Christmas Greenery Wish

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This is a season of delight firnaments for new commitment we all share with our loved ones at home for peace, hope and joy making the blessing of Our Lord Jesus Christ back into our hearts, lives, neighbourhood and destiny of mankind. Making this masterpiece work unedited and sample of this seasons delight may lighten heartening joy where you are and always standing apart in our day out on this living for the truth we adored Christ word and commitment.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Christmas Greenery Wish

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Thy came down the dove street and stood before an young heart and asked him to wish an endless gift for this season where the dove and love made him so compassionate in his eyes that the almighty asked him where do you see your age? This guy looked before the eyes of this everlasting root and cause of the wisdom and insight where you may find answers for this yet I love to tell you my tale before I answer your question. The almighty God so confused on how long this would last send before him the mother fairy land and asked him what do you see? The young adult told the almighty my tale has started on a season of advent and I see this everlasting season of blessings before the whole world and whomsoever may ask you from the depths of his heart be granted your wish why you wanted them to born to win and why are here struggling for making everyday of their Christmas greenery in uniqueness in ample time before they are gifted. Atlast after a battle of 27 years and this being his 28th Christmas before he was in his mothers womb asked the almighty God why this Christmas is the everlasting blessing of a lifes gifts always ever. The almighty didnt had time asked him what do you want and are you so able to delude the time and space where I have find mankind safe in this planet. I have heard your prayer always and you are a individual who justified even the snake and yet in time I have awaken you from sleep and you dont know the age. The warm smile in this guys heart shared a unique story to stood before the saviours cross unbanded in the glitters of the time and space. This was the time when the satan entered the chandhini chok and yet the dhrona came there why he ever stood to battle out the evil why the father has made him so unique. So it is written in bible as: "And His name, through faith in His name, has made this man strong, whom you see and know. Yes, the faith which comes through Him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all." This young adult started I would love to handover something unique towards my dream of your world if you could see what it takes for us to build it so far. The belief of my strong belief and commitment of this sacret heart will always stand by its priceless vision throughout my life and always enhance its borderless reach beyond skylimits. Give me cultivate, nourish, empower, delight, share, rebuild, light, reinvest and be back in communion with you always. I have strongly guarded this vision and mission for all my bloodline but I am a guy with strange belief and the almighty looked fiercelously at him. This was the time in his life when he pointed his eyes at a star and yet moved away from the vision of the dove. A young child asked him cant you tell me why thy gave you this gift. He stood by his will and gave his entire life seeking the blessing for one generation. Life stood asked him one question do you want to crush multitude. He asked back do you have to? Will my hands go to steal those mangoes my country is exporting to USA and do you have to steal those fun of having a mango delight at this hour? There stood the nagina with the sashenag and told him we will safeguard your interest and still the dogs will never sleep when we are near you. The guy told the snakes you are born to do what you are made yet the time never surpassed to understand why you shouted once in pain when your mother was delighted to give you birth and yet I would just ask you not to refute towards the extreme as that very moment was the darkest day of birth in your entire life. God came down on earth and asked him I would like to ask you one question, what do you want? Leave Christmas. Imagine you and all the little kids below 10 years are being the gift of all my angels what would you be your secret wish ultimately. For an instance the time and space stopped and the guy faced the God same in his eyes. An eye to eye contact and those have to be written in words. On 1st January 2009 is a new year and I will be in Cochin. I want you to ask my family the same question and read this from the glitters in their eyes just as I have faced you today and ever would like to see this in your sacret heart with communion with our Lord Jesus Christ in peace, joy and hope for every ever eve of Ave Maria and her gifted blessing on this spirit of Christmas season with communion with holy Cross and holy high Catholic Church. When I weeped before you I never asked anything you for myself but if this is a Christmas season I would ask you the blessing be shared in every family and no more bloodshed anywhere for a christmas season in the name of religion, race or any linguistic communication in any form since God if I faced you in open grounds I always wished for an everlasting destiny for myself, mankind, every species, the world and for your universe. :) Let for goodness sake we adore commitment in our hearts first throughout this everlasting season. Amen.

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