Acey Newman and the Traitor Gang

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Acey Newman is going to Hogwarts and happy to get away from her over-protective mom. But Hogwarts really isn't as safe as it seems now that there is evil lurking around the corridors.
Join Acey and Hanley on their quest to save the school.
FanFiction of Harry Potter.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Acey Newman and the Traitor Gang

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012




 Diagon Alley

“I am going to Diagon Alley Acey!”
“Mum! You told me I could come along.” I followed her down the sidewalk.
“Yes I suppose so, fine you may come Acey.”
It wasn’t long before next thing you know I was in Diagon Alley. “Mum, hey mum,” I tugged on her robe that she was wearing. “Can I get an owl!”
“Absolutely not! They will just make more work and mess up the neat house!” she turned away from Eeylops Owl Emporium.
Instead I ended up in Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. Do you really need different robes for different occasions? Who knows, who cares.
“Now what does your list say..... books, books. Lets go to Flourish and Blotts!” we passed by Wizard 911 Newspapers.
Once I got out I was holding so many books that I could just barely see over the tips of them. After that we went to a cauldron shop and a writing shop. Then the Apothecary which somewhat was creepy with the eye of newts staring right at you.
Last I got to go to Ollivander’s. I remember in the newspaper of how it talked about Ollivander getting kidnapped and his shop closing, but I am glad it is opened again, because my mom has been saying all about how this is the only good store.
I walked in and noted the unkempt store. Boxes were everywhere, how did they ever know which is which?
“Hello? Anyone in here?” My mom asked.
“Yes yes coming!” yelled a croaky voice.
He came in sliding. Once he got settled down my mom talked to him, “This is my daughter and she needs a wand for Hogwarts.”
“Hogwarts yes, fine school. What is your name girl?”
“Acey Newman.” I said.
“Acey Newman you say, hmmm.” he was off in his own little

world at the mention of my name.

“We need a wand!” my mom rudely said.
“Of course of course. I am Ollivander.” he bowed then started to search for a wand. “Ash, unicorn core, eleven and one half inches.”
He handed it to me. I pulled it out feeling the Ash wood, firm. “Just do a swish Acey.”
I swished. All that happened was an explosion from the boxes next to me. So maybe that is why it is so messy.
“How about Fir, unicorn core, fourteen and a half inches?”
I just made the place messier. I tried out some other wands but none prevailed.
“I know, this one.” he handed me a dusty box. I took out the wand. It felt powerful to me, I swished and then the wand was glowing.
“Sycamore, phoenix feather core, twelve and a half inches, swishy.” Ollivander whispered. It felt firm and soft in my hands.
“How much.” my mom said.
We walked home and I examined my wand. It felt like family to me, like we were meant to be. What was weird was how Ollivander acted when it worked.
“Honey, you need to start packing for Hogwarts, its in a couple of days.” my mom said to me and I barely left my room until it was time for Hogwarts.

