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Kamalaya, the Realm of Djinns, is threatened by the fearful army of the Dark Afarit, Princess Layla has to save her Realm after her father's death. Her Step Mother Garda has alliances with Asmodio the wisard and the mighty leader of the Afarite. A merciless struggle takes place in Kalmalaya.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kamalaya

Submitted: January 20, 2009

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Submitted: January 20, 2009



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The Prologue

Kamalaya, in djinean language “Between the rivers and the woods”, was one of the earliest centers of the parallel world civilizations. The need for self-defense and irrigation led the Kamalayans to organize and build canals, and walled settlements to protect their towns.
The richness of Kamalaya made it attractive for the underworld Afarite (underworld djinns), and its lack of mountains made it difficult to protect against invaders. There were numerous invasions through the history, and many times Karamate, the Kamalaya Elders, replaced the existing rulers; few dynasties lasted more than a few hundred years. The threat from that vile race of djinns was another reason for establishing the cities, so that they could be fortified and defended.
About 2000 years ago, the Realm of djinn had been conquered by the gigantic army of the Dark Afarite, which was led by Asmodio the superpower-terrifying wizard of the underworld race of djinn. Takfa the Great, however, was there to save Kamalaya, and prevented them from getting not more than the sea, as he managed to sink their ships near the shores, using the strategy of the Giant Catapults; the army of Takfa had been hurling large stones and spears, and helped by thousands of slingshots, which propelled billions of small stones, exterminating thus the majority of Asmodio’s soldiers.
As Takfa became sicker, and his demise was at hand, it was whispering here and there that Garda, his witch Consort, and the wizard Asmodio were preparing in the heart of darkness the great attack; the worse was that Garda lived within the Royalty, and had a better idea about when and how to strike. Yet, the worst was a different ball game, as Garda had only Houriate around her, since Teymour had left Kamalaya to seek his presumed love, Mirza.
Having been the first born of Sultan Takfa, Teymour was commonly known as His Royal Highness, Crown Prince of Kamalaya; he had been rejoicing that title till he disappeared surprisingly; no one sighted him throughout the Realm, leaving his father in a long sufferance. He had been expected to bear the torch of freedom and justice from his father; he, however, chose another path; as Laila was born thirty years later, she was ascribed the highest title of succession that no lady, before her, had amply enjoyed, according to the prevailing customs of a patriarchal society; she was known as Her Royal Highness Laila-Minerva, Crown heiress of Kamalaya; as for Racha, her little sister, she was attributed the title of Princess Racha of Kamalaya.

Djinn: the prestigious race
Afrit/ Afarite: the underworld djinn/djinns
Houria/Houriate: Djinn female/females
Kamalaya: The Realm of djinn
Kelpie: fantastic horse
Nanus: small but strong creatures
Gnomes; Ruthless and savage creatures
Madrapotamia; The Realm of the Nanus
Madralingua; The rocky mountains, part of Madrapotamia

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