Death in front of a mirror

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A story about a group of teenagers who chant Bloody Mary 3 times and end up getting murdered one by one infront of a mirror.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Death in front of a mirror

Submitted: March 23, 2013

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Submitted: March 23, 2013



This is not yet a complete story, I'm hoping to attain feedback to help improve my writing abilities.

“I don’t see why with have to go to this lame kids party Shaun”, whined Leon, “Well it’s simple Leon, this “Lame” kid claims to have his parents key to their alcohol cabinet, so stop your bitching Leon, me and the boys decided that it would be more fun to go here and maybe get some alcohol instead of going back to your house where your mum basically gets nude whilst serving us pieces of pizza” Shaun snapped back, leaving everyone else in the group laughing at how shamed Leon just got, Shaun was the leader of this little high-school gang, he was at average height and pretty fit from sports, he had charcoal black hair with eyes a shade or two away from jet black eyes, after Shaun it was Leon, A blond haired, blue eyed boy who recently had been spiralling into a pansy state of always wanting to do things the legal way, after Leon there was Brain(chestnut brown hair with hazel eyes), Heath(Brown hair with blond streaks with brown eyes) and Travis(dark brown curly hair with darkish brown eyes), Those three didn’t give each other orders they just mainly obeyed either Shaun or Leon, but if ever an argument was to arise between the two leaders they all listened to Shaun.

“Shaun man, this don’t feel right” Leon nervously said as they walked closer to the front door of Brad’s house(the kid throwing the party),   “Jesus Christ Leon, what the fuck is your problem lately, I mean seriously, you went from being my right hand man to being a bitch, grow back your balls and have some fun, fuck!” Shaun shook his head in disappointed at Leon as he knocked on the front door of Brad’s. As Brad opened the door greeting the new arrivals, Shaun and “The Boys” had an eyesore of a sight, Brad stood there looking as dorky as ever, he was wearing a checked black and white shirt with some over the top baggy jeans and his overly sized glasses, his entire looked screamed out dork or nerd. Heath couldn’t help himself and fell to the floor laughing, Shaun instinctively swung his right foot into Heaths gut whilst saying “Shut the fuck up Heath”, Shaun looked into Brad’s eyes and apologised, “that’s okay Shaun, the laughing doesn’t bother me I’m just glad you guys showed up” said Brad his excitement noticeable with every syllable he said.

The five entered the house and followed Brad into the living room where no one else was, Travis tapped Shaun’s shoulder and whispered “What the fuck, dude”, Shaun just shook his head some more and headed towards the couch, in a swift move he sat down whilst removing his phone from his pocket, Leon leaned over Shaun’s Shoulder to see what he was typing and who he was sending it to, Leon read “Hey, Chloe, April, Julie, Mikaela and Taylor, Get over to Brad’s house (the guy me and the boys egged the other month) now He’s having a party and on my way in I saw some booze, and it could be fun, besides it being a Brads and all” he press sent and tilted his head to the right and stared at Leon with a smile on his face, Leon laughed saying “Maybe coming to Brads place won’t be as bad of an idea as I thought” the rest of the boys laughed but quietened up as Brad re-entered the room carrying a bag of plastic cups and two bottles of Jim Bean saying “Who wants a drink”.

