The Fates of The N7 Special Opertives

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Following the story of Mass Effect 3
The Story follows the N7 Special Opertives who are a team of soldiers and other army opertives of all species who are brought together to do different missions to stop the Reaper Invasion, The team is split into four teams of four, who are put into four suicide missions that could help change the fate of the Galaxy..... They not expected to survive, but they won't go down without a fight....
"Sythesis is the future!"
"I watched as we were slowly surrounded, could this truely be the end?"
"Put the gun down!"
"I charged forward, when Harbinger arrived"
"Could this be the end?"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Team

Submitted: April 29, 2012

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Submitted: April 29, 2012



Chapter 1 - The Team

I sat there in a chair, the room was plain, but the people in it weren't. My name was Aidan Parker, I was Twenty Six years old, The year is 2186. Two weeks ago, the Reapers attacked Earth, I was there. I watched people die, civilians, women and children. The Reapers shown no mercy. They were gigantic massive space ships with minds of their own. I didn't know what they wanted or why they were attacking. I had heard rumours. Supposidly, they were some form of artificial life who followed a cycle. That every 50,000 years they would return to destroy all organic life, in order to stop chaos. I didn't understand it, they brought the chaos. I saw a Reaper once, it attacked the Citadel, The Citadel was a massive space station that all species conducted business on, it was also the home of the Council. A Spectre by the name of Shepard, saved it. The Council denied all reports of them. Now they couldn't the Reapers had attacked Earth, and we were getting slaughtered. I had served on the front lines, I had battled against them for days until I was called here. I was an N7 Soldier, I was called here to become a part of a team, that would be a major defence against the Reapers. It was then several military men walked in, you knew the soldiers who were in the audience, they were quick to get up and salute. The others, sat there and watched.

Each military man at the front was of a different species, there were five of them, you knew they didn't all get on. I looked around the audience who were watching them, there were fifteen others including myself. I saw one other human, she looked fairly young, I would be suprised if she was over twenty two. There were four turians, The Turians were very into their military and justice, they were great soldiers and they were extremely brave. They weren't afriad to look death in the eye. They always wore some sort of armour or suit, to be honest, I had no idea what they looked like underneath it. I was actually scared to see it. They were well over six foot tall and had a set of mandibles on both sides of their mouths, they had two thick fingers and a thumb. They kind of look like, evolved birds or dinosaurs but more human like. They wear different types of face paint to show their colony of origin. Their lifespan is similar to that of a human. There voices are very strange also, they are deep and husky with a strange effect, it is quite hard to describe. There were four in the audience and one of the military leaders was a Turian also.

The next race I noticed were the Krogans, these guys don't fuck around, if you thought turians were big, these guys were about seven foot tall but often slouched, sure it took away from their height but their width. The amount of muscle on the Krogan put other races to shame. They weren't afraid of a fight. Krogans used to reproduce faster than any species but that changed when the salarians made the Genophage, its like a disease that affects all Krogans meaning, hardly any Krogan children make it through birth. Krogans reminded me of toads mixed with dinosaurs but only a lot bigger. These guys seriously need anger management. The good thing was they were on our side. There were three in the audience and one of the military men was also a Krogan

Next were the Salarians, the universal smart ass. Sure they didn't live as long as Humans or Krogans but they sure as hell were smarter than us. They could have a conversation by the time I'd blinked they spoke that quick. They were frogs, I seen them that way, evolved humanoid frogs. They didn't eat flies or anything but they reminded me of frogs. So they were basically frog or amphibean evolved creatures. They were smart, that's all you can really say about them, they supposidly have this photographic memory that means they remember everything in their lifetime. Trust me that is something I wouldn't want. There were three in the audience all chatting away and one on the stage as another military person.

I then noticed two asari, I can't say much about Asari, they were more similar to humans than the other species but they had this weird "scalp crests" on their heads instead of hair, I always wondered if they flopped about but I wasn't sure and I wasn't going to ask. They lived longer than any other species, some live more than 1000 years. Think they ever get bored. Anyway their skin is a shade of blue and there all women, don't ask me how reproduction works. I never wanted to know. There were two in the audience, they were sharing idle chit chat, one was on the stage as a military commander.

I then noticed a quarian, I noticed him on the stage as a military commander first, so I decided to look around, to see if there were any in the audience. I didn't think there were and then I spotted her. The Quarians are slightly smaller than humans, they have three fingers and a thumb. I can't talk about their appearance because, no one has ever really seen one, I doubt they even know what they look like. They always wear a enviro-suit, they have a weak immune system and they can never leave it as it risks infection. Infection to an quarian means death. They created the robot species known as the geth, however the geth turned on them and drove them from their home planet and they live in these enviro-suits ever since. Sad really.

