pitch black interior so fast that the slivers of light that streamed in through the narrow windows only caught them in camera click blurs, the humans trailed along at an unhurried pace knowing there was no other exit and using the time to check their weapons, they had herded the wolves here to finish them off.
Finally the desperate wolves skidded to a stop and whirled around to face their
pursuers in a last attempt to break free. My parents raised their guns and fired once, twice then three times, the shots echoing off the warehouse walls and rebounding off
the high vaulted ceiling. One wolf yelped as a bullet brushed its flank, missing the
head and anything important but causing a deep flesh wound. The second wolf
snapped its frothing jaws and lunged taking advantage of the second needed to reload
the guns round, the second Hunter, which I presumed was my dad due to his build although the darkness made it impossible to identify him properly, aimed once and fired point blank at the wolf. There was no yelp or whine just a merciful thud as the
dead wolf landed on the floor inches away from my mum's feet, its eyes already
gazing and flattening in death. My parents smiled at each other and my vision faded
in to grey to be replaced by the familiar interior of the kitchen. The kettle's shrill
whistling brought me fully back and I imagined my eyes lighting back up as I snapped back from my trance and reached over the pour the tea.

I switched off the TV and cradled a steaming mug of tea in both my hands, stifling a yawn that crept up on me unexpectedly and allowing the tea to warm me through, I
thought of the day ahead and tried not to feel too blue about the prospect of the bullies who seemed to expend an un-necessary amount of effort in harassing me. Thoughts of school in inevitably brought my focus round to a smiling face as his
sparkling blue eyes caught him staring at me. His perfectly white smile dazzled me
with its sincerity. Sam. My best friend since the second day of primary school and my bully defense, thoughts of Sam was like the rainbow after a rain shower.
Downing the last of my tea I grabbed my bag and practically flew down the hallway and out the door, stopping only to arm the security pad next to the door as I headed down to Sam's house so we could catch the bus together as was our usual routine. This day might not be so bad after all.

155 AD

The wolves crashed through the trees and down the valley sides to where the
village lay nestled in its bowl, the first one hit the gates not even slowing down and the ten people on the gate were flung away across the ground. The girl ran
to the back of the village discarding the knife as she ran from the five wolves
that now poured through the village as the blood shed began, the plank of wood in the perimeter fence was loose and had been that way since she had dug a hole
under it. Ever resourceful -or just plain paranoid- she wiggled through the gap
between the fence and the ground and came out on the far side of the village,
with the fence shielding her back and the forest open in front of her, part a welcoming refuge and part a forbidding presence shroud with shadows and uncertainties.

She leaned against the fence working out what to do next when a growl startled
her from her thoughts, she looked up to see a brown wolf glaring down its
muzzle at her through clear blue eyes, not all the Primorphs had headed straight
in to the village and this one had prowled the edges looking for escapees as easy
pickings. Suddenly the wailing and cries mixed with the clanging of bone on
claws and muscle. The beast stepped forward and its shadow loomed over her,
completely covering her in its darkness, she flattened against the wall and
turned her head away from the rancidly meaty breath as its muzzle nudged her
neck as if deciding where to bite, she screwed her eyes shut tight and held her
breathe. Suddenly the world fell away to be replaced by a black void endless to
the eyes, she slowly opened her eyes and saw the wolf staring at her so
considering and thoughtful that she had to bite down a scream. The wolfs body
slowly melted into a water world of spilling colors that dripped down and
blended into something new, a swirling mess. Then the colors solidified and a
boy was left standing in its place, the shadows swirled around his mid section for
which she was thankful for as it covered his modesty. The whole Black Claw
tribe was Primalupuses, men that could call upon the energies of the wild hunt to transform into wolves. The boy had the same startlingly clear blue eyes and
the left side of his body was covered in wolf and paw tattoos to symbolize his
power of transformation, the boy wiped a hand over her face in awkward
movements as if he didn't know how to be loving and caring, she looked at him
taking in his leanly muscled body and bronze skin. The two of them glowed
against the blackness of the endless void, she reached up to him and the two of them met in the middle their palms splayed and a glowing light seeped through
the gaps between their hands. They both knew what this meant even if they were
both a part of two different worlds with two different lifestyles, they were soul- mates.