The boys and Brad had almost finished off the entire bottle of Jim Beam before the girls arrived. When Brad heard a knock at the door he instantly thought the worse and started freaking out, “Shit guys what if it’s my parents, what if it the cops, we are so fucked man” his voice was filled with so much panic it rose in pitch,” Calm down Brad, it’s just the girls I messaged cause I didn’t want no over the top sausage fest going on” These calming words came from Shaun’s mouth along with a slap to Brads face to shut him up, Shaun instructed Heath to go and open the door and let the girls in. Heath nearly had a heart attack, Mikaela (a girl with gorgeous white skin and this blond hair that waved around her head perfectly, she had these amazing hazel eyes, a ballerinas body, she was wearing these blue short jeans that just stop before showing her bum, with this a plain black singlet), Heath finally got his heart calmed down when he noticed Julie (A girl with curves that make guys fall in love, her D cup breast pop out catching every guys eyes, her brownish blond her fits her perfectly, she seems innocent but out of the lot has the most sexual knowledge but least experience), next to enter was Taylor(a blond haired whitey tanned girl with ocean blue eyes and the whitest smile the school had ever seen, she was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with a white singlet and a blue button up over shirt over the top), At first Heath didn’t notice Chloe it was only until she step under the porch light did he see her (She was a darker skinned lady with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, she loved to dance and muck around, and was wearing a pair of blue skinnies with a baggy white shirt, that belonged to Travis), April entered last quietly and swiftly giving Brad a polite smile for allowing her to come over (April was a polite girl, her hair was designed to have a side-fringe, the front was straight the back curly, her blond hair shimmers in the light, her skin was a soft mixture between tanned and pale, her eyes were a green with a slight shade of blue, her body was used by the girls in there school as the perfect body, guys whistled at her ass, other goggled at her breast, she had this politeness to her and everyone loved her), April sat next to Shaun, Mikaela next to Leon, Taylor next to Brian, Julie next to Heath and Chloe next to Travis, Brad was left in a single chair opposite to them, all alone.

As the night progressed, Brad was forced to bring more and more bottles of Alcohol as well as soft drinks to mix them with. After 4 bottles (2 Jim bean they drank early, and the vodka and Southern Comfort had just been empty), Travis slurred out “This is gettttin’ fuckin’ borrrin’”, the group agreed that the night thus far had been entertaining but was slowly started to bore up. “Look if you fuckers are bored, think of something for us to do, otherwise just shut up with your complaining” Shaun’s words were fierce and instigated the eleven of them to start throwing out ideas, Brian yelled out “truth or dare” but Leon shook his head, Mikaela yelled out “Dancing!!” but Shaun shook his head, Travis said “7 minutes in heaven” but all the girls yelled “No” and slapped him,  Brad started to say “Why don’t we pla..” but stop before he could finish his sentence, April ushered him to continue and the group gasped when he completed his sentence by saying “Play Bloody Mary”.

Shaun laughed manically and blurted out “For a nerd with no mates, you aren’t so bad Brad” Heath, Travis and Brian had a look of shock from Shaun paying Brad a compliment, but before they could say anything Leon said “Yeah Shaun’s right, Not only is this a decent time you just suggested an amazing idea, who knows after tonight you might have a few friends”.  The group finally all agreed to each one by one go into the bathroom and chant Bloody Mary.

First up with Shaun, he walked into holding the candle and lit it right as he entered, he shut the bathroom door and started to spin, but never did he chant her name. When he left the bathroom five minutes later Leon asked “So? Did you do?” “Of course I did it mate, who do you think I am”, next up was Julie and she didn’t even spin she just stood there staring at her boobs in the mirror, just as Shaun Leon asked the same question, and Julie responded with “Yeah I did it, I was scared but relieved when nothing appeared” . Travis, Chloe, Brian and Heath, Taylor, and Mikaela did the same as the first two, lying when they came out.

Right as Brad went to enter the bathroom, the knob on the front door started to jiggle, Shaun instantly ran to the living room and hid the empty bottles and the plastic red cups in a side stand. Brad greeted his parents as he normal would and introduced the group “Hi Mummy, Hi Daddy, this is April, Mikaela, Taylor, Julie, Chloe and Heath, Shaun, Brian, Leon and Travis”, His parents smiled and his mothered soft sweet voice said “Hi honey, what are you and your friends up to?” Brad without a care in the world (from being intoxicated) said “I suggested we play Bloody Mary and the only ones left to do it our Me, April and Leon and it’s my turn”, She smiled at her son having so much fun and kissed his forehead saying “have fun honey, we are going to bed, nighty night”, she walked into the kitchen before Brad had the chance to reply.

