Chapter 4: The Call

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter Three
I sit in the park the next day for a few hours after school. Everything on my mind, yet nothing holds my attention for more than a couple of seconds. Staring out at the pond, I watch a frog happily jump into the water as a turtles flees from the safety of the log into the depths. They must sense something I don’t. Then, I see it. A sly fox lurking closely to the shore. For now, his attempts are fruitless.
Happily, the turtle swims off quickly, but I only see it for a few seconds before it disappears beneath the hairline waves that appear during the small trickles of wind. I pull out my guitar and begin to strum a few bars of a cheery tune before I put it away.
School today wasn’t cheery, and unlike most days, I can’t banish the thoughts with just a brush of the fingers. Derek blew up in home room when Mrs. Junkson humiliated him in front of the class. I ended up running out of the class after him and trying to calm him down. The temper on that boy scares me sometimes.
Cammie complained about everything that could’ve gone wrong. Everything and anything from boys to other girls and their slutty attitudes. I tried to put my head in my hands, but at some point her voice just breaks through.
Trevor asked me out, but I told him about Mike. Now, Trevor’s glaring at Mike any chance he can get, and in return, Mike stink eyed him back. It took a good hour to convince Mike that I hadn’t done anything to lead Trevor on. Nothing is ever simple when it comes to boys. They get mad, and then they pout, and then they just sit their with a solemn look on their faces.
But worse of all, I failed a spanish quiz that my parents will pound me for later.
Like I said, everything and anything that could go wrong, did.
Cammie found out about me going to the football bonfire, now she’s jealous. Mike, of course, was there. He sat right on my hip and put his arm around my waist, even offered to grab me a beer, but I don’t drink.
My phone begins to ring, it’s Derek. Probably calling to thank me for intervening today and calming him down. I ignore the call. I don’t want to talk to anyone anyways. He should know, by now, that when I’m at the pond, I don’t talk to anyone.
I don’t allow anyone here with me either, it’s my place. It’s where I come to study, sing, do homework, think, and sink my toes into the murky water that contains an array of leaches and snails.
My phone rings a half an hour later, and I’m forced to pick it up when I see it’s my home phone.
“Hello?” I ask as I begin to back up my guitar and notebooks. I look up at the water, the branch that had been at one side of the pond when I had sat down is now at the other.
“Come home soon, dinner will be ready in a half an hour,” Gemma blurts out before ending the call.
Again, something must be up at the house.
Though it takes me a good ten minutes to get home, I pack up my things and sling them onto my back. If I leave now, I can take a more beautiful way home than just the biking up and down streets.
The flowers are beautiful in one of the old lady’s gardens. Sometimes I see her out cleaning up the weeds, other times her husband is out mowing the grass. Either way, there’s always someone to smile at as I go by.
As I arrive home, it’s silent. Gemma is probably up in her room, not studying, and Mom and Dad are outside. Mom’s gardening, but she looks distraught. And Dad’s mowing, but he has a tough look on his face that says something isn’t right.
I lean my head out the window.
“What’s up, Chase?”
“Can I go out tonight?”
“With?” Mom inquires as Dad stops the motor.
“Connor and Derek and Cammie.”
Dad nods to Mom who then says, “sure thing, sweetie, just text us where you are!”
“Will do!”
Derek picks me up at seven. He doesn’t say much except for a thank you and a glad you’re coming with me. Gemma scans the driveway from her bedroom as we leave. She pulls her lips back into a painful smirk. Somethings up, she’s gonna do something, and I’m scared to death.
As we pull away, an old crappy car pulls up.
Oh great. It’s her friend with benefits, but she’s telling Mom and Dad that they’re dating, Justin Hingo. The asshole how can’t keep his dick in his pants for more than ten seconds. He winks at me through the mirrors, but Derek is already snarling at him.
“Just ignore him,” I whisper to Derek like Justin can actually hear us.
“After what he did to you last year,” Derek states, “no fucking way am I just leaving him alone!”
I give him a cold stare, “I told you, Derek, nothing happened!”
“But he wanted it to!”
I roll my eyes, “so do you!”
“That’s a different story,” Derek grins deviously before continuing on.
I slip out of my sweats and throw them into the back seat, revealing very small bootie shorts that go along perfectly with my loose tang top.
