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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Lies

Submitted: June 26, 2014

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Submitted: June 26, 2014



Kaylee's POV

All a dream. Ms. Skyler being dead, me falling, finding my sister..Everything. I woke up a little while ago, letting Ms. Skyler sleep. It's about four in the morning, and It's quiet except for the occasional blow of the wind. We have a small fire that's slowly going out because of the snow and the wind, which sucks. I stare off into the distance for a long time, not realizing that I'm letting hours pass by. That is until I hear a walker's sickening groan. I jump up, grabbing my crossbow. My pistols in its' holster, which is in my bag, with barely any ammo, and my machete is with Mika, who was the only unarmed person. While walking in the direction of the groan, I trip over Mika's 'Rainbow Dash' bag, falling and slipping close to the edge of a semi-nearby cliff. I stand up, barely having time to grab my crossbow, when I'm attacked by a walker. ''HELP!'' I yell, causing Ms. Skyler to jump up along with Lizzy and Mika. She grabs her silenced pistol from her holster, aiming for the walker. Just as the bullet goes through its' brain, splattering blood on my face, all of its' weight goes on top of me and I go tumbling down.

  As I was falling, I kept a firm grip on my crossbow. Even though during the fall an arrow was shot through my left side, I still managed to keep my three arrows that I had with me and my crossbow. At least the layers of snow softened the fall a little bit, resulting in it turning shades of pink and red. I slowly try sitting up, only to fall again. "Maybe I should give in, end it here," I think out loud. I mentally slap myself for ever even thinking that, and that's when adrenaline begins to kick in. I won't let myself die until I confirm both the safety of Lizzy, Mika, and Skyler and my sister's death. As bad as it seems, I want to make sure my parents are right about her.

I'm not feeling pain at all, thanks to the adrenaline that just kicked in. I haven't taken the arrow out yet, only because I know I will end up screaming, drawing more attention to myself. I'm slowly walking around, holding my side. Occasionally I'll look at my hand or tank top, only to see that they're both covered in blood. Walking through the 'winter wonderland', I find a herd of walkers. Cursing under my breath, I run into the other direction, which is a dead end. Constantly cursing in my head out of panic, I begin to look at my options. Seeing the dead walker that got me into this mess in the first place, I rip it's gut open with an icicle. I begin taking out its' blood, guts, and organs and rub it all over me, making sure that I don't get any in my eyes or mouth. I have four options;

(A) Jumping down farther-No. That's a huge death wish. 

(B) Climbing up with the rusty pick axe like in my dream-No, it'll break and I can't climb in the state that I'm in.

(C) Suicide-Why would I even consider this as an option? No way!!

Or (D) Walking through the herd and making my way up-I will just have to do it.

I slowly rip the arrow out of my side, gritting my teeth, and then load it into my crossbow. I find a tomahawk laying by a bush, so I take it and begin walking through the herd, my crossbow slung against my back. I look up on my right side, seeing Lizzy and Mika pointing at me, jumping eagerly. Ms. Skyler is just staring wide eyed at me, and then she grins proudly. I turn and look straight forward, gripping the handle of the tomahawk tightly. I got to make it through, no matter how scary this is. 

I'm almost halfway through the herd when my adrenaline is beginning to leave my system, making me feel the pain. I grit my teeth, and I don't worry until my vision starts blurring and I feel tired. I mentally slap myself really hard, making me wake up a little bit. I'm almost to the end, and then I'll have to climb a short height. I begin walking faster, still staying unnoticed by the walkers around me.

50 feet.....

40 feet....

30 feet...

20 feet..

10 feet.

  When I finally get there, I imagine a GPS saying, ''You have reached your destination. Now run for your life.'' and I almost laugh. I climb up, gritting my teeth yet again. I begin walking up, starting to faint. As I finally get there, I stay standing behind them. ''Where'd she go?'' Skyler says, starting to panic. ''R..r..righ..right here.'' I say, panting a little. They turn around, beginning to hug me. ''Holy mother of cheese! Why are you bleeding?'' I take my crossbow off my back to point at the arrow, and with my luck, I faint. I fall to the ground, shooting an arrow and somehow getting the same spot yet again.

Skyler's POV

  Oh no. This isn't good! She's dying of blood loss, I can already tell. I take the arrow out, handing Lizzy the crossbow and arrow telling her to put this with her stuff. I pick her up, putting her close to the campfire and putting her bag underneath her head. I take off her jacket and lift her white tank top up high enough to see her wound. Well, at least I know what happened there. I reach in my bag, grabbing a first aid kit. I take peroxide, thread, and a needle out. I clean the wound and the needle with a cotton ball and peroxide. I quickly go into concentration, sewing the arrow wound up and then put a bandage on it. I take a needle out and draw some of my blood, giving it to her. Considering I'm a universal blood donor, it'll be okay. I put everything back in my bag, put her jacket back on her body, and put a thin blanket over her.

It's been hours of us three sitting around Kay, and she still hasn't waken up just yet. As they're sleeping I go over to her, checking for pulse. She's cold and pale, and as I realize that I can't find a pulse, I start freaking out. ''No..No! No! Don't leave me, honey..Please don't..Baby girl..don't leave me..'' I say, crying. I wish I got the chance to tell her the secret that's been killing me since we met at the survivor camp.

  I, Skyler Jones, am Kaylee's real mother.


Dat twist tho. Lol. Sooo, do you think Kaylee will live or die? You'll find out after a while, because like it says in the description, I won't keep it on the same character for more than two chapters at a time. Sorry. 

Thanks for reading! Please comment if you have any suggestions for anything involving the characters or to make this series better! Appreciate it. c:<3


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