Brad re-faced the bathroom door, and slowly stepped in, the door creaked as it closed, and Brad walked to the middle of the bathroom and faced the mirror. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes; he could feel the warmth of the flickering candle in his hands. He slowly started to spin, saying the chant “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” only loud it enough for anyone in the bathroom to here. He stops, hoping he’s facing the mirror as he opens his eyes he jumps back in terror seeing the horrid face that stared back at him, he turned around instinctively out of fear to see if anyone was behind him, a sigh of relief exited his mouth as he realised no one was there. He slowly turned back around to face the bathroom door so he could leave and with no time to scream Bloody Mary shoved a dirty piece of cloth that she ripped off her blue formal dress that was decaying beyond belief and shoved it down Brad’s throat preventing him from screaming for help. Tears spray out of his eyes like a running waterfall, he watches in terror as Mary showed him her overly grown nails as she slowly scrapped specific parts of his body causing a flow of blood to squirt out. Mary quickly positioned Brad’s body into the bath on top of hers, to stop the blood sinking down the drain Mary removed Brad’s average sized genitals to be used as a plug. As the blood filled the bath Brad’s eyes were slowly losing all signs of life. Whilst Mary bathed in his blood she consumed part of useless flesh that was no longer connected Brad’s body. Meanwhile Brad’s mother had just walked back towards the bathroom to say a final goodnight, when the others told her that Brad was still in there she started to get worried, she knocked a few times before yelling out to her husband to come and kick the door in. Bloody Mary could hear the failed attempts to enter the room, she swiftly ripped Brad’s face apart and reassembled it on the mirror writing in his blood underneath it “Feel the wrath of Bloody Mary”. Brad’s dad finally got the door to cave in, he fell face first into the shower and smashed through the glass, his mother ran in turning the light off and puked all over the floor crying as she saw what remained of her son. They all stood in shock looking at Brad’s body parts being all over the room, April and Mikaela where crying, Julie had puked and Taylor passed out, Travis Heath and Leon didn’t enter the bathroom after they saw the blood and Brian was sitting on the floor rocking back and forth, Shaun was the one to notice the face and words on the mirror, he spoke aloud “Feel the wrath of Bloody Mary”.

Mikaela had already pre-planned with April to have her stay over whilst Mikaela’s parents were away visiting her older brother. April arrived at Mikaela at 11am, 10 minutes go by and April knocks again. After another 5 minutes she decides to call Mikaela mobile just in case she’s still sleeping. The phone rings 4 times then the sound of a shower running is all April can here through the phone, she managed to make out a “Oh my god, you must be here, hang on” come through the phone before the call disconnects. Less than a minute goes by and the front door is swung right open and all April can notice is the soaking wet down wrapped around Mikaela’s body. “You like what you see April?” with a sarcastic tone running through Mikaela’s voice, “you have no idea” April blurted out unable to stop before she realised what she just said, April went all shy and awkward expecting some lesbian remark from Mikaela, but all that was met by her comment was a smile and a hand gesture suggesting she comes in. Mikaela locks the front door after she shuts it and with April facing away from her she drops her towel saying “Well if you loved that sight you’ll love this”, April turned around out of curiosity wondering what could Mikaela mean and when she saw her in her birthday suit she just stood in shock, not wanting to stare but unable to look away. “You truly are beautiful Mikaela” Are the only words April can manage to get out, Mikaela does a sweet I know sort of smile and asks “Do you want something to drink”, April nods taking in the chance to stare a little lower on her body, as she exits the room to get April a drink she doesn’t bother to rewrap the towel around her but just leaves it laying where she dropped it. April couldn’t help but to stare at her ass cheeks as the bounced with every step, she found herself having thoughts like “Oh what I would do to have those in my hand” she shook her head, snapping back into focus realising she was having thoughts in which most guys in her school have about her. Mikaela re-enters the room holding two glasses of coke, but instead of sitting down she leads April to her room. “So April is it okay if I get dressed or would you prefer me like this? Would you prefer to be able to see every part of my body from my legs, to my thighs to my sweet little shaven…”, she paused, knowing that those words had drawn Aprils attention to what every guy in school wanted to see, April swallowed not saying a word, Mikaela reached down and grabbed her hand and slowly rose it up her thigh getting slowly the closer she got. Her hand was shaking and she knew Mikaela had let go of hers, but April just couldn’t seem to remove her hand from Mikaela’s thigh, it was an inch or two away from where April wished most to touch, but the opportunity to do so was gone, the home phone was ringing so Mikaela quickly chucked on a pair of black bond underwear, some shorts and a baggy top and went to answer, April just sat on the bed, her heart pounding, trying to remember the aroma in which was given, trying to repress the undeniable urge she had to lick.