Present time


I had woken up feeling rough again with a dry mouth and the beginnings of a
marching-band-headache galore, I rummaged around my room for something to wear that would pass as clean, discarding the mud smeared trousers and tatty top that I had no recollection of destroying. The scent of bacon wafted up from the kitchen and for a moment I could almost see the filmy brown and red colors slipping under my door
to entice my nose. I shook my head, looked like that headache was getting to me already muddling me senses; it might even turn into a migraine, I thought grimly.
Trooping down the stairs I opened the kitchen door and breathed in deeply, devouring
the heavenly scent, anyone would think I was a strict carnivore. I felt my belly
grumble and put a hand down to it self-consciously, feeling a shape worm around
against the smooth skin of my stomach. My mum's laughter distracted me and I turned to her forgetting the weird squirming shape.
"Looks like someone's hungry this morning, what did you do run a marathon last night?" the question was a joke but I winced as the remark hit close to home, my
weird dream of running under the full moon's light, strangely low to the ground with
the basking moon glow warming my back that was clothes less but not bare. I
shrugged and replied around a mouthful of bacon-butte.
"Just a weird dream I've been having a lot lately, its nothing really." She stopped buttering the bread for a moment and came over to feel my forehead, which was
slightly warm still from my fading fever and for a moment I thought I saw a slip of yellow slide through her eyes, but then she stepped back and her eyes were normal. No more than a trick of the light.
"I don't think you should go to school today." I was about to try and hide my delight
at any excuse to skive school, if it doesn't take place on the sports field I'm not
interested and rarely good at it, when I spotted Nia waiting for me outside my garden
gate and my world stopped moving. My sight narrowed down to tunnel vision as I
took in her brown hair that floated around her shoulders framing her face in a halo as the sun caught its sheen. Her uniform clung to her in all the right places, not skin tight and in your face but using what was already naturally there. She looked like an angel,
one that had fallen from grace and dragged me with her, and was all mine. Her
natural good looks left me awestruck with my heart pumping double time. If ever
there was a reason to go to school it was her I thought as I ignored my mum's petty
mother hen ramblings and swiping two more butty's, headed for the door dodging her
persistence that I stay home, I mean what was the worst that could happen, it was
only school?
As I slammed the door shut behind me she looked up and her otherwise always
serious face broke up into a full smile that reached her eyes and made then twinkle, I wished she'd smile more as she looked so beautiful when she did.
"More mother hen troubles, Sam." she mocked lightly, a slight lilt in her voice. I mock frowned and held out a bacon sandwich to her.
"Don't you start, Ninja Girl." I replied mimicking my mum's voice until we were both
laughing. Yeah she's defiantly the reason to face trigonometry today. The mention of
school brought around the memory of our first meeting; I had sat bawling on the
playground floor whilst the two older boys sneered at my tears and took my lunch money, and then there she was. Nia cold-cocked the two boys one after the other, even though she was in the same year as me and they were two years older, after a stunned moment they legged it back towards the school building trying not to cry themselves. I never wondered how a seven year old knew how to hit like that. She
had then turned to me and smiled, offering a hand to help me up, it was that smile and hand that gave me the strength to get up and scoop up my dropped money. We'd been friends ever since.
"What are you smiling at?" Nia's question brought me back from memory lane and I shrugged her question off.
"You're the physic one you tell Me." it was a sensitive topic talking about her ability and she'd only ever told me about it, even that had taken a couple of years for her to
admit. It was not something she publicized but neither did she shun it. Me?
Personally I found it amazing. Nowadays it was me defending her against the bullies, Nia wasn't shy but her martial arts were more than a match for the average bully and would only make her a bigger target, so she stayed quite and meek, she could also do some real damage to them.


