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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Takfa's agony

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Submitted: January 20, 2009



Takfa's agony

As the Djins respected and highly regarded all creatures of any sort, living in Kamalaya, the Djinn couple that had found Garda, laid on the ground and starved as in famine, brought her with them. Years later, they looked after her till she regained her good health; not only had they adopted her as their real daughter, but also helped her to grow in a suitable environment unlike the one in which she had been reared; though, the couple bettered her former state, and rendered her hourialike, Garda had grown up into a stunning Houria whose behavior shocked.

Garda's physical appearance made her more repugnant and even repulsive; she had long ankles and very thin legs, which primarily made her so different from any other Houria, and a thick jet hair that gave the sensation of falling into coal mine; her green eyes were uncommonly sparkling and exaggeratedly full of speckles to the extent of the profound aversion; in contrary to what she always pretended, the usual grin of her ugly wholesome face denoted a manifest exhibition of a very insolent hypocrisy and a flagrant insincerity; she was almost lipless so that she presented no clear smile whatever the occasion in which she might have been involved; her ever-thinnest lips of the fire red fitted well her hypocritical behavior; that when smiling, looked rather threatening than welcoming; overall, Garda gave evidence of everything that had to be distasted throughout Kamalaya.

Garda met again Sultan Takfa at a royal feast while she was serving in the kitchen; everyone in the palace had thought the Sultan had deeply been smitten by her unusual charm, for he used to see only wonderful creatures in his palace; any Djinn had guessed that he had recognized her, and so remembered the fatal debt; he had begun behaving foolishly and showed an unreasoning fondness of her. Thenceforth, she plainly began plotting and made hundreds of plans to keep jarring into him; she even attempted to go into his encounter in the palace corridors only to attract his sight.
Years on, Takfa announced his marriage to Garda at the full amazement of all Kamalayans; though, no one in the Realm had accepted that damn marriage, Takfa insisted harshly on Djinns' adoption to Garda as their new Queen; they forcibly accredited her title of Her Majesty, Garda, Consort of Sultan Takfa.
Through a brief look from the window, Princess Laila had been evoking all what might make her feel a little bit upset; she really got memory like a sieve, and was just taking a stroll down memory lane and recalling the days of her childhood; Haman kept gazing at her; his eyes were glowing bright red, as if he had light bulbs for eyes! He wanted to browse any thought waving in her mind but failed, as she still intended to hide her emotions; she hardly finished her oneirisms about the glorious past when Racha entered the Pavilion of wisdom running in strange manner, and bursting into the Minister's room. She eventually overcame her tiresome, managed to catch her breath and said; her head down, with a broken tone;
"Oh, dear Laila! Our Father needs you, he has been asking for you ceaselessly. I'm afraid he…" she said being emotionally stirred, and then stopped for a while as if she feared Layla's reaction "I cannot bear imagine that Takfa the Great is going to…" she added with some difficulty; her voice became as barely voiceless as nightly whispers. Being too younger to have the least courage, Racha burst into tears and jumped in her sister's arms.
"Please Layla, be kind and tell me that I'm just living a nightmare!?" She whined in Layla's chest. "Oh dear Sister, may he die? May he leave us and depart in another world where we do not exist?" sniveled Racha so incessantly that Layla began losing her courage and her cold blood.
"Come on Racha. Be as brave as a she-wolf like your mother was." Said Layla seeming to be more stalwart than any moment before. We have to stay near him during his last instants! Haman, I beg you joining us for my father consider you as his brother not as Minister."
" Demands of her highness are orders!" Haman Replied.
They all rushed straight to the Royal chamber; the Sultan Takfa was there; lain on his bed made of tigers-eye gemstone, and covered up with a silky green veil; Garda was sitting next to Takfa holding his hand; she wanted to tell him something of horror. Soon, he began crying aloud and suffering harmfully, as if his soul refused to leave his body. Layla slammed the door shut so that Garda felt a little bit scared, got rapidly up, and glared them with a defying sight.
"Takfa needs me alone with him! So you have nothing to do here!" Garda, like a furious bear, grumbled rude response, for she was almost certain Takfa was dying; she intended to be harsh, as she saw the Realm was nearly becoming hers.
"How dare you say?" Layla shouted down in Garda's face challenging her for the first time since Garda had become Takfa's Consort. "So what did you tell him to make him suffer like that?"
"Nothing of importance was!" Garda sharply retorted to her opponent to the throne. "I've just told him that Teymour has died! That's all!" She added in a witty manner.
"Pardon?! Oh, Lord! I knew you wanted to kill him." Layla said furiously. "He's your husband but don't forget that he's our father and Sultan too!"
"I want nobody in the chamber! Leave your father in peace and he'd be very well!"
"Move away evil scorpion, if not I'll call for the guards to jail you." Layla said with a new tone of daring accent, pushing Garda down, and sitting next to her father.