Meanwhile, Chloe was walking up and down the main road, trying to decide which one of the clothing store should she enter and use as a distraction from what she had seen last night at Brad’s. She had this weird feeling that with every shop she past the same person watch watching her, she thought that from the corner of her eye she could  she could see this decayed rotten face staring at her, but whenever she’d turn her head to look no one was there. She finally picked the store Jay Jays, and immediately walked up to the clothes rack they had their singlets hung on, only one singlet caught her eye, a black singlet with Leopards running printed across the front, she decided to take it into the changing room to try it on. First she examined how she looked in her current shirt, a baggy basketball shirt, and then she turned around facing the singlet that hung on the hook provided and started to remove her shirt. It was about half-way off, her head was still inside the shirt and she couldn’t see a thing. At first she thought she was just cold but when she felt a sharp shooting point splitting the skin on her back did she realise that what she thought was just a cold breeze was really a cold decaying hand slowing digging in their nails to her back. The pain rushed through her body making her fall to the ground, the hang was now near her lower back a few centimetres away from the start of her pants, Chloe manages to get out a quiet “Help” and out of pure luck the lady in the next changing room heard her, she quickly rushed out and what to the employee beyond the counter and said in a rushed panicking tone “the girl in the cubicle next to room just said help”, the employee just off her seat and ran to the changing room door knocking a few times before ducking her head onto to see if everything was alright, a high pitched scream filled the store.

Chloe opened her eyes to find herself in a hospital, she turned to the nurse and said in a weak near to quiet voice “what happened?” at first the nurse didn’t respond as she was finishing off writing out a report for the doctor, but then she spoke softly “You tried to kill yourself inside Jay Jays dear, it odd you don’t remember, now no more talking, you need your rest”, Chloe just laid there looking shocked, her thoughts running wild. “What did she mean I tried to kill myself? Why would she say that?” she attempted to sit up and that same sharp shooting pain rushed through her back as she almost tore the stitches closing the wounds on her back, her memory return the instant the pain calmed down. She remember that cold cruel feeling as the hand ripped her flesh in two, “I wasn’t suicidal, I was attacked”, she knew no one would believe her so she’d have to think of a way to make them all believe, but first she really needed to urinate. She pressed the button calling the nurse and the moment she saw her entering the room Chloe said “Sorry to be a pain miss but can you help me sit up, I have to pee” the nurse nodded and smiled and walked over helping Chloe sit up, then she grabbed out the bed pan and walked out of the room without saying a word. Chloe stared into where she had to pee, feeling disgusting and then she saw it, that same face she remember seeing as she walked past all those clothe stores, she blinked her eyes multiple time trying to make her face go away but it wouldn’t it just stayed. Chloe started to get scared because with every blink the girl in the bed pans smile got wider and wider until it could no longer expand. The recovery room Chloe was in door suddenly shut with a loud bang and locked, Chloe started to scream as she watched the bed pan fly across the room as the lady in the image left the reflection in which she resided in. The fear had taken over Chloe body and she could barely even find the nerve to scream or plea to live, she just closed her eyes and wished for things to go back to normal. Bloody Mary just stood there for a moment watching her, then she rose her hand inspecting her nails, after a good 5 minutes of this, she clenched on fingers but her index and middle finger, she separated her fingers about 5 centimetres and jabbed her nails into Chloe’s eye sockets and using her large nails she slowly popped each eye out one by one, Chloe’s screams started up but ended quickly as she started to choke on her own eyeballs. Bloody Mary led Chloe the bathroom connected to the recovery room and using the shower/bathtub she started to slice Chloe in random places to spill her blood. Chloe hung from the shower head with her blood dropping out slowly into the tub in which Bloody Mary was bathing in, Chloe tied a slow and painful death, but Bloody Mary had the time of her life, when she got sick of the blood bath she slowly drank what she could them jumped into the mirror the was placed on the wall opposite the shower.

