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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Layla's Fears

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Submitted: January 20, 2009



Chapter I
Laila's fears

"Laila, my darling" Sultan Takfa murmured holding his breath, and caught sight of his daughter's tears. "I want you to be potent and strong. Don't forget that you will be the new ruler of Kamalaya and…"
"No Father!" Layla yelled, "I don’t want be the Queen! You will be always Kamalaya's Sultan. Djins never die!”
“No, darling! I know it’s the end,” Takfa stopped her.
“ But Houriate need your sureness. There is no one here who can give them confidence. Karamate need your wisdom. I need you, Father." Laila blubbered while TAKFA was leaving his world and moving to the hereafter.
Takfa looked into his daughter's eyes, and contemplated her uncommon beauty; she always reminded him his defunct wife, Queen Soraya. Layla was unbelievably young fair maiden with golden star like eyes, a gold and brown hair falling onto her perfectly formed calves; her face was also uncommon with a fine pointy nose, full lips of a gorgeous pink rosebud and high cheekbones. Takfa was, however, at once worry about her beloved daughter, thinking her beauty would not be as strong enough as to protect the Realm from the threatening Afarite.

Not knowing the sorrow of her father, Laila held his hand and silently sobbed; she could not bear losing her father with whom she had been living for centuries; she was suffering from the unexplained absence of her unique brother; she seemed to remember all whom she loved, for she thought she was left alone by those who were said to be at her side.
Garda, Laila's stepmother, was also there but dared say nothing, for she knew they would ignore her; she had always been the wicked woman, who hurt everyone, and thought only of herself; she should be happy, as her husband was dying. Takfa was the only one who could prevent her from causing harm to others. She approached Takfa's golden bed, leant on Laila, and told her with a softly tricked voice;
"He's going to be well. Don't worry, daughter!"
"I'm not your daughter, naughty witch!" Laila answered angrily, and so far neglected what she said.
Laila got up and started walking up and down; she felt so much frustrated, for she knew once her father would have passed on, Garda might be still young to reign as Queen of Kamalaya; she was almost certain Garda would do anything to stay in control, and to dominate all over Kamalaya; then quivering with dread for her Realm and fellow Houriate, Laila turned to see her sickly father sleeping peacefully.
"Oh Father. If only you could see Garda's past. Then you will see what she was traitress to you and to our Realm.
“Please, darling. Stop wising me up!”
“ But you can hardly notice Garda's misdeeds and indecencies!”
“No, no, Layla. I don’t think so. Garda’s like your mother. She loves you all, so you must love her.” Takfa said paying no attention to her warnings.
The few last minutes had been so harmful to Laila, for she could not bear seeing her father in that morbid and half-deadly state; she soon got out from her father's room, and went up to the tower where she used to go when feeling uneasy. Before reaching the tower, she met Jumana, her father's personal servant and a lovely Houria, whom the Kamalyans respected and loved.
"Your Majesty the Queen of djins" Jumana said softly, while Laila was about to enter the hollow chamber leading to the tower passageway.
"I'm not your Queen!" Laila shouted losing control, "Please try to understand that my father’s still alive"
"I'm sorry to annoy your highness, but Haman wishes to talk to you in the Pavilion."
"Of course" Laila replied. "Don't mind my lovely Jumana. As you know; these days are not mine. My father's illness has made me upset and all the time irritated,"
"You’re welcome, your Highness! Nobody dares feel upset of you. Such a person shall never exist in Kamalaya"
"Thanks, Jumana. Your words make me always happy" Layla said, walking down the palace passageway; her striking ivory dress moving with the breeze coming straight from the windows. Laila's claim to fame was that she never depended on her father's rule nor did she brag her position in the realm as its veneered princess; she was pretty known throughout the Realm for her elegant sense of style, she often intended behaving humbly to not to hurt her people; her dress was high cut and luminously adorned with different kinds of glowing gemstones on the hem and top of the gown, and with a golden garland on her head; the garland was the emblem of royalty in Kamalaya and the pureness of the heart.
Entering the pavilion, Laila noticed that Hamann was apparently busy searching solution to stand against the Dark Afarit's attacks.
"Greeting, Hamann!" Layla said while entering the pavilion.
"Tell me. What happened? Have you got ill? Asked Hamann who began to get worried.
Laila heaved a groan of despair, as if she knew that something of horror was likely to befall, and rushed towards her friend. Laila put her hand on the wisir's shoulder and kept gazing into his big bleu eyes. Hamann too looked into her eyes and wanted to tell her lots of things but by uttering no words.