"Father!" whispered Layla. "Are you asleep?"
Soundless and half-awake, Takfa opened his big glowing eyes and stared at Layla's wonderful face with compassion for the sufferings and misfortunes that would be waiting for her once he died. Takfa was almost dead, and could hardly utter the least word; he managed ultimately to address Layla some tender words, wishing to reassure and to warm her heart.
"Do be happy my little pearl. The past was for me, the future would be yours. If only you accept the idea of my coming end, you'll at least allow me to depart on peace."
Then, he looked at Racha, and told her while Garda was cracking her teeth from anger and disdain; she did not support the idea that, in his last instant, her husband forgot about her; she saw herself neglected and totally ignored while she was said to be the first at his side; she, then, forgot her devilish second soul, which still prevailed over her little good soul.
“Come on, grenade of my heart! Come my daughter, come near to me.”
No sooner did she hear her earnest father’s request, Racha rushed towards his bed, took a seat at his other side, and seized his limp and firmless hand; she put it on her chest and looked at him kindly; her yellow eyes glowing like a rosy sun in spring midday; she shed her first silver tears as if she knew that Takfa, the Great Sultan of Djins, had to depart forever; as for Takfa, he did not want her to sink in her worst fears, and brought her to reality telling her in a broken and vibrating low tone;
“Racha, my dearest being upon this earth. Keep braver. You are awesomely beautiful and look like my Mother Maganolia; the same yellowish honey eyes and long rosy hair,”
“Oh, goodness! Don’t go, father!” Racha shouted.
“Nooo…Don’t say…you…m” answered difficultly Takfa, who endeavored to speak.
After a short nap, he recommenced blubbering like a child who was about to lose something of his own; his daughters and Garda could barely grasp his words of which he was swallowing the majority; Racha was able to understand every word he uttered for he was addressing them to her.
“Be respectable and obedient girl” He clearly said. “Be virt--virtuous and worthy to our family. Marry someone who must fit you be--because you’re so unique and…” Then he stopped for a while taking his last breaths and struggling to utter his last words.
“I love you Racha. Perhaps I’m passing away and I’ll be physically further. But know that a part of us remains wherever we are. A part of you both has grown in me. Therefore, you see, it is you and I together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.”
Having found no word to assuage her father’s pains, Racha sobbed and managed courageously to say, “Smile father! A smile is nearly always inspired by another smile and as you see, my heart is smiling to you. Do not think that your absence may make us forget you but know one truth from your beloved daughter; absence will make our hearts fonder and always fonder till we meet you in paradise.”
Racha was about to put an end to what she was saying when Sultan Takfa began to shed his dearest tears ever; he, however, found some courage to turn towards Hamann, and told him gathering all his powers, “My dearest confidant and my preferable minister! Kamalaya needs your reason and your high gnosis to bring it glory”
Hamann felt incapable to respond to Takfa as if he wanted him listen carefully to his advice and warnings.
“Listen Hamann, you’ll be facing significant challenges that could threaten our Realm. The most important adaptive challenge you will face is not defending Kamalaya against the dark Afarit, but against whom you consider closer. Together, we controlled all major levers of power but from then on you’ll be alone”
“Don’t say this Your Majesty! I’m not alone…Layla is at my side…then, she deserves to be your successor…she’s intelligent and brave”
“Do let me finish…I have no enough halitus to exhale…I know my friend that you have excelled working behind the scenes but from now on you should be apparent and punchy to impress your followers rather than your enemies.”
“As for you, Garda the only thing I should thank you for is my last years I have spent with you…Instead I would only warn you to not to be driven by the Dark Afarit.”
Before he finished his monitions, Takfa turned left to Layla, and let escape down through his thick beard the last driblet of his tears, as if he was mourning the expected terrible future of his beloved daughter; he was looking at her as long as his soul was horridly leaving his gigantic body, and then said in one word “Layla-Minerva…You’re already the Great Ruler of Kamalaya…I know you’re a girl, and it is so hard to rule such a Realm, and to stand against the savage Afarit… I am sure you will be the strongest monarch Kamalaya has ever known...My Precious Daughter…If you succeed to misunderstand your people and fail to understand your enemies, here, your rule will be irreversibly framed in ways that will undermine your ability to govern.”
“Father please, don’t tire yourself” Told him Layla. However, instead listening to her he went on his advice
“Enhance your awareness of potential vulnerabilities. Take a hard look at yourself and understand what your strengths and weaknesses really are. Build a team of competent Djinns who can play complementary roles. Just as you were part of such my team with Hamann.”
Here, Takfa attained his last instants, and uttered his last breaths; those last breaths put an end to the most powerful Djin upon Earth, leaving his weak daughters and his wicked Consort to “Save the Realm of Djinn”

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