Brian, Heath, Travis and Leon spent the day playing 2 on 2 basketball having 5 minutes breaks here and there just to drink some water. At 7:00 o’clock when they finally stopped playing for the day Travis finally checked his phone and was surprised to see he had 12 missed calls from a number saved as Chloe’s mum, after Travis tried Chloe’s phone 3 times with no answer, he called her mum, “Hey, um, sorry I didn’t answer your calls I was playing a game with the boys, is Chloe alright?” there was a long pause before she responded “Travis dear, I think it’ll be best if you came to the hospital right away, I’ve got to go, goodbye” and that was that. Travis ran as fast as his legs would carry him, he arrived at the hospital at 7:30, as the front door slid open all he could see was a bunch of police and Chloe’s mum and dad in the middle with tears running down both their faces. Travis walked up to them, he was out of breath but he spoke nonetheless “Where… is… Chloe…” he finally managed to get out, a police officer put him arm around him and lead him away from the sound of sobs “listen son, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but um, Chloe was admitted here earlier day due to a suicide attempt she made in a clothing store cubical, and we believe that once she became conscious she sat herself up and locked her room door, and a loud amount of screams, we believe this is where she re-attempted this time succeeding” Travis stands there speechless, unable to digest what he just heard, tears building up in his eyes, slowly starting to run down his run, he slowly walked back into the reception area and Chloe’s mum ran up and wrapped her hands around him, the two of them sobbing into the others shoulder.

Taylor was seated at her favourite spot in the food court earlier Monday morning right as the main stores opened, she had a bottle of water on the table and she just sat there listening to music. A boy who worked for the fish and chip shop spent every Monday morning doing the exact same thing; he stood behind the counter trying to build up the courage to go and talk to Taylor but always chickened out. Jimmy (fish and ship boy) wasn’t generally a shy boy, he usually spoke his mind and told the truth to anyone (he was a tannedish boy with dreadlocks, he loved heavy metal and bands like Five Finger Death Punch, his ears were stretched, his eyebrow pierced as well as his tongue and septum, and he had these chocolate brown eyes that caught people’s attention),  today he decided would be different, today he would talk to her, the nerves rushed through his body, his palms sweaty, his hands shaking. She turned her head seeing Jimmy walking towards her direction and took one of her headphones out, curious about what was happening. As Jimmy got closer he started to think of what he could say to her, as he reached right up to where she was seated he stopped thinking and just spoke “I don’t really talk to people nor ever like them, but for the last few weeks, I’ve tried to build up the nerve to come and speak to you because out of every girl I have ever seen you are by far the most gorgeous and from seeing kids who are constantly picked on talking to you with smile on their faces made me believe you’re a nice person, and I’m rambling on, I just wanted to talk to you, and instead I’m standing here looking like an idiot so I’m just going to go” he went to turn around and walk away but Taylor intervened grabbing his arm saying “Please don’t go, you didn’t look like an idiot, I thought you looked really sweet, would you um like to sit time and chat?” She smiled at him, hoping he’d sit down, because just as he’d been watching her wanting to talk to her she’d been watching him hoping he’d walk over, he sat down and they started chatting, talking about hobbies, and favourite bands and songs, it was going really well until she got a text from Julie, the text read “I have no calling credit and this doesn’t feel right doing it over text, but it’s all over the news, Chloe committed suicide, call me when you get this”, Tears came bursting out of Taylor’s face, Jimmy walked around and sat next to her putting his arm around her shoulder and resting her head on his, he asked her “What’s wrong?” she didn’t say a word, she just passed him the phone and he read the text. The two of them just sat there for a few minutes not saying a word, he just stroked her head whilst it rested on her shoulder, then without even asking her he picked up Taylor’s phone and dialled Julie’s number, she answered loudly with a “Taylor oh my, thank god you called” there was a pause and then Jimmy said “this isn’t Taylor, my name is Jimmy, I work up the fish and chip shop in the food court, I was talking to Taylor when you sent the text, I think she’s in shock ‘cause she isn’t talking,” Taylor looked up into his eyes and kissed him on the cheek, she then rested her head back on his shoulder, “Thank you for calling me Jimmy, tell Taylor her mum is on her way to pick her up, bye” Jimmy told Taylor and she finally spoke, softly and quietly she said “Would you please come, I don’t know why but I feel safe with you near” He nodded his head and they just sat there quietly hugging waiting for Taylor’s mum to show up.

