Restoration of United Nations pioneer wagon

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In this true symphony of real work I have seen one young Harvard Business School scholar take up the challenge no where in the entire life span of a human life has imagined. This is not a book. It is a memory of the life and writing of inspiration, motivation and all the recognizable words attached for what I contribute towards the subject if what I am.

The life and history of Abraham Lincoln:

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Restoration of United Nations pioneer wagon

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014




In a memory over those days of WTC 9/11 pre-period there was a vision and mission over the entire global financial framework in order to repeal that much in the nature of the so called human terrifying misunderstandings are done for the lifeline in blood for the wealth finance brings. When 2740 american's lost there, lifes and vague of strongholds were under recievables. No one knew what went so wrong? Where is the misunderstandings? Looking at these things, where should we keep the national housekeeping?

In governments orginality we expect to look forward towards upbringing something like the reasons in details.Believe you have been before the awesome side of human history as promised in the land of the soil we are born within. To sustain this treasure for our future generation where is this unlimited resources? Are we sure where we are alike? We need understanding how we can exploit unexplored black holes in the outer space. We have a big way towards even responsible time before our own SUN is there. In our homes within own lines if we cannot draw boundaries can we instaginate this management thought after the big bang. What is the best it can be for this.... Question in series of the rising sun without what seemed to a duel acknowledge and the ratification therefore breathe the slightest hint. What makes dreams ahead are hopes in little young lives? Silence should stand out from the rest.

I trace this line back to Israel with Hamas and young kids death and their silence with no word outspoken by what obama should not be like always too much. He is young and safe. Gandhi had been past yet Lincoln changed the unraveling question by postering positive responsibility in shoulders with time without silence. We make believing a passion of pride by acting on vision through mission. Here is a people hearts trustmost words of dreams:

Sail through the hillsong dreamz
Able we made you bridge gaps
In life greatest grace be long lived
Live long and prosper lifes ahead

Smile waves us back for sharing new blessings
All across things are so spacious
In an glorified gift we make you spirited
Living freedom gives us the prosperity ever
Simplicity glisten lifeAcross choice chillsInitiative bloosomsLive alive and let live...

So much a life could never give back
Across sharing simplicity accept truth
In poems of this freedom I see
Live let give and let live life..... this much for a young tender heart in the open testament

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