The Locket: A Skulduggery Pleasant Short Story

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

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Part III:

China was well aware that Tanith Low would be looking for her. Or, more importantly, The Locket. The Remnant inside her worshiped Darquesse and her reign of horror, so Tanith would want to destroy a trinket as powerful as this. So she had carefully instructed Saracen to tell Tanith she would be tracking Eliza - in order to get the English-nut off her tail. What China was really doing was visiting someone who seemed to eavesdrop during the cover of the night. 
China stood outside of Vaurien Scapegrace's bar in Dublin. She was well aware of his prancing through the night with his handsome friend, Thrasher. Fooling themselves into thinking they were fighting for justice. China almost laughed. Scapegrace had gone from being a villain who couldn't kill, to a zombie who soon lost his body, and now has ended up in the body of a woman. She couldn't imagine where he would end up next. 
A cold wind whistled through the street, causing China to shudder ever so slightly. Usually, China Sorrows would be wearing a luxurious tight dress which hugged her figure. But she was planning to get her hands dirty, and this caused for a change in style. China had decided to wear a pair of dirty black jeans, personally tailored so they wrapped tightly around her legs. These were accompanied by a pair of black leather boots that stopped just under her knees. Her torso was covered by a smooth cotton top that was cut quite low at the neck. She covered this with a dark brown leather jacket that was left undone. She'd pulled her long silky black hair into a tight ponytail and refrained from wearing any make-up. Only a light touch of lipgloss to give her some glow. Even in this state, men still fell head over heels in love with her. 
China stepped into the bar which was nearly always deserted. She saw Vaurien sweeping the gathering dust from the wooden floorboards, and China cleared her throat lightly. Vaurien looked up and his female face creased into a smile. 
"China, well it's nice to see you." He said, and bowed his head - causing his red hair to fall over his eyes. 
"Hello, Vaurien. You're looking well." 
"Very funny. I'm trapped in a woman's body, get over it." He rolled his eyes at China and she smiled. 
"Fine, let's cut straight to business. I'm aware that you and your little friend over there like to frolic in the night and play dress-up." China paused in order to watch the look on Vaurien's face. She suppressed the smile when she saw all of Vaurien's female features slump. "Now, I need a location of The Locket." 
"The Locket? Ah, you're looking for it."
"No, I just want to know for fun." China said sarcastically. But in the manner she spoke it was almost like she was talking normally. 
"No need to get touchy, China. From what I've heard The Locket isn't here..."
China narrowed her eyes at the man/woman. 
"What do you mean?" China tried to remain calm, but aggression was burning inside her. 
"It's in another dimension. I heard someone talking about it."
"I don't know if I should might put me in danger. I just recently got the pub back." 
"Master, don't you mean we?" Thrasher chimed.
"Be quiet! I am the owner, not you." 
"Vaurien, who did you hear?" China asked, cutting off the two from falling into a petty argument.
That was all China needed to hear. She turned her back to the two and walked straight back out into the street. Time for China to visit a certain Crenga.

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