Mikaela and April’s phone vibrated simultaneously but neither heard. The two decided to start their day off by playing a game of monopoly, Mikaela had stop teasing April about the incident yesterday but they both hoped something similar would happen again. After Mikaela kicked April ass in monopoly (they only played once because it was too long) April decided to have a shower and freshen up. She closed the bathroom door but didn’t lock it and slowly started to take off her white nighty that had a picture of a bear smiling on the front, she then removed the pink and black bra she was wearing as well as her black lacy underwear. She stared into the mirror inspecting her body, looking at everything single curve. Mikaela assumed April hadn’t yet gone into the bathroom seeing as she didn’t hear the shower running and it had been 8 minutes since April left to go have one, she decided to go quickly and grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste so she could brush her teeth downstairs while April showered. She slowly turned the doorhandle to the bathroom door and open realising it wasn’t locked she just flung the door open (making the assumption that April must still be dressed if the door is unlocked), April turned and screamed but didn’t cover up and Mikaela said “sorry” multiple times, but neither moved, they both stood there, April laughed and said “It’s only fair considering I got to see you yesterday” they both smiled and Mikaela took a step forward saying “you also got the chance to touch me yesterday” slowly moving her hand towards April’s thigh. Her body convulsed with nerves the closer Mikaela’s hand got. Mikaela could feel the moist texture running down April’s thigh and hitting against her hand, Mikaela took this as a sign that April was enjoying herself. Her hand was there, almost touching, when April feel into the temptation and grabbed Mikaela’s hair pulling her up and kissing her as passionately as she could. Mikaela grabbed hold of April body while April removed the clothing Mikaela wore, each filled with so much ecstasy that they didn’t hear a knock at the front door, what they did hear though was the sound of sirens going of 2 times, this quietened them down, then they heard the knock, they both heard and quickly through on the clothes on the floor, Mikaela accidentally grabbed April’s undies and put them on, April only managed to get her nighty on, Mikaela got her shorts on and a tight singlet which when she looked into the mirror quickly before running down stairs she could see her erect nipples sticking out, she got so caught up in staring at them she almost didn’t see the face staring back at her, she blinked and rubbed her eyes thinking it was her imagination and when the face disappeared she was sure of it, she ran down to answer the door.

“Hello miss, I’m walking around door to door selling Bibles and taking about God, could you spare a moment of your time?” April laughed at the mere fact that the ran down thinking it was a police officer at the door to find out that it was just a Bible salesmen, Mikaela simply said “No, thanks” and shut the door without a second word. “I can’t believe we ran down for that, I mean we were having so much fun” Mikaela said adjusting her shorts, it was at that moment she was wearing the wrong underwear so she continued “Um, April I think I chucked your Underwear on” April laughed until she was out of breath and managed to get out a “At least you go some underwear on” Pulling up her nighty revealing her shaven glory, Mikaela smiled, gave April a kiss on the lips and spoke softly in her ear “As much as I would love to….. You know, I’m feeling a bit hungry” She moved her head away from her ear smiling and said “wanna help me cook some party pies and sausage rolls?” April answered with a simple nod and off they went.