The bus pulled in to the station and we both bundled on along with the rest of the
student crowd and took our places at the front of the bus to avoid as much attention as possible, as we sat down Sam noticed my frown.
"Hey, are you okay. You're kind of quiet today." I told him I was okay; I mean what else could I possibly say. That my parents are hunters who worked for the APH and
killed creatures he could only imagine for a living? Yeah right, if he took me
seriously he would freak out, or like most normal people I faced the possibility of
him carting me off to a mental institution, either way it would end badly, although if I did end up in a mental hospital I hoped he carried me there, in his big strong arms. I sat down and stared straight ahead for the rest of the journey as the bus chugged
down the Main High Street stopping at regular bus stations to pick up more crowds of
students, and Sam didn't pry or demand an answer which was another thing I loved about him, he respected personal space.
A boy aimed a screwed up paper ball at my head, which I expertly ducked and Sam
stuck out a foot that tripped him as he went past us in the isle down the rows of seats. His fall got a rowdy laugh and I snickered as he stood up glaring daggers at me as if I
could have possible done it, even though I was sitting next to the window, but I couldn't resist a snide remark.
"Send a post card next time you trip okay." I completed it with a flirtious wink and he
blushed red and scampered on down the bus to hunker down in the seat his moment of fame replaced by his disastrous trip, I can defend myself when I choose, but I try
and rise above them by ignoring them. Luckily I had Sam with me. Another
seventeen minutes of enduring spit balls and 'ill thrown' paper wads and we were both at the school, I walked past my tormentors with a back straight and saw Sam smile at me and I couldn't help but feel some pride.
We stopped one by one at the top of the steps to let the person in front of us descend
without crushing everyone down the steps. Sam was at the top of the stairs and I
halfway down I couldn't help but feel him staring at my butt; I'll admit it that as a girl
that I naturally stared at him, but he wasn't even being shy about it. I've had a crush
on him for sometime now but he's never made a move, then again why would he
when I'd told him that he was like a brother to me. It was deflating to bear but I wasn't about to ruin what we had.


As Sam stepped off the last step and on to the school court I caught a glimpse of his toned and lean muscled torso as he stretched giving me a good view of a six pack.
Sam was a non-regular jock that played football and hockey. He wasn't the usual jock who was always flexing and had a cheerleader on each arm, he was honest and didn't
boast, he was perfect and down to earth, and he was mine. I would happily take our
relationship further but after years of Sam making no advancements I'd told him
casually that he was like a brother to me hoping his response would merit
discouragement and that he would say those long anticipated three words, but to my disappointment he had accepted my remark and made no reproaches.
We walked across the school court and were about to ascended the stairs, to go
through the building, planning to skirt the main office and head to the playground ,where no one really hung out, and wait for the bell to ring in peace. I had almost
made it across the concrete, having only a few steps left to take when a commotion broke out behind me as someone was shoving through the crowds and as I turned to see who it was I saw the boy I had publically humiliated shove me from behind with
a triumphant leer on his face. When would I learn never to tease my tormentors I
thought as I went down, it always came back to bite me in the ass as karma. I
stumbled forward and my shoulder bag went flying across the ground, emptying the
numerous textbooks on the concrete, as he strode past me looking at me like I was
something disgusting on the bottom of his foot he trod on my books leaving a muddy
footprint on them. I picked myself up and collecting my sorry pile of muddy books,
stuffed them in my bag and hunching my shoulders walked towards the bike racks where me and Sam always waited out of the way for the morning bell to ring and where Sam was glaring daggers at the boy and as I looked I swear something dark and primal flashed in the depths of his eyes, but he restrained himself from doing anything, only because I had made him promise not to get into any fights on my
behalf. Sam put an arm around my shoulder and we watched the other students play
football with home brought scuffed balls or gossip in set groups, with some
occasionally wandering from circle to circle and when it was time to head inside at
the call of the ear splitting bell he still had his arm on my shoulder and we headed in together.


We walked through the school corridors and my head swam with the colorful pulses
and energy of my classmates as they radiated off energy and emotions, turning my
world in to a kaleidoscope so that I had to draw closer to Sam for grounding and
stability, he moved his arm to around my waist and kept it there. People moved away
to let us through, Sam's abilities on the field warranted respect within the hallways
and kept him out of the firing line for bullies, as our school team was steadily rising
through the league championship board, his act of physical protectiveness cleared my
head and slowly but surely the auras faded away and I took a deep breathe again as
my equilibrium came back, for some reason when I was around him I felt more
human and would even swear that I could feel the physical world better, or maybe that was just his arm around me I could feel.
He pecked me on the cheek before heading off to the boy's locker room to get
changed for football; I carried on down the corridor and stopped at my locker to
gather my next lessons books. Dodging the spitball aimed at my head and shoving the 'witch' note inside the confines of my locker, under a pile of textbooks. 'Out of sight
out of mind' as they say, I was glad there was a spray paint ban at the school or my
locker would look a mess. The resonating clang of my locker door slamming shut
agreed with me, it was time to head of to my foreign class, aka trigonometry, and it was only first period, I hated the guts of who ever drew up my daily schedule, they must have a grudge against all things teenager, it was cruel to start the day off with math's when my brain wasn't even firing on all its cylinders yet.