“Oh thanks goodness,” Derek smirks, “I was beginning to think you didn’t even care enough to dress up.” He moves closer so his mouth is right by my cheek. Thankfully, we’re at a red light. “Though I would’ve loved to see some guy strip you out of those sweats. I can only imagine what naughty undies you’ve got under there,”
I shove his face away as heat rises to my cheeks. “You’re so horny!”
“So?” he raises an eyebrow.
We get to the party a few minutes, and already the bass is bumping so hard that all the houses are bouncing. I slid out of the car and catch the keys as Derek throws them towards me.
“Good boy,” I tell him as he slings his arm over my shoulder and drags me into the mansion. Connor might be parentless, but his grandparents are beyond loaded after his grandpa started some business that completely exploded into a billion dollar corporation.
His three story, ten bedroom house was amazing, and a place I wouldn’t mind living in.
I find Mike in the kitchen, like we planned. He’s gipping at a beer, probably not his first, and looking out for me.
“Hey baby,” he smiles when he sees me.
“Hey, yourself,” I return the grin. Yep, I can smell the beer on his breath, but I don’t mention it. He knows I don’t drink or do drugs, but I’m able to put it out of mind as long as I’m not around it too much. It’s not like Gemma doesn’t drink or have her run in with drugs.
“How are you?” he moves closer till he’s in front of me, his hands on either side of the counter. Before I can reply, he brushes his lips against mine. I smile into the kiss as he sets his beer down and wraps his arm around my waist.
His lips ravage mine as his tongue prods into my mouth. Then, his mouth slowly moves over my jaw line and down my neck. Teasingly, he bites down. I whimper under his touch, practically begging for more. His hands pushes up my shirt and begins to rub circles across my skin.
I’m practically melting into him as he sets my skin alive with his touch. His lips move back up my neck. He sucks and bites back down on the already abused skin. Again, a moan escapes my lips as I whisper his name.
He puts his hands under my butt and pushes me up onto the counter as he presses himself farther up against him.
“Mike,” I manage to get out before his lips are back on mine.
“Yeah boy!” a voice calls. We both turn to cook at Derek and Connor laughing. I flip them off as Mike, in his drunken state, tries not to laugh along with them. “Boy’s getting some action!”
Mike’s grip on my tighten.
I push off the counter and out of his death grip to jump to the floor. Quickly, his arm recaptures my waist.
“Ah,” Connor pouts, “you ruined the show!”
I grow a stubborn look and cross my arms over my chest.
“Come on, baby,” Mike puts his hand in mine and pulls me towards the living room, which has been made into a dance floor. His hands grabs my hips and pulls them into his. He grinds his hips against my butt as he moves back and forth, but my attention is far from Mike. It’s been hooked on Derek who’s watching me. He lifts a beer to his lips before holding it out to me, like he’s daring me to take a sip.
“Chase!” a voice squeals, breaking my eye contact from Derek. He’s lost interest in me anyways. He’d rather go stare at some girl’s butt anyways. I turn to Cammie.
Mike grunts, realizing he’s no longer holding my attention like he had been in the kitchen, “I’m going to go get another beer.”
“I didn’t know you were coming!”
“Derek practically dragged me along,” I shrug.
“Come on, I want you to meet someone!” she grabs my hand and yanks me along with her as we run to the TV room. There’s a smash in the screen already. Oh shucks. Two boys sit spaced apart on the couch. Instantly, Cammie runs to the bigger one of the two and slides onto his lap so she’s straddling his hips.
“Hey baby,” he grins and puts his hands on her thighs.
“Jeremy, this is my best friend, Chase!”
He waves, “howdy!”
Then, another boy walks in the room. He tosses a bad of white powder to Jeremy. “There ya go!” the boys says with a smile and leans against the couch armrest. With a smile, he flashes his attention to me. “Hey Cutie.”
Bashfully, I move a strand of hair out of my face and reply, “hey.”
“Cody, that’s my best friend, Chase!” She giggles as Jeremy kisses her collarbone. Cammie lets out a sigh as he bits down.
He offers me his hand, “Cody.”
“Nice to meet you,” I gently shake his hand.
“Do you want to dance?” he winks and pulls me a little closer.
I nod, “Cammie,” I turn towards the girl who now looks incredibly awkward next to the bag of drugs and the boy who’s obviously a pretty heavy user, “want to come with us?”
She presses a kiss to the boy’s lips, shocking him for a moment, before flying ahead of us. Cammie turns just in time to say, “I’ll text you later, Jeremy,” before disappearing out of the room.