Platform Nine and Three Quarters
  “Today is the day!” my mother wrapped her arms around me and hugged me so tight I could barely breath. Barely. I wish she had stopped my breathing so that I didn’t have to have her give me a giant kiss.
“Mom, you’re embarrassing me.” I saw as people at the station gave me weird looks. Good luck on those kids being my friends.
“I am sorry it is just, I can’t bear to see my little girl go.” Yeah I am going to be so far away. It is just to Hogwarts. But try explaining that to my overprotective mom. I am so happy I will be able to be with some normal people at school.”Oh, time to get on the train!”
She was, like always, right. Platform Nine and Three Quarters was getting quieter.”Good bye!I will see you next year.” Hooray, an entire year away from her. Finally. I have been planning this day for forever. Going to Hogwarts, getting sorted, having hte time of my life. Maybe even breaking some rules!
Will I be in Gryffindor, brave with a good heart. Or maybe I will be a Hufflepuff loyal and trustworthy. What about Ravenclaw with my brains that is also a possibility. I also could be in Slytherin, which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Everyone in Slytherin is cunning which doesn’t mean that they are bad.
I went to an empty room on the train and got situated. I stared out the window at my crying mom, waving through the open window.
THUMP. The seat on the train moves downward at the weight. “Hi! My name is Hanley Leavy. I am a first-year, and I only have wizarding parents so I have a good idea of what to expect here”
“Uh, my name is Acey Newman. I am a first-year too.  My mom is a wizard., so was my dad What else?” all I could think is,this kid sure is friendly.
“Oh I know! Tell me about your family, like brothers and sisters or even pets!” Hanley Leavy can get real excited. I looked out the window on the train. What should I tell him?
That I’m an only child or what happened to my brothers and sisters? I have never really had to answer questions like that before.
“Well, I’m the youngest in my family. I had two older brothers-” the room seemed to go darker as Hanley asked the question I knew he was going to ask.
“Wait, you said that you had two older brothers! Does that mean they are dead?” Hanley can somehow go from ecstatic to almost about to cry in seconds. I mean I guess it would make sense that people would be sad but still, his emotions can be a little overdone.
“Um...let us just say I did say had.”Hanley almost interrupted me but I cut him off,”Yes they both are dead. As for a younger sister that I almost had, she was stillborn.”Now if you were to see Hanley’s face you would have guessed that his puppy just got ran over by a car. That degree of sad.
“Heyo bro! Who is that girl. Wait, you're with a girl? I thought you had some repellent that kept all of them away! Guess you don’t.” A boy said that, he didn’t seemed to be a first-year. I could just tell with his comfortableness on leaning on the door frame. “So will you introduce me? She doesn’t seem so bad.” Well he is an interesting character!
“Her name is Acey Newman, she is a first-year, her parents--” The boy cut Hanley off.
“Wow! I asked for a introduction, not a story of her life!” Hanley just glares at him,”My name is Newt Leavy and Hanley is my younger brother. I am a second-year so at least we aren’t the same age. ” Newt said.
He ran a hand through his hair and tried to act cool. “What house would that be, Newt?” I asked already guessing.
He took a deep breath stood up straight all ready to tell his house name when a girl comes in out of breath and smiling bigger than anyone would think is possible.
“Newt,” she whined,” You never told me you were coming in here!” she wrapped her arms around his neck (which makes me wonder if she is his friend, sister or maybe girlfriend?) when all of a sudden she snapped her head my way and rudely asked,”Who the heck is she?”
“My name is Acey Newman. Who are you though?” I asked, now doubting that she was anything other than Newt’s girlfriend or wanna be girlfriend.
I don’t see why I would be competition for her black hair that goes so well with her deep blue eyes. Me, with my red hair and blue eyes that didn’t fit in so well.
Plus most girls looking for a guy would see something in Newt’s cute but bad boy figure.
“Camille Reller. That is my name. I am a second-year just like my Newt here.” Did she just stress the word “my”?
”Yeah, we are perfect for one another and we get to see each other all the time.” No doubt that there is something going on,”I mean we are both in Slytherin.”
Poor Hanley, who would never fit in with his brother. Speaking of Hanley, he hasn’t talked for a while.
“Hey Hanley-”
The lights went dark and my stomach plunged. This was wrong all wrong, but there is something else I should be noticing. What is it? Wait, why don’t I hear any breathing around me.
I mean these train rooms aren’t tiny but they aren’t big either. I should be hearing some scraggled breaths but I just hear nothing. Everything is quiet, but too quiet.


