The greatest Lie

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this is for hhhh's challenge...
Hannah is rich.
Ari is poor.
Hannah has loving parents.
Ari doesn't.
Hannah is the ruler of England.
Ari is the ruler of Ireland.

Ari and Hannah meet at age 3. Will their paths cross again?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The greatest Lie

Submitted: August 13, 2009

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Submitted: August 13, 2009



The little boy, Ari as I know him waved goodbye from his nanny's waist.  Wow I relized something.  I just made and lost my first best friend like in the movies mommy watched.  Would it be like this for the rest of my life?  I hope not.  My mum picked me up by the waist and kissed my nose.  "Mummy?  Why can't I be his friend?"  I asked unasure about wanting the answer.  "Because his family are traders my love.  They do not deserve to be our 'frends' now stop fussing.''  I nodded frowning.  Traders? Whatever, I was that good girl who listen to their mother.

"Yes mummy."  And that was the end of it.  I hoped I never see that ''trader'' again.  Boy, was I wrong.

xXx12 years laterxXx [both are 15]

"Hannah, your mother is here to see you."  My father told me shaking me gently.  My mother?  She never saw me anymore.  Not since I told her I loved Ari.  Ari was a little boy who my mother told me NOT to hang out with.  I met him when my mum and dad were invited to go to New York for the week to attend the Royal familes ball.  I had been to several of them.  My mum told me not to fall in love....But only because I had an arenged marrage.  But I had no idea who the ''lucky'' man is.  Nobody I knew thought I was pretty.  With my big brown curls and green eyes.  My body was what everybody wanted.  Big boobs, size 1 waist,  perfect legs, and a tiny stomach.

"Does she really think I wanna see her?!  She abanend us daddy!"  I screamed pissed.  "I know but your her daughter blah saposed to blah blah blah."  That's how it pretty much sounded.  Well to me.  "Franklin!!!!"  my mother called.  great she found our old kitty Franklin Grasa. Franklin for short.  "God."  I rushed out of bed and out of my room.  I relized I was still in my PJ's well not really PJ material.  A see though white Tank top and booty shorts.  I was barefoot and I had my curls up in a bun.

I saw my mother smiling and holding the poor kitten.  "Put him!"  Then I saw a blonde boy sitting quitly.  "Oh, Hannah this is Ari.  Ari my beautiful daughter Hannah."  I looked up and saw who it really was.  Ari.  My first best friend.  "Hannah?  Little Hannah Banana?"  I blushed remembering my old nickname.  "Yes.  And Ari hari?"  I totally made that up.  "Who? I never told you my Nickname.....Anyways I didn't know we were gonna get married did you?" 

Get Married to the person my mother told me NOT to hang out with?  Was my family wierd or what?

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