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Side-note: This story will switch characters constantly. It will never stay with the same character for over 1-2 chapters. Yes, I do plan on continuing the same character occasionally. But like I said, it'll change characters constantly and maybe in the end they'll meet? I don't know yet. But I never got the first part back from my Language Arts/Writing teacher. I'm also trying something new on the way I type up my stories. It's been recommended for a while, so I figured I might as well try it.
In this newly formed apocalyptic world, many survivors struggle to stay alive. Who will survive, and who will lose their mind and kill their other fellow survivors? Will their be a cure, and who is to be blamed for this mess..

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Maybe Their Is Help...Or Not

Submitted: January 29, 2014

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Submitted: January 29, 2014



 Two years ago...that's when my sister died, I guess. Her name was Ashley...I honestly don't know how she died. I guess she was left behind on Halloween when our whole 'safe' town was forced to evacuate on Halloween two years ago, a couple of months after it all started. All I really know is she's a zombie..out their roaming the streets..At least, that's what my parents both told me before they died. Before I was forced to kill them before they turned. It all started on the 14th of January in 2006. And I've survived somehow so far. My name is Kaylee,but most call me KayKay or even Kay, and I'm fifteen years old. I have green eyes and long, red hair that I keep in a braid on the right side of my head. I've been wearing the same white tanktop for a while now, but yet it's barely cleaned with just really cold water and it's torn up and has alot of human and zombie blood on it. I wear my father's old black, leather jacket with light grey sewn-in wings on the back of it and his matching leather gloves. I wear my older sister's favorite pair of light blue,denim jeans that have holes mainly in the knees.  On my feet, I'm wearing my favorite studded and spiked leather boots. I also wear my mother's favorite locket that has a family picture of us and mine and Ashley's baby pictures and her other necklace that says the word 'Angel' on it in fake diamonds. I carry either a crossbow or a silenced rifle on my back or in my arms, I always have them both with me. I also carry pocket knifes in my pockets, a silenced Colt Python Revolver in a pouch on my leather belt, and in the other pouch a machete. I'm always loaded with weapons, just in case we're ambushed by fellow survivors that've lost their sanity, or zombies. I'm the last of my really small family that's alive. At least, that's what I've been told. If I die, I'll be able to say that I went down fighting, I guess. 

  A year later, I'm still alive. Still uninfected. Still unbitten. I've gotten my 'sweet' 16, now. It's been a total of three years now. It seems like it's just getting worse and worse every day now. A couple of the scientists and doctors in our group say they've found a cure. It's really gross though, and everyone in our group of 25 survivors have to drink it. Even the babies and other children. Apparently if it works, we can get bitten and it'll have no affects towards any of us. Most of us ever knew that it was all a lie and they probably never will, while some of us did..and we still do now. All some lie to keep everyone's attention off of everything else. It's never the 'cure' that prevents anything..It's God, I suppose.

  It all happened very quickly to explain every detail. I was with Johnny, a strong 18 year old. He has brown hair that covers his forehead and he doesn'y really even have facial hair. He carries aroung just a machete and a silenced Colt Python Pevolver. He wears a dark grey t-shirt and pretty baggy jeans. He carries his weapons in his belt, too, although it doesn't help with his jeans. He wears regular tennis shoes, but they're all torn up and dirty. Me and him were taking turns killing zombies that start climbing slowly over the barricades. Whoever's turn it is has to keep an eye out, but if it's not your turn you have to be in a higher part of the tower either taking care of the sick people or with their partner just relaxing. Each day we're assigned different partners, but usually me and Johnny are stuck together. It honestly isn't that bad, considering he's been my best friend for a long and he's pretty funny. My turn is getting close to being over, just as a huge herd comes up to the barricade. I shoot them all, except for one, and just as I'm reloading, I trip over a toy from one of the children that were up here earlier, and I go tumbling down to the ground. My gun and is up there,my crossbow gets caught on the ladder, and my belt is in my room, so I start fishing a pocket knife out of my pocket. When I finally hit the ground, I hear the timer sounding off that our turn is over. I stab the zombie at the exact moment that it bites me. I stand up quickly, regain balance, and pick up all my weapons as I climb the ladder. I take my jacket off of the chair and put it on, hiding the bite. I sling the crossbow across my back by its strap and grab my sheath of arrows. I also grab my gun, and I turn off the alarm. Johnny comes down to the watch part of the tower, and leaves the door open. He looks at me curiously, and then he stares at me, looking shocked. ''What?'' I ask him. I really hope he doesn't notice anything out of the ordinary when I realise that my arm is bleeding. I look back at him slowly. ''Please..don't...I fell. It's just one bite. I swear.'' I whisper to him. He closes the door to the upper part of the tower and walks closer to me. He takes off his recently cleaned, wet shirt up. He reveals a bandage, and I lift it up barely, and see a bitemark. He puts his shirt back on and backs away. ''Don't worry. We'll go out together.'' he says, and we leave, letting the next group of people take their turns on duty.

We get inside and go see Ms. Skylar, our only doctor and scientist that didn't help with the cure because she was scavenging with others in town for medical supplies. She doesn't believe that the cure is legit, and niether do we. We've been studying it in secret, and she's found evidence that it's just unsweetened lemonade with other flavors in it. But we can't tell anyone about it, so we just pretend to drink the supposed cure. She treats it, and the next day I do my chores all day. Half an hour before mine and Johnny's watch, everybody says he's been missing all day. I run to his room and bust the locked door down. Everyone's door has to be locked at night, just in case an ambush happens. I'm walking around his room, and I see him on his bed, tied down clearly by himself. He looks like he's dead, and he's too cold to be alive. I break down crying in the corner of the room because he was the last that I had. He'd been my best friend since I was in Kindergarten and I was being bullied constantly. He was my first friend, as well..He turns, and I tell him that I'm sorry, and stab him. I lean next to his corpse, and I start crying more. Luckily when I cry, it's not silent but it's not loud, either. I literally cry myself to sleep, and Ms.Skylar comes along to get us, then tells them that we can't take watch right now, and starts pumping liquid into me. When I finally wake up, it's midnight. Theirs a note by Johnny's body. It's written in his own blood.. I read it the bloody hand writing, and I can't believe what it says. It says:

  I've always loved you, Kay. I've just been way to shy to ask you out. I'm sorry for waiting this long to tell you. You need to run. These people are out to kill us. Last night, they came in my room and stabbed my chest and pumped poison in me. Get Ms. Skylar, the kids that have no parents, and maybe someone else. Take my weapons to give to Ms. Skylar or the kids. Please. I'll be looking after you...I love you, Kaylee..

   I reread the note again and again. I grab his weapons, and his favorite dog-tag necklace. I put it on, and I run out the door. I run to Ms.Skylar's room, and she's already packed up with two kids. Lizzie and Mika..the sisters.. Lizzie has straight,blonde hair and light brown eyes, but Mika has straight,light brown hair with dark brown eyes and is younger than her sister. They're both wearing long sleeve shirts, jackets, and boots. Lizzie's hair is in a little side braid like mine, and Mika's hair is down, but she has a little braid in the back of her hair. I give Lizzie the gun since she's the oldest of the kids, and I teach her how to use it. I give Mika the machete, and I add the pouches onto their belts. We sneak out, extra ammo and other supplies in Ms. Skyler's bag. Hopefully we can get a shelter quickly without getting harmed. We knew it was possible..Yet impossible. We hide in a building and barricade the door. So far it's clear..But when we get upstairs, we really regret our decision..Just a piece of advice..Don't play with your luck. It's not that good of a game to play..But...I mean, well, and their still is, I guess, far more worse games to play..




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