There should be the noises of people getting over the sudden darkness but all is silent. The train comes to a sudden stop, lurching me forward onto the other seat.
My ears still rang from the screech, my eyes not used to darkness, it even seemed as though my ears are failing for no human noises come to them.
The only noise seemed to be a voice. But it wasn’t human. It was mechanical, as though it was made through and through. Somebody told it it’s job and the job it will do.
The drone of the machine was finally starting to be audible. Only I wish it wasn’t.
“You are next, and you know it.”
Make it stop already,”Come my child join the others.”
It won’t go away! “It would make them proud.” why must it be here to remind me of these things! “I know what you want, what you have always wanted. Y--”
What cut the mechanical voice off? I didn’t really care because the drone of the voice was gone. “Well I guess that is over.” the voice was unknown but definitely a man’s voice.
Maybe it is a teacher, for it seems to deep and low for most boys. I look up and see that I was correct. There was a man there who seemed shocked to see me.
“Wow. You’re awake!”
Now under any other circumstances I wouldn’t understand but if you took one look around the room you would understand. Everyone else had passed out. No wonder I didn’t hear people talking or hyperventilating.
“Yeah I guess I am, why am I?” I was so confused. Why would I be awake and nobody else. What makes me so special?
“My my. This is truly something special. Most people don’t stay awake, they just pass out. I was even out for awhile”. The teacher was now pacing,okay to not let me in on his secret.
“Oh my bad. I am Professor Lindor. I teach Potions for Hogwarts. You are?”
“Acey. Acey Newman. I am a first-year.” Potions, huh? That will be an interesting class.
“Well Miss. Newman, you’re exciting adventure has begun!”it truly has, hasn’t it?
I looked around at the group of students and teachers staring at our wet clothes. At least robes don’t stick to your skin too much when they are damp “Welcome all you first years! I am glad you are here.” The Headmaster smiled with a little wink.
 Well I am not glad we took the boats. I was shoved into a tiny mess of wood with a group of four and it started to rain halfway through.
“And now for the sorting hat’s song!” Professor Condon Hadrian gestured to a ragged old hat that has probably been here since Hogwarts first began. But even with that distracting me I felt nervous.
I couldn’t tell though, are my hands sweaty or is it just the water? I didn’t really give it more thought because just then the hat started to sing.

