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“Hey Conaway,” a voice says from behind me. I’m leaning against the pool house talking to Sophia. I cringe at the voice.
“Hey Damien,” I reply softly.
“So, I wonder how Jace will react when he learns that you do have a boyfriend. Or better yet, he smirks, I wonder how Beck will react when he finds out about Jace.” He grins to my embarrassment.
“You wouldn’t!” I snarl.
“Oh trust me, I would be more than happy to ruin the whole little perfect relationship you two have going. Now why don’t you tell your little friend to leave so we can talk.”
“She knows, she can stay!” I snap back. Suddenly, he’s gripping my arm.
“I said,” he growls, “tell her to leave.”
Hesitantly, I turn to Sophia. “It’s fine,” I tell her. She nods and briskly walks off, I know she’s going to find Beck. He grips my arm tighter and yanks me back into the pool house. “Stop!” I yell at him. “Damien! Let go!”
“I just want to talk,” he replies simply and holds his hands up.
“I was fine talking outside!” I shove him back as he walks towards me. “Damien, stay away from me.”
He suddenly latches onto my hips and grinds his hard into my waist. As hard as I fight, I can’t fight him off. “Damien!” I shriek as his lips come down on mine. “Stop it!” His hand reaches up to my bikini and quickly undoes the bow. My arm instantly goes over my chest to cover myself. He rips my hand away and captures both of them over my head. “Damien! Stop!” I scream as loud as I can.
Pure fear runs through me, I can’t think straight or breath. I’m going to pass out, which will only please him more because I won’t be able to fight him back.
“Oh come on, slut! You made out with Jace, went back to his room, I’m sure you’ve done stuff with him! There’s no doubt about it. You’re a slut and you think that I don’t want a piece of that?” Damien runs his mouth over my neck and bites down quickly. I let out a whimper as his hand travels south.
Then, he punches me across the face. Blood pops out of my split lip as I cringe away.
“Conaway!” There’s a bang on the door before it’s suddenly thrown open. Three shadows stand in the blinding light. One rushes forward and grabs Damien before throwing him into the wall. Beck pins him there with a growl on his face.
My savior, Sophia, sprints to me and wraps a towel around my body as I dip to the ground.
“Come on Beck, you don’t really like her! She doesn’t like you! She’s been cheating on you for the last week. She deserved it.” Damien tries to break away from Beck. “Just ask her about Jace!”
“Shut up,” Beck snaps.
Damien smirks, “you want to hear this, though. You know her friend, Tuck, right? And you really think he’s a good influence on her-”
“I said shut up! Chester,” Beck growls, “get him out of here! Get out of my house, Damien, and find a good lawyer.” Then I feel his arms around me, cradling me against his body, “Sophia, can you go get her clothing?”
She sprints out.
“It’s okay, Con, it’s okay. You’re going to be okay,” he whispers softly in my hair and gently rubs my arm comfortingly.  Sophia comes back a few moments later and hands Beck my tang top and shorts. “Just close the door,” he tells her as she leaves. I can’t stop the tears that are flying down my cheeks as I dig my forehead into his neck. Beck pulls me into his lap, tugging the towel farther around me.
“I’m sorry baby, I shouldn’t have left you alone,” he whispers and wipes my lip with the edge of the towel. It stings for a bit, but the bleeding at least stops. I don’t taste it in my mouth anymore. Thank goodness.
I shake my head, “it’s not your fault.”
He helps me retie my bikini before I pull on my shirt and shorts. Beck wraps me in his arms tightly, crushing my body against his. I feel like he’s going to say something sweet, maybe something to get my mind off of Damien, but he doesn’t. Instead, he turns back into Beck.
“I saw your car,” he changes the subject, “I can’t believe your dad actually agreed to buy that for you!”
I can’t help but laugh, “you’re just jealous.”
“That your dad bought you a Mercedes SLR McLaren? Hell yes I’m jealous. Let me drive you home.”
“You just want to drive my car,” I snap back.
He holds me even closer, “that and I want to make sure you get home okay. Isn’t Sophia staying at your house tonight?”  He doesn’t even give me a chance to reply, “so I’ll drive you home and Sophia can drive my car back to your house. Then I’ll drive back. Unless you want to stay any longer?”
