The Vampire Trilogy - Eternal Sunrise

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"This is the way your world ends"
"We Fight for Equality!"
"They think they can take over our world! We'll send them back to the hell they belong!"
"Humans will never acccept us, we must retaliate!"
"Your Blood is the key"

The Finale of The Vampire Trilogy, The first two have shown us the characters and the world. The Final Will deal with the war. In 2007 Vampires and other supernatural beings have been revealed to the world. A war has begun.... Three sides, Anti-Vampire, Anti-Human and Blood Peace. The Story circles five characters, including characters from previous Stories and new ones. Eternal Sunrise takes us to new heights, in a new world, with consequences that will shape the future. There can be only one victor....
"There is a war going on for your mind!"
"I have to save her!"
"We Call upon the men, We Call upon the women, We Call upon the children, We Call upon the handicapped, the unheard and the weak of heart!"
"The Time is here, I guess it was always going to end like this"

Previously on the vampire trilogy (always wanted to say that)
Damon (Protagonist of Forsaken Soul) - A vampire born in the 1330s who forced his way to power through brutality and murder, he was betrayed from the inside and lost it all, in his weakness a man who stored the evidence instead of destroying it "Chief Gallagher" exposed the vampires, The vampires have been on the run ever since...

Logan (Protagonist of Bring me to Life) - Bring me to Life doesn't completely link with the story as its more about showing the read what its like to be a vampire and live forever, Logan was a soldier in the first world war who was turned by David O'Connell. He didn't feed on blood and fell in love with his wife Louise who he never turned in order to save her soul. His fate is explained in bring me to life

O'Connell - Turned by Damon, his family was butchered by him also, O'Connell set out on his life to be the best he could be, turning those who deserved it.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Fallen

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Author note, check under summary for an explaination of what has happened in previous books if you haven't read them

Chapter 1 - The Fallen [2007]

[[Gabriel]] Location Unknown, 21st October 2007

On the 21st July 1330, a man was born; In March 1348 this man was granted Immortality. Immortality is not something that should be given to mere mortals and this man is a perfect example. He is a killer, a liar and a cheat. A man with nothing but a lust for blood and power. He was feared and respected among those who knew him. Respected by his foul kind and feared by the people. The "Bloodbags" as he once called them. This man deserved nothing he had. He killed and killed and stood among the bodies and called himself a King and a Lord but he was neither....he was a tyrant. In 2007 the entire world knows his name. In 2007 this man is hated, loathed and feared among the world. His name is screamed. His name is Damon.

My name is Gabriel, I was what the people called a Fallen Angel. Humanity didn't know what they truly were. They believed we were monsters, angels who had been turned or possessed by demons and because of that we were forced out of Heaven. This isn't true. We were forced out for disobeying one of the rules. Demon conversing is one of them but it wasn't why I was forced out. My story is different.

I had been an angel since the beginning that’s what a true angel is. Someone who has lived in Heaven for eternity, there are half angels but they are the dead who have proven themselves in life and in the afterlife. One of the rules to being an angel is to never involve yourself in a mortal’s life. To never intervene. I broke this rule. As Angels we can watch life on Earth, I don't exactly describe it to you but we can, It's like an ability all dead gain. Heaven isn't all puffy clouds either, it’s more of a clean white fortress or Castle that never ends. We can watch Earth using our eyes, we don't look directly at it, and we just concentrate on a person, thing or place. We can also walk among you but were what you call invisible, we are unseen by your mortal eyes. I was just looking through different people's lives as an Angel, I know everyone's names and everyone's secrets. I was following this young mother called Isabelle, she was dating a man called Keith but that wasn't good enough for him so he preferred "Mad Dog" to make him sound threatening but secretly it was because he hated his name. They had a young child together by the name of Andrew but his mother was abused by "Mad Dog". One Night she tried to leave him and he pulled a knife and threatened her and her son, I knew he would do it. I knew he would kill them. I've been around for all eternity, I've watched murders and rapes but held it against myself to resist to not intervene but this time. I couldn't.