“When Hogwarts first came to be

there came the start of me

Where Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin

All gathered to figure out where to begin

Slytherin said he would take all the purebloods

Ravenclaw wanted the smart studs

Gryffindor allowed all the ones who were brave

Hufflepuff took the children who would take secrets to the grave

The witches and wizards started the mighty plan

And all soon smoothly ran

Here is where my story starts

Where I have to choose by looking at your hearts

For the founders soon came upon a dark time

Just when they started to whine

Slytherin agreed to disagree

So finally they came upon the solution: me

Don’t you fret for I know best

I will pick your house so you will find your quest

Just put me on, I may be big

But you’ll find out that I am not a wig

The hat finished its song, and applause followed directly after. I guess that it should be praised for something other than looking like a rag and talking with its scratchy voice.
The headmaster stood, “ I am professor Condon Hadrian and welcome to Hogwarts where I hope you will learn to love it as much as I do! Now it is time for the sorting. First-years,” he pointed to us, “ Please come up on the stool when you hear your name called.”
The kids around me seemed to stiffen At least I am not the only one who is nervous. Hanley was standing next to me, so I decided maybe a little talk would help my nerves.  
“So, are you excited?” I asked. But before Hanley answered a girl with long blonde hair came next to me. “Hello I think...”
“ Oh my gosh I am soooo nervous! By the way my name is Carly Toronto and I am so worried that my boyfriend won’t be in my house! What if we can’t see each other? I would die.” Carly seemed to be freaking, “Oh and excuse my sister, Camille Reller, you probably know her because she went everywhere on the train!”
“Wait if you two are sisters then why is your last name Toronto and her’s is Reller?” Hanley asked, simply mystified.
“Because I am adopted and I kept my last name. Why else?” Carly said, clearly annoyed with his stupidity. “Oh now they are starting!”
“Mandie  Anderson!” the headmaster called. A skinny girl with black hair sat on the stool. The hat was on then off in a second.
“HUFFLEPUFF!” the Sorting hat cried out. The skinny girl jumped off the stool and scurried over to the Hufflepuff table.
“Vera Bark.” announced the headmaster.
“SLYTHERIN!” and with that the girl slowly slid off, taking her time and walked as though in slow motion to the cheering Slytherin table.
“Fifi Bonn.” some chuckled at her name, betting she was a Hufflepuff by her childish face and her tiny figure. She sat on the stool her blonde braid ever so slightly moving.
“Ah yes now, your looks can be deceiving but... SLYTHERIN!’ Fifi jumped off almost running to her new house, her braid zipping around white as lightning.
And so the sorting went on. “So what house do you think you will be in Hanley?” I  asked.
“I think if I am in Slytherin my brother will either be happy or mad. But I don’t ever want to be in Gryffindor because I know that my bro would be so angry he’d be like a, a... swarm of bees.” Hanley said.
“Swarm of bees really?” I seriously didn’t get that.
“Well, he says he knows this spell that will produce a swarm of bees.”Hanley said.
“I bet, like he would say something like that and wouldn’t be bluffing!” Acey said. Newt may know some spells but teaching a first year a swarm of bees spell doesn’t make much sense.”Hey look, I saw her when my mom gave me a ki... hug goodbye.” I didn’t want to tell people that my mom had also kissed me, I will never tell anyone.
The girl which I had say before went up unto the stool. The hat thought and thought looking as though it couldn’t decide. Finally it said,”SLYTHERIN!”
The girl just sat all stunned as though she couldn’t believe it. “Come along now Ms. Emma Fresco.” the headmaster shooed her to the table of whooping kids.
“Herman Gerirome come up young man.” Herman was so nervous that I felt much better about my jitters.
“HUFFLEPUFF!” the hat yelled out my prediction. He did seem to be the Hufflepuff type, small little nervous twenty four seven boy. He was still shaking as bad as chihuahua as he sat down at his table.
“Ottilie Hans you are next.” headmaster called out. A girl with huge glasses took on the hat. It looked like she was punch it if it wouldn’t give her what she wanted.
“RAVENCLAW!” it shouted as Ottilie did a silent thank you and skipped to the hooting Ravenclaws.
“Next we have Angel Hawk.” a girl who looked like an angel with her neat curls of blonde hair walked up to the stool. Her perfect face had just a simple smile but it seemed to be so much more.
Everyone knew that if there was a house for beautiful people that Angel would be in it. The sorting hat seemed to be digging deep,”SLYTHERIN!” it yelled as though being loud would cover everyone’s disbelief. The hat just nodded its head.
“Now now settle down.” the headmaster disapproved the poor sportsmanship the tables were shouting except for the Slytherin table that celebrated by cheering as loud as they could without coughing up their lungs.”Star Hawk.” the headmaster called.
People’s eyes light up with the chance of getting another Hawk, because Star was just as pretty as Angel. Only she seemed to almost glow, maybe that is why she is named Star.
The hat did not take long,”SLYTHERIN!" the girl sat down right next to her sister and then I noticed how alike they looked. I couldn’t tell them apart. Outbursts came again only to be silenced. I then decided to listen to some ongoing talking.
“Star and Angel were in my place on the train. They are twins did you know that?” the girl who was being talked to wasn’t really listening.
“Yeah that is amazing Tally.” I noticed soon that the girl talking to ‘Tally’ was Carly Toronto.
I  then noticed that Hanley was talking to me, but all I could make out was L because he was so fast. What does Ls have to do with anything? But I then figured it out.
“Hanley Leavy!” the headmaster called,”Hanley where are you?” he called again.
I pushed the paralyzed Hanley forward,”Go, don’t worry.” I whispered. People were giving us weird looks. Newt was covering his face with his hands as people laughed when they saw the tall but skinny kid slumber up to the stool.
A kid at the table next to me said,”Hufflepuff I know it!” to his friend.
The hat seemed to think on Hanley. Kids in the crowd shouted “Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff!” Hanley was turning red.
