The Dangerous Days Part 1: The Legend of Dr Death and Bloody Angel

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The story is set in 3020 in a world tore apart by nuclear war, the story follows a family of three, Dr Death (Gerard), Bloody Angel(Frankie) and their younger sister Kaitlyn. In a distant future the world has been destroyed by war and only one safe haven remains "Paradise" however Paradise is only home to those who can afford it. Ran by a sinister company called the "Saitian Union" or as it is dubbed by the bandits "Satan's Union". Forced to live in the desert, Dr Death made his own safe haven in the desert where all were welcome. Dr Death created the Bandits a group of people who fought against Saitain's Union. In order to provide for the people forced to live in the horrors of the desert. The story follows the bandits as they try to keep the population alive, however Saitian is closing in on them and Dr Death knows it's inevitable that eventually they will be found. How Long Can the Bandits survive? Will Saitain hunt them down?

"A War is inevitable the question isn't who will win... It's who deserves to?"

"What your doing's suicide! You want me to tell you how that story ends!? The Good guys die and the bad guys win!"

"If You do that your never coming home!" "She'gone... It makes no difference, your always in my heart" "I want you to remember this... We're family, no one is left behind, no one is ever forgotten and no one is truly gone"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Dangerous Days Part 1: The Legend of Dr Death and Bloody Angel

Submitted: June 06, 2012

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Submitted: June 06, 2012




"We stand here today in memorial to two brothers who got us to where we are today. They were called Gerard and Frankie or as we knew them Dr Death and Bloody Angel. They were two heroes, the founders and leaders of The Bandits. In the late 2800s the world entered the fourth world war, it was hell and I'm glad I wasn't alive at the time. It started with biological warfare soon those people had zombies running around and mutated freaks killing anything that moved, this happened across the world. People couldn't fight their enemies because they fought amongst each other but eventually the war ended when one country fired the nuke. It all went to hell, when one country fired so did another and another and another. Soon the world became nothing but a barren wasteland as people tried desperately to survive. The year 3000 it all changed when a man known as Mr Albert Saitian led an expedition to find one safe haven. He did, I don't know what country it was on, and all I know is that he did it. He named it Paradise and Paradise welcomed everyone, there was no monarch but a president. Saitian became the president and there was never an election as his company Saitian Union was the company in charge of everything. Soon Paradise began to fail, there were too many residents and supplies were dropping. Saitians Union made a choice to increase taxes so high that half the population wouldn't be able to afford it and would fall into recession. Soon residents who couldn't pay were forced into slavery in order to maintain citizenship however you couldn't leave Paradise, Saitian wouldn't allow it, once you entered you never left. In the year 3013 the two brothers Gerard (Dr Death) and Frankie (Bloody Angel) began a revolution with their father and in the year 3015. They succeed creating their own clan in the desert called the Bandits which the two brothers glad fully lead. Their father died in the final battle when he decided to go for Saitian when the two brothers went to save the slaves. Their father never returned and was rumoured to have been brutally attacked by Saitian and executed the next day publically. The brothers took their people to the desert to live away from Saitian. They were always hunted by him, always clinging to survive against the world's many challenges. Dr Death swore that he would avenge his father's death and those slaves whose Saitian's men killed and the Bandits who fell to Saitian's army. Dr D dubbed them as Satan's Union and he swore to his people that one day he would over throw them, destroy them and take Paradise for his people. Little did Dr D know that the story he was always most famous for... was how he kept his people alive, how he cared for each and every one of them and how he would be the one who saved them from Paradise and Satan's army. The Legend of Dr Death and Bloody Angel began in 3020 when the two men were 19 years of age

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