I looked around, I knew I had counted fifteen others but I couldn't find anyone, there were no other species that I hadn't seen on the stage, had I miscounted? I spotted him then standing at the back. He was a Drell. The Drell were rare, to be honest this was the first time, I'd ever seen one, they look a bit like reptiles. He is incredibly skinny, and his eyes are practically pure black. I heard they were strong, but this one, he was so skinny so slim. He didn't look like what I heard. His arms were crossed and he stared down towards the ground, paying no attension around him. He was dressed in this weird fashion, it was almost like tight clothing. He had an undershirt that was pure black and then this trench coat that was dark blood red, it was made of a strange fabric, it reminded me of leather. His trousers were quite tight, if what I heard of Drell were correct, this would be because he would want maximum mobility. He wore as style of fingerless gloves, it stopped around his knuckles and the bottom of his thumb. It was strange, like nothing I'd ever seen before, it was also connected to his undershirt, as the bottom of it lead under his coat. He continued staring blankly at the ground, I assumed he wasn't concentrating until I head a "Ahem" at the microphone stand, his head then looked up instantly.

"You have been called here to become a team, some of you have undergone N7 training, some of you don't need too. The Galaxy is in danger and you have been called forward as the best of the best. You shall become an interspecies team, an alliance. I understand not all of you will agree with each other but for the sake of the galaxy, we must. Each of you brings a different skill to the table, for your missions.... you'll need them" The Asari General said, "Your name will now be read, when it is stand up, as your commanding officer speaks about you and your skills." She finished

"Are you serious? This rag tag of misfits won't accomplish shit" One of the Krogans said

"Blod! You will sit down and shut up!" The Krogan General said

"Moving on... Shaleena rise" The Asari General said, when she finished an Asari, stood up she had dark blue skin and her armour was black and red and made of a type of leather. "Shaleena is a biotic specialist, she has served the military for seven hundred years and she has never let us down, you may be seated Shaleena, Shiara ... rise" As the other Asari sat, the other one stood up. "This is Shiara, another Asari biotic, however, Shiara focuses on assault rifles and is an amazing tactician she will be useful to any team, serving the military for three hundred and fifty years she has rose above the ranks quicker than any other." Shiara sat, The Krogan then pushed his way to the microphone, I was excited to hear this. "Blod, get up! Blod served the Krogan well, he shed a lot of blood and even headbutted and punched his way through an entire army unarmed, Blod sit! The next is Duvek, Duvek shoots a shotgun like a Salarian talks about facts, fast and accurate. Tuvank get up! Tuvank once shot a Varren through the mouth at such a close range, that the bullet came out its ass! Good one Tuvank!" The Krogan took a step back and the Salarian General came forward.

"Jaeto rise, Jaeto finished school at the age of seven and was working as a top class infiltrator by the age of thirteen. Vedran is a medical expert and has saved many men from the brink of death, he is useful for all teams and missions and finally is Danaris. Danaris has commanded many army in his time and he is sixteen years old. Danaris is smart and one of the greatest battle tacticians the Salarians have ever had." The Turian then stepped forward "Odanis, Octavi, Sylas and Vahan, I don't need to introduce you all sepearatly, you are strong, powerful and reliable, you fight for what's right and you fight well, you are an asset to any team." The turian stepped back

My Commanding Officer walked forward, "Aidan, rise" I stood up and saluted, "You did well, in all your battles and what we seen of you on Earth against the Reapers only shown us how ready for this mission you are." I was shocked by his words, I seen his nod and I sat down again. "Abbie, because of your infiltrational skills, you have helped Alliance military constantly, you are always professional and you are always ready, you deserve this and I wish you luck." Abbie sat down at his nod, her blonde hair was tied back but as she sat a bit had came out and dropped across her left eye. I saw her smile at his words. The Quarian commander took the microphone, "Cali Vas Dagon, you proved yourself to the Migrant fleet, you are ready for this, I believe in you, as a spy and infiltrator, you are the best of the Quarian fleet and your hacking abilities unmatched. I wish you luck in your future." I watched her sit down again, I couldn't tell her reaction from her mask, I saw one of the Salarians sneer when the Quarian commander mentioned her hacking abilities, I thought that Salarian was wrong to do that, this was the last time she might talk to the commander and his words would make a difference.

The Asari stepped up to the microphone, I looked at the Drell, no one had talked about him... The Asari Commander began speaking "Finally I want to talk about Slane" Slane! I knew that name, a lot of people knew that name!

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