I teleported myself down there and revealed myself, they looked at me in shock, unaware of how to react. Angels don't wear clothing, all we have is our wings. Andrew soon covered his eyes but Keith and Isabelle just looked, I could have just made the gun disappear when I got there or teleported Andrew and Isabelle away but when I was in the situation. I knew I could never go back to Heaven no matter what happened. I suppose I took my anger out on someone and it happened to be Keith, with the click of my fingers his heart stopped. I don't know why I did it. To me, law breakers and killers are no different. I suppose all my anger and hatred towards them was used on Keith. Just like that, I felt disappointment, it wasn't my own, it was his. Instantly, I felt a burning sensation and a pain cover my body, I dropped to my hands and knees and screamed as my wings slowly disintegrated. The pain was excruciating and unbearable but it didn't last long, it was the shame and hopelessness that I felt after that never went away.

I soon explained the situation to Isabella, she struggled to believe it but she didn't question me because she didn't care I'd saved her and her son's life. Now that I sit and think about it, should I have? Was it really worth it? They gave me clothes and I went to leave and set about my way, I soon remembered that a Fallen Angel's powers are limited and teleportation wasn't one of them. I had speed, strength and foresight, an ability to see things exactly 2.78999 seconds before they happened. This was vital in a fight. I soon left and got a cab, I needed to talk to Agent Gallagher, it was important.

[[Damon]] London, East End, 2nd December 2007

I lurked through the streets crouched and silent, it was around 2 am and at this time the Blood searchers were out. Blood Searchers were a new invention by Mr "Agent" Gallagher. I wish I'd killed him when I could have. Saved myself from this bother. I went into the Labyrinth, it was a nightclub owned by one of the local vampires Kris, he was ok, I had talked to him once or twice but we didn't really spend a lot of time talking. Our lives were upside down now with the Blood Searchers, Kris was decent closed his nightclub at one and let vampires in at two. He had this cellar underneath, it was well hidden. If any Blood Searchers arrived we could easily hide in there. It was strange the amount of vampires in here gets less and less as the weeks goes by. Kris was a silent sort, reminded me a bit of the Doctori. He had long red hair that was extremely bright but I suppose it went with his nightclub scene. He was dressed in a way people call fashionable, I didn't really know, you live as long as I have, you learn not to follow fashion.

We sat in this nightclub drinking like we did every night and talking of memories, you live as long as I have you learn you have too many of them. The conversation soon changed however to talks of the current political situation. "Look face it, we'll be dead before the end of the century" One man said

"I heard their making a weapon to kill us all" A woman said

"I hope David O'Connell, pulls off Blood Peace, I don't care about the harsh rules, and to kill us all is just wrong!" A woman said

"How is it? Were Murderers your all Murderers!" A man shouted before being chucked out, I looked at these people, lost and afraid. I read a paper sitting on the bar in front of me. I couldn't stand it anymore. O'Connell could sit with them every night talking politics but he couldn't save us and with men like Gallagher about we didn't have long left. Our world was coming to an end, we had to stand up and fight for it. I got up on my chair and all the talking stopped, they turned and they looked at me and the room went silent. "Listen to me everyone, I have to tell you something. You sit there and you talk of others, other people who you want to make your decisions, who you want to save or condemn your souls. I tell you tonight, that unless you do something, we could all be dead by the end of the millennium. Humans will never accept us! We Must Retaliate! These people who act as politicians they know nothing of the real world. I have known the world, I have seen its true face. Behind all the lies and cover ups it’s a murderer just like us. There is a war going on for your mind! Two sides constantly trying to win, but I say we make a first side and we fight for our freedom! They have no right to condemn us! I have lived on this Hell for six hundred and seventy seven years and I tell you now, politics solves nothing. The fates of the future and the fates of men are decided on our actions! On our decisions! On our lives! We will retaliate, we will rise!"

"There is a war going on for your mind"

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