"Welcome, your highness,” Said Hamann.
“Thank you, dear Hamann” Said Layla.
“I am really unquiet. Our dearly loved Sultan is not healthy at all.”
“Why? Do you fear something?”
“Yes, I'm afraid that our adored Realm would slip out of the family's hands”
“You’re right. The evil scorpion Garda is waiting impatiently for his death. She’ll undoubtingly ruin and demolish us all, won’t she?” Layla asked.
“Yes, we both know she has used wiles and treachery with your father to spouse her. Her only reason being to gain control of Kamalaya.”
“Yes! Then don’t forget that Garda knew he was not well and his days were countable.” Layla replied.
“She knew also that after your dear mother had died, Sultan Takfa became heartbroken. Never believe her tricking kindness,”
“Sure! She is tempting to win your confidence and love"
Hamann, the Sultan's first Minister and advisor, was looking older than his 10 centuries; Layla threw a warm glance at him, and then fleetly looked away, afraid that he might see the tears in her golden eyes; she sank into a deep thought mourning her fate, her diseased mother, and her lost family.
"Oh Mummy, how I miss you. You were so young with your innocent eyes. You were as wonderful as angels. You never showed your anger in your face. You're the greatest mother of this Realm. All the djins loved you. Oh Mummy would it really be 10 years? Yet I still feel your hands caressing my forehead. I still sense your smooth fingers cuddling my long hair and, your lips fondling my little ears."
Hamann was gazing her with his glittering blue azury eyes; he was trying to read her eyes, and entered her mind to clean it from all her fears and pains; Laila, however, was too aware, and knew well that if Hamann got her blues and sorrows, he would not be able to help her rule the Realm.
"Tell me, your Highness!" Hamann asked hesitatingly while Laila was trying to hide her perturbation. "Why do your eyes glitter when you evoke your mother?"
"How did you guess my thoughts?" Asked the Princess, looking a little bit surprised.
"I beg your pardon, but you have been living with me since ages. I can easily read all your thoughts.
Laila's mother memory brought all the tears of the world to her eyes; she wiped away and took a deep breath; she did not want to display her tears to Hamann, for she wanted him braver; her tears might render him weaker; she, then, regained control of her emotions, and walked towards the pyritous framed window.
Out from the window, she took a long while looking outside at the expanse of her Realm, but at once felt a burning pain invading her chest; she felt that pain, as she realized her kingdom was about to be handed over to the ever worst Houria; not even a royal one, but was from the lowest part of Kamalaya society.
It was said that Takfa never loved Garda, but only gave her back an ancient debt she had given him, when they were children; that debt was not money or something else, for none dared imagine a king owing money to that sort of people; some said that the Sultan Takfa had been about to drown in the dark river, when Garda's father saved him; he, therefore, had an oath from him, that if only he became sultan, he would marry his daughter; Garda was born to Margos and Izerva from the country of Iznovour.
Garda felt ashamed of her parents, and usually prevented talking about them, or at least visiting them; Margos was pink unicorn-slayer, and acted like a yahoo in the presence of Djinns; he was actually Afrit, being born to Houria and Afrit; a hybrid that resembled more to his father; he abused Izerva, and she took it out on Garda;
Izerva eventually got over of supporting her husband's violent treatment and one night, she got rid of him, slaughtering him in his sleep; she had been executed, as the austere laws in Iznovour implemented the procedure of beheading criminals and barbarian. Unlike in Iznovour, Kamalaya was unarguably against the law to execute criminals.


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