Symphony of Life

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This is a part of daily lessons I have gattered from readings of life. Being a part of a bigger picture and motivating about the life as ones awesome experience is worth mentioned. I hope your ideas have been also given its unique role. Let us explore our own attitudes.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - INTRODUCTION

Submitted: December 16, 2014

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Submitted: December 16, 2014



Tomorrow is an idea. When the happening day is today and often now why can’t we be missing the cheer and smile. Life has contributed us a role and I have seen many who developed themselves as confident role models for this contribution. This is the duty we must imagine to believe in and worth to be loved for living. Let’s not discourage anyone especially the man in the mirror.
When we have the necessity to harvest our self we take the pain to sow the seeds and water it. Let us consider. Why cant we cheer up difficulty especially being NOW. Difficulty is our perception. There have been billions who have been less capable than us and lived their life each day without the need to depend and doubt them genuinely. How could they have challenged life without any special merit of quality? Every such quality is inherent in each of us. We can only begin to achieve in great levels when we believe in ourselves that we can, we will and then we try. Then we are fortunate to be choosing lucky and change the feedback we have often received. There is no substitute for hard work. And no one has ever died of hard work. Taking challenges should be the first step in our lives. We have been living our lives for the sake to forsake its death. If the recorded time is known fully we will match enough and more meaning to each of our seconds. There will be no more idleness far in the world of even the lazy passion to be buried. Once we have made ourselves feel back at this home changes will be consistently matching our progress. Every times has a meaning and worth read to engage our meaning. Let us motivate this symphony of life. Let us update daily making the silent perceptions come alive and nourishing our small world.

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