“Tell her to text me,” Jeremy says to me as Cody interlocks his fingers with mine and begins to pull me away.
“Sure thing,” I say and turn to walk next to Cody. He pulls me closer and whispers, “you look pretty tonight.”
“Thanks,” I look down at my clothing and still feel over dressed compared to some of the girls. It doesn’t matter though, Cody still can’t keep his eyes off of me.
When we get to the living room, he pulls me right up against him and starts rocking back and forth. His hands find my hips, but they don’t stay long, Cammie shows up a few seconds later, her smile devious as he yanks a guy along with her. I don’t recognize him so he’s either a senior or someone from another school. It doesn’t really matter, anyone has got to be better than Jeremy.
Cody’s hands find their way up my shirt a bit, though they stop on my waist, just resting there.
I dance and hang out with Cody for the rest of the night, he’s actually a really cool guy. And he doesn’t do drugs, he only gave them to Jeremy because his best friend got grounded and couldn’t deliver them. At the end of the night, I get his number and he gets mine. Cammie stayed away from Jeremy, telling me that she didn’t think it’d ever work out between them. I want to agree, but something tells me she’d change her mind if the thought of being with Jeremy was even a little rebellious.
At the end of the night, a sober Jackson, the boy who Derek promised a ride home to, and I wrestled with Derek to get him into the back seat of the car. When we found him, he was grinding with some girl who looked fifteen. His hands were all over the drunken slut, and she couldn’t have cared less. Her attitude was smug, like she was the luckiest girl on earth.
It took Jackson threatening to call his parents before Derek walks away from the girl, but not before giving her butt a small smack.
Jackson’s another one of Derek’s best fiends, and probably the one who knows the most about him, well besides me. But I suppose Derek has to share some of his feelings with some guys, too.
We haul him up to the car, which of course is parked down the block.
In his drunken state, Derek wraps me up in a hug.
“I’m sorry,” he mutters into my hair, “I never should’ve tried to drug you at the last party.”
My breathing stop. Oh shit, did he really just say that? Drug me? ME? I’m his best friend and he’s trying to drug me? Was he going to rape me? Or did he just know that I wouldn’t have sex with him unless I was drugged and completely out of it.
I can’t respond to him until he lets me go and sprawls himself out in the back seat. Before I even have time to close the door, he’s asleep.
Then, I turn my wrath to Jackson who’s standing nervously with his hands in his pockets.
“In the car,” I order him before climbing into the driver’s seat. I don’t feel like driving, but Jackson has had at least one beer, I can smell it on his breath, and there’s no way he’s driving. We don’t talk on the way to Derek’s house. It’s not like I’d be able to fathom the words anyways.
It’s a ten minute drive to Derek’s house, and we throw him down on his couch before stalking out of the house and locking it behind me.
Jackson finally speaks on the ride to his house.
“I don’t think he was thinking straight.”
“Doesn’t matter.”
“He didn’t drug you though, at least.”
“I don’t care, he still tried.” My temper finally popped, “why would he do something like that? He supposed to be my best friend! He’s supposed to watch out for me! Not be the one that I should be watching out for! How could he do this to me? What if I would’ve taken the drink?”
Jackson doesn’t reply.
“Well?” I scream at him and slam on  the breaks as a deer flies across the road. Lucky for me, there’s no one else around. Both the deer and the car get off without a scratch.
Jackson looks at his lap as he replies, “I think so.”
Tears swell up in my eyes. “Why?”
“Because you wouldn’t do anything with him. He says it’s hard being around you all the time knowing that you’ll never give him any ass. He loves you like a little sister, Chase, but you gotta understand that he’s a guy, and all guys have urges. I don’t think he was thinking clearly that night. It was his impulse.”
“Nice excuses, but he’s going to have to own up on this mistake himself,” I grumble and pull up to Jackson’s house.
“You okay enough to drive home?” he asks.
I nod and receive a one armed hug from him.
“I’ll see you Monday,” he calls and jumps out of the car. The drive home is cold and silent, much like how I feel.
Derek, my own best friend. He’s like a brother to me! And yet he has the nerve to do something like that to me. Doesn’t he remember the video in health we had to watch about date rape, how the girl never fully recovers? And I know for a fact that he would regret it for the rest of his life.
As I sink into bed, I’m crying again.