Shaun couldn’t get the image of Brad’s body out of his mind, the name Bloody Mary just kept on replaying in his mind, he couldn’t help but think that Chloe didn’t kill herself, that maybe it was the same thing that attacked Brad, his mum and dad were worried that Shaun was spiralling down into depression they planned to have him see a psychologist and to make him more comfortable with it he would have the sessions in his home,  every Monday, today was supposed to be his first session, but instead he decided to jump out his bedroom window and do something a bit more fun, he’d stole a bottle of whiskey from his parents alcohol cabinet and went to his mates hang out in the forest where the tried smoking, drinking, and just went to hang out, he sat there drinking and thinking, wondering what would happen when the psychologist showed up and he wasn’t there. First he imagined his mum turning into some super-beast using your mum powers to locate him within a heartbeat, then he imagined her crying nonstop that he was gone, finally he imagined what he believe would the most likely outcome, he closed his eyes and watched it play it. “I’m sorry sir but it seems my son has ran off” “Oh that’s okay ma’am, it’s not unusual for most first timers to really look forward to seeing it, you just go find your son and I’ll come back next Monday hopefully he’s more comfortable with the idea by then”. “Yeah” Shaun thought to himself that’s exactly how it’s going to play out. He checked his phone and found 20 missed calls and 24 texts all from his mum or dad trying to convince him to come home, he checked the time, seeing as it was 5:30 he really doubted that the psychologist would be there and decided to make his way home, when he arrived at his front door at 5:45, he had barely had the chance to knock when his mum swung the door open, she had been doing that every 15 minutes since they discovered he was gone. She blinked 6 times before she realised he was really there and pulled him into a bear like hug squishing out all the air from his lungs. Still having her arms wrapped around him, she dragged him into the lounge room, he saw his dad sipping a bear watching some sport show (as usual) then he saw a women he’d never seen before, she had this long chocolate brown hair with blond highlights, she was wearing a tight black skirt that went to her knees, with a pair of black stocking, she also had on a white button up top, with a black coat resting on the lounge beside her, he saw a briefcase and a book reading Child Psychology workbook, and the thought that ran through his mind was “FUCK” as he realised the psychologist hadn’t left but instead waited for him to return home. His father shut off the TV, got up and grabbed his coat, his mother realised him and grabbed hers, and without a word they walked out the front door hopped in the car and drive away, leaving him there, alone with a psychologist to help with his issues. “Why don’t you sit down Shaun?” she spoke with a soft sweet voice that made Shaun think perverted thoughts, as much as he didn’t want to obey, he felt compelled to so sat down without a second thought. She took out a book titled “So you feel like shit” Shaun thought the name was stupid and imagined himself pissing on it then setting it on fire and watching it turn to ash, she handed him this book and spoke softly “I know the title may seem stupid, but believe me this is a really good book and describes depression in one of the most down to earth understanding ways that teenagers get”, Shaun hesitated to grab the book as she extended her arm so he could reach it, but a reassuring smile and Shaun obliged like a he was a sheep being barked at. Shaun read the book, he realised after that the terrible name fit the book perfectly because he thought it was fucking ridiculous, and his facial expression showed that, “you didn’t like it did you Shaun?”, Shaun just shook his head side to side, feeling that if he spoke he might be forced to justify he reason and he didn’t think saying a large amount of profanity in a row to emphasize how shit it was would be fitting for the situation, she smiled and wrote a note, taking a sip of the glass of water that was on the little table in the centre of the living room. “I shall excuse myself for a short moment as I need a toilet break”, Shaun just nodded as he watched her walk out of the room, when she came back he realised that there was a small voice in his brain screaming you know her dickhead, so he asked “Excuse me miss, I have this strange feeling I’ve seen you before” She laughed and looked him dead in the eye, paused for a bit realising he was serious and said “Well, I expected you to recognise me from the second you walked in, I mean you were at Taylor’s party just a few months ago, I’m her older sister, Laura, the one who just came back from Uni”, Shaun lowered his head feeling like a complete idiot, now that he thought about it she did resemble Taylor her eyes and the fact that they had the same skin colour and body shape, how could he have not picked it. Shaun then noticed a few of the button on Laura shirt were undone revealing her cleavage; he shook his head trying to stop thinking about her breast. The session ended pretty well, he told her about everything he saw at the party (stuff she already knew because of Taylor) he told her how he thought that maybe Chloe didn’t kill herself, maybe the same person who murdered Brad went for her, maybe Bloody Mary was going to come for them all. Laura took all this in, being sweet and reassuring him that feeling all this was normal, after seeing what he’d seen.  His parents arrived home at 7:00, signalling the end of their session, before they came in she gave him a big hug, Shaun couldn’t help but to look down her chest, he found it even hard not to love when he was her wearing a rainbow coloured bra, the front door open, she shook his parents hand and told them it went better than expected and went on her way.

