The Vampire Trilogy - Bring me to Life

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"This is my story, my life"
"I killed and slaughtered a bloody path through history"
"You can read me like an open book"

The story follows that of Logan Norwood a young man who is nineteen years old who joins the army to fight in World War 1. After Specific circumstances Logan becomes a vampire. The story follows Logan in 2012 writing the important moments of his life as we visit timelines such as 1914 - 1942 - 1958 etc We meet characters such as Bethany and Louis. Two women that ultimately affect his life. We see the Ups and Downs of immortality and we see Logan face a difficult decision

"You bring me to Life"
"You saved me from myself"
"I'm coming. I'm going to where you are"

The Story I'm writing is a Fan story based on several books mainly vampire books. I wanted not to focus on the impossible vampire-human love but on immortality all together. I'm also going to be rushing this one out this weekend then expanding on it when its released so if you become a fan I'll keep you posted please please give me your opinions.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue and Awakening

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Bring me to Life


Its the 25th of June, 2012 but the story didn't start here.This my story, my life. I have messy long black hair, my eyes were a strong blue that could be seen from across a street. I had what some people considered a mysterious look, suppose it fitted with my lifestyle. The year was 1914, I was 19 years old and had left to join the British Military in a The Great War against Germany. My name was Logan Norwood, I had been raised in a poor area of London, it wasn't perfect, but it was home. I had 3 brothers and 1 sister, when the war came my brothers and I decided to enlist, unfortunatly this was against the wishes of my mother as she believed soldiers were just murderers who society deemed useful. When we decided to go it caused a massive arguement with my mother which ended when my brothers and I walked away. We were all accepted into the army and proved to be loyal and reliable soldiers. The months went by and we sent constant letters of love to our mother and sister but our only replies consisted of worry from our sister and hatred from our mother, she called us murderers, told us we would go to hell and rot like the sinners we were. Sometimes I would pretend not to get the letters, all it did was demoralize my brothers and make us feel even worse. We were at war we couldnt afford to feel like that.

One dark night our squad was being used in a flanked suprise attack, however we were spotted and this lead to all out gunfire. People say that before you die your life flashes before your eyes. I remember holding the line, I remember watching Germans fall to my bullets, I remember watching my youngest brother Sean take two bullets to the heart, my other younger brother Kieth getting obliterated in a grenade and my eldest brother Gerard shot in the head while trying to drag wounded of the battlefield, but I kept on fighting. I felt no fear, adrenaline made me feel alive and fearless. We began to retreat but I took a bullet to the leg and three bullets to the chest on the retreat. I lay in the dirt unaware of what was going on, my commanding officer came back for me and dragged me with him, his name was Sgt O'Connell, the Sargent was the weirdest man I had ever knew he was legendary but you never saw him around, the only fights he would show up in were operations at night, he was supposedly a stealth genius and he never feared death, he said quietly to me "You will Survive"

"You Will Survive"

Chapter 1 - The Awakening

I woke up and looked at my surroundings in confusion I wasn't in a medic tent, I was in an abandoned trench and there was no one around, I made my way out of the tent and looked around, I found the exit quickly and had a look around, as I was about to walk around a corner I heard footsteps and held myself back and hid waiting for them to get closer. I was scared I didn't know where I was or what was going on judging on the moon in the sky it had to be around seven or eight at night, I was confused, had I been out cold for almost 24 hours, what had happened and why was I here. The steps got closer to him, I was getting nervous, I thought my lungs were going to break through my rib cage, the steps were close enough now for me to jump around and grab whoever it was, I leaped around and grabbed the man. It was Sgt O'Connell. He grabbed my arms and pulled them so that my grasp slipped from his collar.

"What the hell happened? Where am I!?" I shouted at him,

"You died" he replied coldly.

"What!? Don't be ridiculous?"

"Look at your chest" he said matter of factly, I looked down and saw that my clothes had three gun hole piercings but the flesh had healed.

"But my wounds"

"Healed" he interrupted

"This makes no sense"

"I have given you a gift"

"A gift... Like a box of chocolates or something" he stared at me with a stone cold expression "what!? I'm hungry" I joked

"I have given you immortality" his voice was monotone and matter of fact he had little to no emotion in his voice.

"Really now, and why would you do that?"

"You had a short life which you gave to defending others, the world will never recognise your sacrifice, I'm here to give you another life, a life of pleasure to live as you wish"

"Must admit Sarg it sounds pretty good"

"There is one quite small problem" he looked even more serious which took me back afterall I didn't think it was possible, "ok what's that?"

"Your a vampire, you will have an incredible bloodlust and will be unallowed to live in the sunlight"

"There's always a catch, eh Sarg"

"I'm giving you immortality what did you expect?"

"True, sir"

"The military believes your dead so get out of here move to a new country and leave this life behind"

"What about my family sir, my sister and mother need me"

"Logan I can't choose what you'll decide to do but trust me, life will be easier without them"

"So I just desert?"

"Yes you get to the docks and compel them to take you back"


"Vampire powers, trust me you'll love it"

I made it to the boat and got to a guard I didn't know what I was going to do, it was great knowing I could do something but I didn't know how to. What even was compel? Maybe it was some sort of transformation spell. That would be pretty brilliant but how does it work? The guard came up to me "oy mate where you going!?" I sat in shock I didn't know what to do! "Um well I've got to get this boat and it would be great if you'd let me on!" I replied nervously

"Ok sir go ahead" the guard answered


"You can go on the boat"

"Thank you?" I said confused what just happened

"I have given you a gift"

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