Alec came strolling up and leaned casually against my locker as if he owned it and
gave me a big grin. Whereas Sam was honest, Alec was a show off and a typical
American jock. He was Sam's opposite which was part of the reason we didn't go
together or get together; I didn't want to feel like another conquered girl to him.

He was different outside of school when he was training with me, something I never told Sam for fear on how he would react or view it. He showed a softer side then, but
at school the defenses went back up just so he could hang out with the 'in crowd',
something that never appealed to me. I saw no point in having to be a bitch to
perfectly ordinary people who were minding their own business, just to stay in good terms with your supposed friends. They could be as cruel to each other as they were to outsides -aka me-, another thing that baffled me about their friendships.
"What are you so happy about, it's a school day and what's worse, mathematics is
first period." I said grouchily. He rolled his eyes and stepped closer making me step
back unless I wanted to be chest to chest with him, which I didn't. He wasn't
repulsive to me -quiet the opposite-, but I wanted Sam to ask me out and that meant keeping my distance from Alec's evermore obvious and growing approaches, it must have something to do with the school prom coming up.
"You look nice today." I sighed, this again, when would he get the hint and stop
pestering me?
"That's the lousiest come on if I ever heard one and you use it every day." If I hadn't already shut my locker I would have slammed his fingers in it to make my point. Alec
was always flirting and dropping hints about how he felt, but didn't seem to get the
hints I dropped about not being interested. I pushed past him already late as the tardy
bell rang and made my way to my first lesson. A group of girls I passed gave me a disbelieving look as if they couldn't fathom why I would brush off Alec Creed so easily. There's your fan club Alec, go pester them.
"See you later then." He called and when I turned round to flip him off semi- good humouredly he was already gone.