Brian arrived home from spending time with Travis at 7:30pm, he felt awful about what happened but he wanted to be strong, he wanted to help Travis, after all Chloe was Travis’s girlfriend, Brian couldn’t help but think that maybe Travis shouldn’t be left alone, but his parents were home, so surely if Travis tried suicide they’d be able to stop him. Travis decided to have a bath, not because he wanted one, but because it would give him some time without his mind being near him, he just wanted some alone time. As the bathroom fogged up from the steam coming from the hot water, Travis just laid back looking at the roof, trying his hardest to keep his eyes opened. Out of the corner of his eye Travis saw a blue formal dress and a face that resemble a corpse with flesh ripping off in some places, he quickly jolted his head to the right and thought he must be seeing things as no one was there, he decided to get out of the bath and dry himself off, but he couldn’t be bothered emptying the water. When he finished drying his body he wrapped the towel around his waist and rubbed a spot in the mirror with his palm so he could see his face, but what he saw was that same rotten decaying face from before, he stepped back screaming but slipped on the water that his body dripped onto the floor banging his head on the doorhandle knocking him out, Bloody Mary took this chance to have an easy victim and an easy dinner, she slowly stepped out of the mirror and piece by piece started to eat Travis, starting with the meat at his calf’s then his biceps, then the flesh on his throat and stomach, she then ripped off a large sum of flesh and stuck it to the mirror using his nipples to dot the I’s, and unlocked and opened the door and quickly jumping back into the mirror. Travis’s mum discovered the scene, she walked in and screamed until her lungs could scream no more, his father ran in and dragged her up, dialling the police while he did so, the officer who arrived first on scene was the one to read the message “I killed Chloe, Me, the Unholy  Bloody Mary.

When Laura got home from the session she had with Shaun she felt awkward as she saw Jimmy sitting in the lounge room all by himself, he said to her “Taylor wanted me to come over so she wouldn’t be alone, whilst her mum was at work, she’s upstairs in the shower, I um, assume you’re her older sister” Laura smiled feeling safer knowing that it was just some freak sitting in her lounge room but of friend of her sisters, “Yeah, I’m Laura, what’s your name?” “I’m Jimmy, I work in the fish and chip shop in the food court near where Taylor takes her morning runs and has her water break” When Jimmy spoke, he could feel the confidence flowing through his body, his had exhausted his nerves early when going to talk to Taylor, “My sister has never mentioned knowing a Jimmy” her tone filled with curiosity. “Well that’s because I only managed to build up the courage to speak with her today”, Before the conversation could progress, Taylor had walked out into the lounge room with a towel covering body and another towel wrapped around her head, she was startled to see Laura conversing with Jimmy, but decided not to question it, she just smiled and said “Hey sis” and made for her room so she could get dressed. When she came out Laura was on the phone ordering pizza, she quickly removed it from her ear and asked “Taylor, what pizza do you wanna get?” Without much thought at all Taylor just blurt out “Get me a Meatlovers pizza” Laura started giggling insanely and finally said “Aww you do are getting the same pizza, youse are made for each other” Jimmy laughed a little bit at this remark, but Taylor just got angry “Just shut up and order the pizza Laura”. Jimmy stood up and followed Taylor to the kitchen asking her if there was anything to drink, she opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of coke and then went to the cupboard and grabbed 3 glasses (for her, Laura and Jimmy) but before she got the chance to pour them Jimmy had his palm on her chick and her hair tangled in his fingers kissing her on the lips, at first she was surprised but never resisted, she liked the surprise kiss and pulled him closer, Laura walked into the room having finished ordering the pizza for delivery and said “Oh get a room you two”, Taylor and Jimmy pulled away, Jimmy look awkward about being seen kissing Taylor in front of her sister and used needing to go to the toilet as an excuse to leave the room, but Taylor just giggled and slapped her sisters arm saying “you just ruined an amazing kiss you… Whore”  Laura just laughed at her sister whilst she started to pour the drinks “Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, there will be plenty of chances to kiss Jimmy after dinner” Taylor just slapped her arm again grabbing her glass of coke as well as Jimmy’s and went and sat in the lounge-room waiting for him.



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