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The Quest For Winkle Mountain (Chapter 1)

A fine marvel of a vast land of fields, with the fine shade of majestic silk, lived a robust male. this particular male had quite the swift mullet, brown as the fur of a grizzly bear in which is slaughtered in self defence. Skinning the gigantic bastard to make a loincloth fit for a determined fighter such as thee. This chiselled male goes by the name of Lucian, lived a tragic and gruesome life as war poison the land. Body parts ripped and thrown from all directions, including a middle finger from a filthy be fair it was only one day before his retirement. His mother Gorgina, originally a rogue for the Moodir Clan, a clan of well hidden, swift rogue who thief in the night from all people. His father was a drunk, a rapist, a doctor, a milkman and a dentist. Sadly he could not hold a single job for a month but despite his ghastly behavior he had the heart of a dying pigeon, hate the scum for the things he has done but in the grand scheme of things just no care to kill him. The orcs of Qwertskull killed his parents with their mace and rapiers, weapons provided to them by their master's fellow blacksmith, Jarul Bhoskz. Their master however is infact the exact opposite of his minions. A classy, trimmed, timid individual. Decked out in a velvet suit, a top hat, silver monocle and white, spotless gloves. Being quite the gentleman, he sips a cup of tea daily but when angered he throws the hot brew in the eyes of his enemies. In present time, Lucian was on a sustained quest to locate what has been a place of many tales, both myth and legend. The place many call Winkle Mountain, a mountain inhabited with reptilian beings known as Gekokhans. With scales so strong a blade shatters like twigs when striking in combat with their scale enforced skin. But many wondered why Lucian is so focused, so determined to enter Winkle Mountain? That reason is indeed a relic guarded by the Gekokhans, The Golden Throd. The Golden Throd is a shined, smooth and somewhat phallic looking orb, glowing like fireflies while smothered with gold. The Golden Throd had been written to be the one item to defeat Jarul and end his reign of insanity, his reign of terror, his reign of absolute nonsense. "By the powers of Avrul, Prophis and Halucinat. I shall find Winkle Mountain and end that chaotic prune's evil ways, restoring this gracious land to peace and harmony". 

Lucian began to jaunt his way to Winkle Mountain, lightly crabbing his way through a tight forest invested with thorns and nettles. His mind clocks back to the time of his father's clusterfuck of a past. His first job being a doctor after acheiving many acolades in medicine and nutrience. Unfortunately the bugger's vastly documented drinking problem, a particular drink that yanked the simpleton's addiction to it to mast proportions like strings on a puppet. That drink was Chemical Goose, an ale with was greener than goose shit, a vile looking sustance in a bottle which somehow got the twit so addicted to the ale, it would cause him to have a severe drinking problem. This very drinking problem did not only cause the kook to lose various jobs in the town but also created a new severe predicament, his obsession to sexually savage women. It did not concern who the woman was, this mindfuck of a being would violate and invade these women with no rhyme or reason other than a side effect of Chemical Goose. Lucian finally pulled through the forest to discover a pigment shaded swamp. Before Lucian could proceed through the swamp, a huge splash occured revealing a sinister female humanoid creature. The top half of the creature is indeed human, hair of weed, face of fatal beauty and her body scattered with ivy and sludge which even covered up her perky chest. On the lower half of the creature was indeed a hybrid of a sea serpent and a venus flyplant, including multiple feelers emerging from her lower half as well as behind her back. The creature begin to speak to Lucian in a slithered tone of annoyance, anger and a dominant tone of lust. "Who dares enter the swamp of the Mesmoralden! What brings an irritating pest, or should I say a rather handsome fool like you to my domain". Lucian was indeed thrown off by the sheer presence of the creature that describes herself as the Mesmoralden. He stood his ground before clutching his stern hands, reaching for the large blade he wields, The Blade of Arana. A stern blade that gains an inner power once stained with the blood of the wielder's enemies. The Mesmoralden lunges at Lucian before he quickly dodges the creature's onslaught. Lucian roared to the horizon, charging at the plant serpent fiend with his blade, but shortly the Mesmoralden captures her prey with the many feelers, wrapping each one to his hands and legs. Lucian groaned and struggled, desperate to escape her clutches. Could Lucian fight deep to unleash his inner strength or could he be the Mesmoralden's next victim of her aggressive caress.

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