The lesson went okay and I managed to make some sense of the words and squiggles on the white board, I didn't spend much time thinking about my parents as they often
left early and came back late, or sometimes stayed away for one night, the two bodies
were more than likely the supernatural my parents had been sent to hunt. The next
two periods passed uneventfully and I met Sam at my locker as I dumped my books from the first half of the day in and retrieved my second lot, Sam was waiting next to
me as I twirled the combination on the door when two arms wrapped around my waist making me jump and I dropped my books.
"Now there, where's my kiss hello Nia." I immediately recognized the low husky voice as Alec and whirled around to face him.
"Don't do that!" He smirked and bent down with me to pick up my fallen books; his hand stayed to long over mine and held my wrist as we stood up.
"Alec, leave her alone." Sam bristled behind me, I had almost forgotten he was there and he now stepped forward towards me as if trying to protect me. Alec squared off
to him and I was sandwiches between two boys who were going to start beating their chests if I didn't do something fast.
"You two have got to stop acting like immature jerks for more than two seconds!"
"You had your chance Sam and you never made your move, how many hints do you want her to drop for you." Sam growled at him, actually growled and I could see that
it caught even Alec of guard before he straightened up again, just managing to stop
himself from stepping back. Rule number one, show no weakness. Rule number two; embarrass the girl you're trying to ask out in front of the whole school who, yes, are indeed watching the showdown.
"How many times does she have to push you away before you get the message? She's
mine, maybe you got hit in the head with the ball too hard, or many not hard enough
and I need to knock some sense into you." I felt my cheeks burn at this, Sam was threatening to fight Alec here in the hallway. I was sure this featured in one of my nightmares that always ended with me having to choose one of them to stop them
from fighting. Rule number three, embarrassed girl, whose scarlet cheeks just entered melt-down mode, has to intervene, Yet again. Urgh, boys.
"I'm not anyone's, I'm not a possession." Neither of them was listening so I kicked them both in the shin to prove my point, making them turn their angry glares on me,
where I stood with my hands on my hips returning their glares just as icily. Sam dropped his gaze first and looked embarrassed, so I wasn't the only one who had
noticed they had drawn a crowd along with the whispers. 'Why are they fighting over
the witch' and 'both of them are too good for her'. My cheeks flamed red. Sam was only partly in with the popular group because he was a star player, if he didn't hang out with me he would be fully accepted and I felt guilty over his lack of friends off pitch.
"Sorry man, I'll back off." Alec said and I stared at him suspiciously as he began
backing down the corridor, he stopped suddenly and a expression of mock thoughtfulness crossed his features.
"Oh that's right I can't, sorry I forgot I was teaching Nia combat tonight. You know the sort that involves intimacy and closeness." He laughed and danced away through the crowd as Sam lunged at him and I was dragged along behind as I tried to restrain him, all the good that did me, but Alec was gone, swallowed up by the crowd. Sam's breathing was ragged and I drew his chin down to me.
"Sam, please look at me." He didn't look up, but he did speak. I hoped he wasn't
going to ask questions about the combat, my life as a Hunter apprentice was the only secret I had successfully been able to keep from him. If he found out it would lead to
questions I couldn't answer because I wasn't allowed to and because I couldn't, I didn't want that to happen.
"I'm sorry Nia, I know you only think of me as a brother but that's not how I think of you at all." A faint blush spread over his cheek and I wondered just how he thought of me, I smiled not that he could see it because he was still trying to calm down.
"Sam, I only said that because I wanted you to admit that you loved me, I was giving
you a chance to say it and dropping a hint." He finally looked at me and I jerked away in surprise.
"Sam!, you're eyes?" his eyes were starting to become yellow around the irises, he
looked at me startled, before blinking a couple of times as if he had something in them and then the strange coloring was gone.
"What about them." He sounded shocked, I shook my head.
"Nothing, It was only the overhead lights." 'That's been happening a lot lately' I
concluded in my head. He gave me a squeeze and headed off to class in the opposite direction I was heading to.


I sat behind my single desk idly twiddling my pen around in my hand whilst focusing
my attention on the foreign signs and squiggles that covered the board, science now, urgh. After making sure the teacher wasn't paying attention to me I got out my phone
and sent my parent's a text, asking them when I could expect them home and what news they had about the holiday house. They always answered my texts and phone calls as long as It was on a secure line.
"Sir, Nia's got her phone out." Said a annoyingly chirpy sing-song voice and the next
thing I saw was my desk darken as the teacher's shadow loomed over me; I gulped softly and slowly raised my head to meet his stern expression.
"Are we disrupting your 'private time' Miss Raven?" It wasn't really asked as a question and his empathies on the words 'private time' was thick with sarcasm. I caught Kate, the girl who'd grassed me up, she was giving her best 'who me? I'm innocent' look whilst simultaneously sneering disgustedly at me, what was it with
posh snobs? I never tried to blend in with the 'popular' cliché so I was a ideal source for snarky and petty comments to remind me that I would never be one of them, Sam being a jock had it easy and his presence did somewhat fend off the bitchy comments
from the inner circle of elite popular students. Kate had however once been my friend.
"Well you can think about your answer during the after school detention tonight,
since you seemed so tongue tied now." And I realized I hadn't answered his question, but it was already too late as he was storming back to the front of the room calling for the class's attention, with a deft flick of her hair Kate turned and faced the front of the
room. I suppressed the urge to knock my head against the desk and groan, at least he
hadn't taken my phone, but taking no chances myself I swiftly put it away for the
remained of the lesson. Kate seemed to have it in for me today and I wondered if she
had been apart of the crowd today watching the testosterone match between Alec and
Sam, Kate had a thing for Alec but with all his attention on me it must be annoying and definitely brought out the bitchiness in her.
With the last of the bell ringing in my ears I leaned against the outside of the
classroom wall and phoned my parents who hadn't returned my text, frowning when I got only the voice mail I flicked my lid shut and brooded until Sam showed up. It was
possible that they had been called out on another mission straight away, it didn't
happen often but it could be a possibility, or maybe their phone was off because they were napping at home catching up on the missed sleep from the previous night.
Just then Sam showed up and I pushed the thought out of my head as he strode up beaming.
"You look like you've eaten a sunbeam." I pointed out to which his smile only deepened, man he was gorgeous and that smile made my heart flip, teen love.
"I've got great news; we're playing a last minute game tonight here at the school
against the Falcon's. They've squeezed in last one before the seasons out." I grinned back but it was forced, that meant that he would be late tonight and I would have to walk home alone in the dark after my detention. I wasn't afraid of the dark just the
Apexdator that prowled its confines. I didn't fancy my odds of a one-on-one
confrontation against a vampyre, but at least the Primalupuses wouldn't be active until next Monday when the full moon crested. I pretended to be happy for Sam's
sake as he really deserved it and a part of me was actually happy for him and all the effort and training he'd put into the game to get and keep fit. I hugged him friend to friend and then watched as he walked down the hallway and turned the corner out of
sight to spread the news amongst his teammates, once he was out of sight I let the
mask down and the smile faded into a gloomy expression. I turned and headed in the opposite direction heading for my next lesson, English.