“Chase! Come on, please open the door! I’m not going to hurt you or anything, I just want to talk,” Derek calls through my bedroom doorway. Of course I hadn’t told my parents about what he had said, so they had let him in without thinking of it. I hear a click, my back is to the door, and it swings open. “I can pick a lock,” I can hear the smile in his voice.
“Go away,” I tell him softly.
“You’re going to have to be more forceful than that if you want me out of your room so badly,” he smirks.
I shake my head, “you’re always one for jokes, aren’t you?”
“Can we just talk about it? I didn’t mean to tell you that last night, hell I don’t even remember telling you about the party! I don’t even remember half of last night. I have the biggest fucking headache on the planet.” I feel the bed move next to me as he plunks down on the edge. His arm wraps around my shoulders. “Please just talk to me.”
“There’s nothing to talk about,” I say quickly and brush his arm away.
“Then why are you mad?”
“Because my best friend, the guy I thought was always going to look out for me, goes and tries to drug me just so he can get some action!” There’s a clear frustrated tone in my voice, because he doesn’t even seem to care. “Can you just leave?”
“No! You didn’t answer any of my calls, you didn’t text me last night, you haven’t even returned my car,” he snaps quickly.
“Well, it’s in the driveway,” I tell him, “go get it and get out!”
His hand touches my shoulder, but I quickly shove it away. He tries again, I move away from him and get to my feet.
“What can I do to get you to trust me? You seem scared.”
I turn to him, tears flying down my cheeks. “My best friend tried to drug and rape me! How am I supposed to react? What did you expect me to do when I found out?”
His eyes widen, “I didn’t expect you to find out, honestly.”
My tears begin to fly down my cheeks, but something is up against my face. It isn’t for a few moments that I realize it’s Derek’s chest. His arms are tightly around me as he rocks back and forth softly.
I shove him backwards, but he holds onto me tight.
“Derek!” I scream into his shirt.
“Come on,” he whispers, “just hear me out. I wasn’t thinking straight, I know it’s my fault. I never should’ve done that to you, and I never will try anything like that again! I promise.”
“Derek, go away!” I snap back.
“No! Chase you have to hear me out.”
“Please Derek, just let me go! Get out! I don’t want to talk to you!” I scream into his chest, just hoping my parents will come downstairs and bust me out of here before his temper flares. His arms strengthen their hold on me until I sink into his chest and let him take the weight of my body from me.
He sits back on the bed and pulls me sideways into his lap as I continue to cry into his chest. Gently, he strokes my hair.
“Oh come on, baby, you’re going to ruin my shirt, and you know I have a date tonight.”
I giggle, though I try not to.
“See, there’s the Chasen I know. And usually love.”
“Get out,” I tell him as loudly as my voice will allow, which isn’t much. “I’m serious, Derek, please just leave.”
He lifts me up and moves me to sit on the bed before leaning over me. “I am sorry, Chase,” he whispers and kisses my forehead. “I really am.”
Then, he’s gone.
Thank goodness. I breath out to myself as I curl up in a ball and tuck the covers in around me. I continue to curl up in my bed until three o’clock.
My job with Beth is the only thing that pulls me out of my room, but I’m dreading having to go to the varsity football practice and be around Derek. His words from the party still linger in my mind. I just can’t get them out. They’re running marathons in there, round and round and round for hours on end.
As I pull up, the team is already out on the field. I yank a baseball cap over my hair and head out into the sun. The guys all watch me walk up, maybe I shouldn’t have worn bootie shorts and a tang top. I can see Derek standing off to the side in jean shorts and a grey t-shirt. He looks pissed.
I walk up to Beth’s golf cart and sit down on the driver’s side while she’s helping a boy stretch out his leg. Shortly after, she walks over to the cart and leans against the front.
“Glad you could make it!”
“Thanks,” I mutter and take out my phone. There’s a text from Derek.

