The Vampire Trilogy - Forsaken Soul

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"If I'm going down, I'm doing it my way"
"I'm sorry it had to be this way, maybe if you weren't such a power hungry bitch"
"This is where it ends"
Damon Smith was a young man born on the 21st of July 1330, but he would live for centuries. Damon became a vampire at the age of seventeen and became one of the most ruthless leaders this world has ever known. The heart of a killer, The will of a hero. A tale of murder and woe, of heartache and happiness.
"I see the world for what it truely is"
"I lay there at the mercy of the world"
"It's Impossible to love without a heart"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forsaken Soul

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Submitted: April 22, 2012




My name is Damon Smith; I was born on the 21st July 1330. My family were very middle class, I had two sisters and one brother, Lara, Lucy and Eamon. We had done alright in life, we were poor, when I was born but my father died at war. I don't know what exactly happened to him but I know he died a hero. His family were treated well for his death. I had been born in Ireland but moved to London it was a lovely place and we were the leaders of the British Empire. We were a strong force not to be messed with, I knew we would be feared and worshipped for an eternity, no country would rebel against us. We were good leaders and the strongest country out there, it would be foolish. My brother Eamon and I both want to be like our father, my brother is one year older than me and since he's just turned 18 he wants to join the frontlines of the war. My brother and I were unusual cases we had joined the army at the age of thirteen and did menial tasks for the soldiers. When he became 18 he was granted knight status and he was so proud of himself, however it soon put a rain on his parade when I was also granted Knight Status at the age of seventeen. I was granted the status in memory of my father and because my brother and I had always been together and they didn't see the point in separating us. It only saved me a couple of months of jobs anyway I don’t know why Eamon made such a big deal out of it but it seems he did. There was a war going on in France and England had been sent in to support the French, it was going to be Eamon and I's first battle and I couldn’t wait, it was going to be great!

We were shipped out in November 1347 and arrived in early December, I hated the fact I wouldn't be spending Christmas at home but I suppose that it was for the best. Eamon and I battled there until March 1348, that’s when the French came up with this master plan to end the war. I was still not allowed to enter the war room but the plan soon got around the soldiers. The idea was to have some of the soldiers on the front line but not too many in order to lure the enemy to attack when this happened the front line would then set off a fire as a signal, the smoke would signal the rest of the army to surround the enemy and kill them all. It sounded risky but it was all we had. I was placed in the Second squad that was being used to back up. Eamon was on the front line, he was so happy about being on the suicide team, I wanted to be on the frontline, it felt ... required of me, I wanted to make my dad proud and it seemed like the best way to do it. Even against my arguments I never got onto the front lines and I was forced to stay at the back. We were all told to get suited and ready for the battle that would happen that night

Chapter 1 - The Signal

We stood there waiting, my heart pounding we had waited to night for the attack, due to the fact we wanted the enemy to believe they were taking us by a surprise, I heard the enemy attack and the front lines fight back but still no signal. We sat there waiting listening to the battle continue and still no signal. I didn’t know what to do, do we go down and help without waiting for the signal. Could they not light the fire? Was it too late? Did command have this all planned. So many thoughts ran through my head as I stood there waiting for the signal. We waited that long it go to the point where I was timing how long we had been standing there. Minutes passed and still no signal. It was obvious among the men that they were getting restless. I was getting sickened we should just run down there and help, we should run down and do something! Standing here is useless! I stood watching for the smoke. Waiting. Hoping my brother would be ok.

The smoke started. The signal was there. I felt a sense of happiness and dread at the same time. I was ready to help. I was ready to change the tide and save my brother. My heart pounded. I was ready. Our commanding officer turned to us, "Sound the retreat" he yelled. My heart stopped. Retreat. Retreat! We couldn't retreat people needed us down there. We couldn't flee. I wouldn't. I walked over to him, as all the men turned and walked back to base. "Retreat!? Are you shitting me?" I yelled at him

"Be careful what you say"

"Who do you think you are!?"

"You’re Commanding Officer and you will stand down"

"Our men are out there dying!"

"It’s too late, the signal is too late"

"You don't know that!"

"I do"

"My brother is down there!"

"All our friends are down there! It doesn't make a difference!"

"Maybe to you it doesn't! Your a Coward!" he backhanded me across the face, I fell to my knees and noticed some other men were watching, one or two helped me up.

"Don't dare call me a coward!" He yelled at me

"I'm not listening to you, I'm going down there, who's with me" A few men came over to me, there were five of us but I didn't care I was going to fight for my father's memory, We put our helmets on and turned and ran towards the signal. I ran constantly until I got there it was a blood bath and not many allies remained standing. I ran in with my sword and chopped as many enemies down as possible, I blocked, dodged and sliced my way through the enemy. I saw Eamon lying dead with a wound through his heart, this caused me to weep and my anger to take over I sliced through the enemy, I slit throats, decapitated and stabbed my way through a Godless enemy. I remember feeling truly alive as I saw the numbers of my men drop until I was the last one left. I was knocked to the floor by a blow to the head, I kept fighting on the floor and I held off as many of the soulless fiends as possible until eventually I was stabbed in the gut and left for dead. I lay there slowly bleeding to death, and as I lay dying alone, I lay at the mercy of the world, I felt something ... a presence

"I wanted to make my Dad proud"

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