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The Quest For Winkle Mountain - Chapter 2

Meanwhile in the swamp, Lucian squirmed and struggled in the grasp of the feelers. All seemed hopeless for the galiant hero but with enough strong will and strength within his defined body, Lucian finally broke his arms free from the feelers. Lucian hacked and slashed the Blade of Arana, dicing the feelers into pieces. Lucian was now free from the creature's grasp as he glares at the creature. The female creature screamed in anger at his escape as she charges at him. Lucian roared on the top of his lungs, loud enough to scare many birds away from the trees. As Lucian was about to arm his sword, the very birds frightened by his roars, rushed and panicked in the direction of the female creature. The fluttering of the birds made her vision impaired and unable to see Lucian charge at her. Lucian penetrated his blade deep within the serpent part of her body. Lucian soon performed an upwards swing, his blade reaching for her chest, finally slaying the creature to an impending death. Lucian panted and breathed heavily before retrieving his sword from the creature's body. Lucian soon retreats off through the forest to try find the way out. His pecs and abs smeared in blood as he adjusts his tight black leather bottoms. Adjusting the laces on his leather boots while making sure his mullet is neat. "Where the fuck is the exit!?" Lucian wondered angrily at himself while desperately trying to figure out where to go. Lucian pauses as he would noticed one of the centaurs that protect this forest. Most humans never stood a chance against the centaurs but in Lucian's case, this centaur he found turned out to be Miranda, a long childhood friend of his from when he even protected her as a child from Ghast Hunters. The Ghast Hunters were cloaked creepy bastards. Like an old man with the facial features of a goblin, the spine of an ancient dinosaur, the scent of a dying corpse and the reputation of a sex offender. Rightfully so as with Miranda, The Ghast Hunters wanted to do far worse than hunt her, they wanted to violate her with sex. But Lucian made it his promise to Miranda that it would never happen. " sure has been some time, it brings a smile to see you develop into such a strong, brave....galiant man" Miranda's cheeks grew a smeared pink colour, feeling like she could melt just from looking at Lucian's physique. "Likewise Miranda, it's great to see you grow..." Lucian paused, his eyes scanning the female centaur, noticing her busty chest, even her breasts squeezed inside her silk top. He was also impressed with how solid her abs were, centaurs were known for being fairly muscular due to the running and combat they go through. "...Stronger" Lucian finally finished his sentence as Miranda gives Lucian a sinister and wanting smirk on her face. "Oh Lucian, stop trying to act nice, I know you want me so badly, I can tell from looking at you." Lucian was bewildered from what he heard her say. "But Miranda how could this possibly work? I're half horse" Miranda shook her head while grinning towards Lucian, placing her hands on her hips. "You do know that's not the only hole I have right?" Lucian glowed  a cherry red tint on his cheeks, blushing at her suggestions.

Miranda would scuttle towards Lucian, slowly kneeling in front of him. Her face now at level with his crotch, gently blowing cool air in the direction of his tented bulge. Caressing it teasingly with her soft, smooth fingers. Her aqua shaded eyes glare at the bulge, noticing its size increase and well as his thickness. Lucian now displays a perfect outline of his member through his leather bottoms. Miranda couldn't wait, she was dying to taste his solid meat, just to put her curiosity to rest. She removes his leather bottoms to fully expose his erect penis as it stands at attention. As Miranda started to slowly slide her hand up and down his shaft, she starts to drop her head down to his cock but then coughed on his tip of his cock. Her cough tickled his penis and caused it to vibrate a little. "Bugger, I need a drink of water" Miranda bowed her head at Lucian as she retreats to the lake to drink some water. After Miranda had finished drinking water, she returned to Lucian. "Sorry, my throat was dry" Miranda apologised to Lucian. "A dry throat on a penis...that's no good" Lucian remarked as she resumed to gently sliding his hard penis into her mouth. "Bleargh it tastes like rice and glue" Miranda spoke then spits on the ground. "Well you did cough on my penis..." Lucian sighed. "Wait...that was lunch earlier, my father should just give up cooking" Miranda sighed in an annoyed tone. After moments of disappointment, Lucian dressed back into his leather pants while he awaits for Miranda. Lucian would then give Miranda a comfortable hug which translate to "Sorry I fucked up our sex together, maybe I'll improve once you stop eating your father's dreadful cooking". 

After an hour of a sad lonesome walk while knowing even his penis was angry at him, Lucian noticed from afar a glimmering light. Giving his lonely sausage a gently slap to make it behave inside his pants as he rushes towards the light like a moth who was a complete moron before burning to death. Lucian halts his pace as he discovers a Cerulean blue coloured lagoon with what appears to be pink ridges in the water. Lucian gasps loudly as he suddenly recognises the scent from the water before realising where he is. "The Lustful Lagoon" He would exclaim to himself before he looks down at himself with a sigh. His eyes lock on to notice his bouncing erection inside his pants, clearly excited on the discovery of the Lustful Lagoon. Lucian would hold his breath before diving deep into the waters of the Lustful Lagoon. He was surprised to see many schools of fish, corals of many colours and even an arrangment of seaweed on the sandy floor. Before Lucian could process what was surrounding him, he would soon get knocked out by a headbutt from a turtle. Lucian passes out on the sandy bottom, unconcious and motionless on the sand. All that remains is will Lucian die, becoming a corpse filled with bubbles or fishes having a buffet or maybe sharks playing Feeding Frenzy. Will Lucian be eaten by a large creature such as a whale or a colossal sea dragon like a silly twat. Or maybe Lucian gets rescued by a mermaid who will grant him a wish or cast a curse on him for trespassing. Spoilers, None of those happen....Or do they!?

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