We were all seated in our chairs reading out loud from the book we were studying for
the coursework ' A midsummer's night dream' when the door opened and the
principal stepped through holding the door open for the two policemen who stepped
over the threshold, I immediately felt the energy in the room tense no one wanting the
police to be tied to them in case they brought bad news and I felt my own chest
constrict with fear, especially after not being able to get in touch with my parents earlier on today.
"Sorry to interrupt your class Miss White, but I need a moment with Nia." As the two
male police officers looked around the room searching for the student being
addressed, I wanted the floor to swallow me up and shrunk in my chair when I felt
the other prying gazes of the class on my back, all looking on with a mixture of suspicion and pity. The principal turned to me.
"Come with me Nia." She didn't sound particularly angry so it must be the worst
reason for the police being here, the one everyone hates and fears in equal doses. I
numbly got up and headed out of the classroom, the two officers nodded their
appreciation to the teacher and then followed me.
We ended up in the head's office and I took a seat opposite the head teacher as the
police officers sat down in two of the chairs lining the wall, their presence was
unnerving and I felt myself getting hot and cold flushes. I also couldn't help the guilt
feeling on my face, even though I hadn't done anything wrong and I hoped it didn't
show. The teacher tapped a pencil against her desk before dropping it and leaning over the desk instead.
"Do you know why you're here Nia?" I looked at her in genuine confusion even though I had a pretty good idea why I was here and that it involved my parents.
"PC Tom and PC Stan are investigating the warehouse blaze, I'm sure you heard of in
on this morning's news?" I nodded remaining mute and the one of the officers took
over, a chubby man who I doubted could run anywhere after a fleeing crook, which is probably why he had a partner.
"Well the investigation turned up several bullet shells that were linked back to your
parents licensed guns; we tried to contact them, but got no answer on the few
occasions we tried." he leaned over probably trying for the good cop bad cop routine.
"You wouldn't know where they are would you." I remained calm on the outside retaining my composure, but inside I was falling apart, this had never happened
before as my parents had always been so careful. What could have gone wrong this
"I'm as clueless about this as you are, I have no idea where they are or when to
expect them back." Pudgy stared at me of a minute before turning to his partner as if debating whether I was telling the truth or not, his partner a skinny man with a nose to put gonzo to shame nodded at me.
"We will probably be in contact at a later date to try and find out more. You do realize
that you're parents are now suspects in a murder or at least arson, so if you have
anything to say at all it would be in everyone's best interest if you said it." I nodded my agreement.
"I understand officers but I really have no clue at all as to where they are, they keep
strange hours and I haven't been able to contact them on their mobile." He sighed
leaning back in his chair and nodded towards the door behind me, I took that as the
reason to depart. I stood outside the door for a moment and listened to the two officers and the principal talking.
"Are the bullet shells a direct match to the Raven's?"
"Yes, the father purchased the weapon a month ago, he has quite a collection of assorted guns and knives all licensed so we could never bring him in." the other officer asked a question.
"What's the girl like at school?" I could almost see the teac

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