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Chapter 6 (v.1) - IM NOT DEAD :D

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013




Yes, it is true. im back. i never really left i just had a few things to deal with.

Best friend and schizophrenia,labratt2 coming out soon, Depression, social anxiety disorder, etc etc. 

Good thing is, im back, and we can continue testing.

So for today's rant:

Why most peoples oc's suck

( And how to make yours awesome. )

Too many people have the same gnetic template and features are uttrly starting to get really boreing. These features include:


  • New girl / boy at school
  • Vampire, werewolf, witch, magical being, powerful night, etc.
  • Same genetic look, black, brown, blonde hair. blue yes.
  • Having powers baced off of common elements ( Dark, evil etc is incredibility unoriginal )
  • Being mentally unstable for the lulz ( when it has nothing to do with the story at all. )
  • Being some form of royalty, god(ess) , overpowered being, etc.

See, these things are ok in some forms, but only in small amounts.  People need to start useing theyre head and being uniqe. heres an example.


A new girl at school bumps into a male and they fall in love. the female is the princess of darkness and vampires and he is the prince of werewolves. the female is also insane but never has any insane outbreaks or never mentions it once. In the end, male pronounces love for female and the live happy ever after.

What's wrong with that? Well let me explain. its too unoriginal. its been done millions of times before. its ok to take a few ideas from something, but don't completely copy twilight on here.



female is not that new at school, but starts to take notice of male who is into like, mechanics or whatever she likes. male also takes notices of female and approaches her, making female scream and run away. after a series of unfortunate events, both male, female, and some supporting characters get trapped into a government secret plan to destroy half of the human race.


This would be a awesome story. and if your into the vampire thing, you can make one or two a vampire or what originality. remember, but its all about originality. remember that.




Feel free to suggest a topic to over in the dobilydoo. until next time ~ AChN






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