“SLYTHERIN MY BOY!” the hat cried with glee. I smiled at everyone’s shocked face.
The boy who was convinced of Hufflepuff was being laughed at by his friend. The boy was then turning red at his stupid prediction. Boys, how weird. I then tried to get Hanley’s attention but he was too busy at the Slytherin table. That made me then really wonder what house I was going to be in. I hoped I would like the house, and that our Quidditch team wouldn’t be stupid and wimpy.
While I was thinking time seemed to have sped up. I am not sure how but just then I knew it was coming,”Acey Newman!!” the headmaster called to the  rest of the first-years. I walked up though I am not sure how my legs held me.
The hat was put on my head right after I sat on the stool. It reached over my eyes and even some of my nose. Then the hat began searching through my thoughts mumbling inside my head. It talked but I don’t think it was talking to me.
Soon I could make out the mumbling,”Not Hufflepuff, never. Ravenclaw, she has more than smarts. What about Gryffindor?” my heart seemed to skip a beat. What about Gryffindor?”Ah, do you like that snotty house girl?” the hat asked in my brain.
I shook my head no, not realizing that the hat couldn’t see that. Until I heard a sea of laughter rippled across the Great Hall. I felt my face go red, so I was happy the hat hid half of it. Well all that is left is...” I knew.
“SLYTHERIN!” the hat bellowed. I took it off straight away and went to a empty seat, not too far from Hanley. He was clapping and cheering loud enough for the whole table.
That would be Hanley. I  was surprised at how much I knew about him when I had just met him. Guess he is predictable.But Slytherin.
Who would think that I would be in this house, let alone Hanley? I think that Slytherin is perfect for me. I am very cunning. I had learned some stuff from my family. Even... no I won’t think of that.
I know that Slytherin is a great house and it isn’t all bad people because.. well you just shouldn’t judge it.
“Acey! Are you going to pay attention to the sorting or what?” Hanley yelled across the table. I nodded. Then turned to the sorting to see the next person after the Hufflepuff that just walked away.
“Albus Potter!” he called. People looked at the son of the Harry Potter walked up there. Albus looked just like his father.  I knew that because there have been enough books, movies you name it on the boy who lived.
“Minho Quinn!” the voice of the headmaster echoed across the room full of whispers now, people who were getting restless. I saw Carly Toronto had moved to the front of the small crowd giving.. Minho a thumbs up.
He sat on the stool, his small mohawk soon covered by a hat. The bottom of his robes had were singed, he was a daredevil. Carly must really be into people like him because she was really into him.
“RAVENCLAW!” the hat yelled. Carly was now jumping up and down with happiness. Jeez she is one happy girl.
“I thought we could have another Slytherin.” a girl said at the end of the table,”He is rather cute right Candy?”
“That is what you say about every boy Hettie!” said Candy, if that is her real name. She could just have it as a nickname because her hair right now could probably be considered candy, with its bright carnival colors. While Hettie had straight pure black hair, her eyes were almost the color of storm clouds.
“Carly Toronto!” it was the excited girl who admired Minho who went up. She was now very worried. Some kids whispered things like “Silly first-years.” or “I was never that scared.” I wonder how I looked.
“GRYFFINDOR!” Carly smiled with her white teeth, I just noticed how white they are. I looked over at Hanley who was looking at me too, happy as much as I was. Carly deserves to be there. Just then Camille, Carly’s sister comes to the empty seat next to me.
“Gemma Twrist!” her dirty blonde hair was pulled back into a pony with elegant curls reaching her shoulders. She sat down and I saw her bright blue eyes disappear under the hat.
“SLYTHERIN!” the hat was taken off and her freckles danced and she smiled at the joyous Slytherin table.
“So, how do you like Slytherin?” she asked. Camille smiled just as big as Carly, but that is about the only thing that makes them look like sisters.
“It is nice. I am sure I will like it.” I answered. Camille just beamed.
“Well gotta go, don’t want to be away from Newt too long.” with that Camille Reller left me with an empty seat again.
“Now Justin Waiz.” the headmaster was now getting tired of the sorting too. A short boy who acted grown up took on the hat. It didn’t have to be on his head for long before it shouted out the house.
“RAVENCLAW!” the boy ran straight to the table, putting off his grown up act. Did I really look that stupid? I hope not. That would be embarrassing!
“Rose Weasley!” Of course now the daughter of Harry’s best friends.
“GRYFFINDOR!” she joined Albus at the cheering table.
“And last but not least my dear, Tally Yolkum!” the headmaster tried his best not to sound bored. A girl who looked, normal, went up there. She seemed as though she could be everybody and anybody. Nothing special about her, just a girl.
“SLYTHERIN FOR LAST!” the hat didn’t really make sense but I guess you may get a little bored being a ragged hat. Tally came to the spot right next to me and sat.
“So.” the girl who could be anybody said. Then the house tables got quiet and our headmaster went up to face the crowd.
“I hope you have enjoyed the dinner,” I hadn’t eaten anything yet!” But now for some little announcements.” the headmaster took out a piece of parchment, many kids groaned. “First off we have some Quidditch news: First years can still be on the team!” Applause droned out the groans. I was so happy because I love Quidditch.  
“Now we have some more serious news. No using prank stuff such as merchandise from Weasley’s Wizards Wheezes. All that normal stuff.”
“Finally, do not go out to the forest ever, and no going out of your common room after curfew unless it is something a teacher wants you to do.” with that the headmaster went to eating again.
“I am going to try out for the team this year!” someone’s voice echoed down to my end of the table. I wonder if I will.
My mom let me play but it was so annoying because of how over protective she is about everything. Try flying while wearing 3 layers of bubble wrap. It is not easy.

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