I’m still sawry.

Saying sawry doesn’t make it any better, I text back quickly.

I never said it would. I silence my phone and shove it into my pocket after that, breathing in the fresh cut grass. It’s a beautiful day, working at least gives me an excuse to get outdoors. At least my parents were accusing me of meeting boys in the park anymore.
I sigh as Beth sends me off to the trainer’s room to get a few ice packs for some of the whimpering boys. I do so on a brisk walk, pushing through the cross country boys that are lining the hallways of the school as they wait to run.
Knowing half of them, I don’t get bye without answering, twenty times, why I’m at school on a Saturday. Many of them look at me with wide eyes as I push through them. Now I’m really beginning to question my choice of clothing for the day. A few of them wave and smile, others just ignore me.
There’s a few boys from the soccer team getting ice packs for their legs. I push past them and start making my own ice packs as they congregate by the door. It isn’t till I turn around that I notice Trevor leaning against the door with his smile to me.
“Hey Trevor,” I smile and hustle back outside before he can catch up with me. I hear him call hey after me, but other than that he continues on his own way. Back outside, I hand one ice pack to Derek and another to a line back named Jared.
The practice goes by quickly, so quickly that I’m surprised that it’s over as soon as it is. Nothing too exciting for the day. I drive back to an empty house and ignore Derek and Cammie calling my phone. It’s ten o’clock when I get a call that scares me.

One that makes me get off the couch and run.

ahhh sorry for such a long wait!!!!!!!!!!!! i promise the next chapter will be up within a few days :)

write me a comment if you want me to keep you updated :)))))))))))))))))

Submitted: May 13, 2012

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Charli Elyse

.....cammie complaining about everything....*awkwardly clears throat* apologies....

Sun, May 13th, 2012 10:39pm


well it's not like you're the only one that does it... *cough cough* -ginger-

Sun, May 13th, 2012 3:40pm

Charli Elyse

I complain cause ur my only friend at school and I'm single. Plus I don't cry every Day...but also in my defense I have unmedicated depression....slash I'm always pmsing and that's mother natures fault...still. My apologies...

Sun, May 13th, 2012 10:46pm


your apologies are accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's understandable and you have more than me as a friend!! HEY BEING SINGLE CAN BE FUN!!!!! :)

Sun, May 13th, 2012 4:31pm


Still cant believe that Derek did that to her. Anyways, KMU ? Good story!

Mon, May 14th, 2012 2:11am


ik, he's such a dick. sure thing!

Sun, May 13th, 2012 7:29pm


AMAZING!!! kmu!

Tue, May 15th, 2012 10:00am



Tue, May 15th, 2012 4:25am

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