enchanted mishaps

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It is about a guy who has or should I say had a problem of not going noticed until one day his luck changed and he becomes the only one who can save humankind and besides how hard can it be to fight giant spiders and grimm reapers and ofcourse the evil sorcerers

Chapter 1 (v.1) - enchanted mishaps

Submitted: October 27, 2010

Reads: 185

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Submitted: October 27, 2010



It is the year 2041, Earth is at the brink of destruction, and it is all up to one man to save the world. But he does not know that this is only the beginning of his worries and if he declines the opportunity to save the world then he will lose the only one he ever loved.
0h I can still remember it like it was  yesterday, it was the 23th of December 2041 and Brandon’s friends were to get married, this was an unfamiliar situation where the wedding arrangements was more than you would ever imagine it was a true fairy tale, gold and white is a very outstanding combination you know! But how can someone who comes from the future be at the wedding?, you ask yourself he is, he was and will always be the friend that the Harrisons had, and remarkably for him he will fall in love, but will it be true love or is it just a fling that’s flame is struggling to constantly stuck in confusion.
Then out of the blue when Brandon is helping with the cleaning of the tables he sees the most beautiful thing, the only woman that actually left him speechless, but that would not stop him from getting what he wants, so he approaches this girl and says “does that pretty face have a name?”then she says “my name is Shirleen and what is your name if I may ask” in the most humblest of voices, and says “my name is Brandon and I really would like to get to know you better but that is only if you don’t mind?”
Now the party was almost over and no-one could figure out where the two individuals have disappeared to yet they were not too far to their call.
“Finally some peace and quiet” Brandon says, “yes that is true” she replies to him, “if you don’t mind do you think that you can tell me why you have brought me out of the hall” she then asks  he then replies “from the time that I saw you I knew that there was something unique in you , I saw the stars in your eyes..., now this girl was beautiful ten times more than the bride and the groom put together she had long black hair, she was plus minus five point two feet tall, light in complexion and had the prettiest smile to outshine the universe. then out of the blue under the starry skies he said... Shirleen I would really like to know if you are willing to give me the honour of calling you my lover?
Then without hesitation she said “yes it would be a pleasure to have someone who is mannered for a change, but when will we see each other, we both stay so far?” “Look at those two stars that are next to each other and I want you to remember that no matter how far you are from me I will find a way to reach you even death shall not keep me away from you” he replied

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