“I have a feeling that some people know what just happen, and I don’t really want to stay,” I mutter into his chest. He slips his arm around my shoulders and then I hook my fingers in his. Beck leans his forehead against the side of my head as we walk past everyone. They all look up, but I smile and blush as Beck begins to whisper jokes into my ear. I see Britta, she’s hanging out in the pool with her friends. Each girl seems to glare at me.
We find Sophia and Chester in the kitchen, and they’re making out. I whack her arm. “Time to go, sweetie. Next time get a room.” Sophia looks at me with sad eyes, but she says goodbye to Chester and follows us out. Reluctantly, he hands her the keys to his Lamborghini and I had him my keys.
There’s a look of triumph as he opens my passenger door. I love my new car. The dark blue Mercedes is gorgeous and it goes faster than his car. Dad had promised me he’d buy me a car once I got an A on a spanish test. With Beck’s help and a little luck, I pulled it off.
He jumps into the driver’s seat and runs his hands over the steering wheel.
“Can we just go, or are you going to make love to my new car?” I demand with a laugh. Beck reaches over and puts his hand in mine.
“I’d rather break in the backseat with you.” I continue to wipe tears out of my eyes. I can’t stop myself from crying, it’s just overwhelming. I can still feel the punch landed on my cheek and the way his lips had moved against mine. It wasn’t like when Beck kisses me and I don’t respond, it was entirely different. I didn’t feel like I had any control. He didn’t give me any control, not any other my actions or over my body. I was his, if Beck hadn’t barged in.
Beck gives my hand a squeeze. I sigh and brush my hair out of my face.
“Hey,” Beck says and rubs my cheek, “you’re okay now. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” Then he starts the car and heads home twenty minutes above the speed limit. He gets me home in half the time it would usually take.
“You like my car more than you like me,” I tell him as he walks me to the door. He wraps his arm around me, yanking me up against his chest. Once again, I begin to cry. He whips the blood from my lip and the tears from my cheek. I cling to his waist like it’ll save my life, and he pushes my forehead against mine. Lightly, Beck rubs my cheek with his thumb.
“Of course not, actually, I’m growing more found of you everyday,” he chuckles and kisses my nose. “Have fun with Sophia, stay safe.” Beck kisses me and doesn’t pull away for a few moments. When he does, he smiles wide. “Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow and drop you off with my mom, or can you drive?”
“I think I can drive, but thanks anyways.”
He smirks, “remember, I like red.”
“I told you I’d keep that in mind.” A car horn honks.
“Get a room!” Sophia snaps as she jumps out of the car and slaps the keys into his hand. “Now leave! It’s girls’ night. And I think Con needs to relax for a little bit.” Beck kisses me again, and then he kisses my cheek. Finally, he jumps in his car and speeds back to his house.
“I need to go change,” I tell her as we bounce into the house.
She doesn’t say anything, just eagerly pushes me up to the house.
“What?” I demand.
“Just go!” Sophia smiles like she’s the happiest girl on earth.
I stop at my door and cross my arms over my chest. “You’re glowing! Please tell me that you and Chest didn’t-”
“Go!” she screams at me and shoves my door open. Instantly, a bag of confetti rains down on my head. Frantically, I wipe them away from my eyes. A smile spreads across my face as I push through the streamers and continuos fall of small paper items.
My room looks like a hot mess with paper everywhere and something written on the mirror. I go to that instantly.


You’ve got to be kidding me! I clasp my hands together in front of my mouth as my eyes light up. I didn’t think he was going to ask me, I thought we had just already decided on it. But he couldn’t have found a more annoying way to ask me. This whole thing could take me years to clean up!
There’s confetti everywhere, all over the carpet and covering the fan over my bed. There’s more on the floor of the closet, and from the way my dresser drawers are jostled, I know he placed a bunch of it in my clothing. I groan slightly, tomorrow I’m going to be picking it out of my bra constantly.
I run to my bed and jump on it, spraying more confetti all over the place. Sophia joins me shortly. We laugh as we jump, pretending like we’re back to being little girls again. Suddenly, the fan is on and once again, confetti is flying all over us. I giggle with all my might, enjoying the colorful wonderland. Green, blue, red, yellow, white, and orange pieces of soft paper fluff down onto my skin.
“Hey sweetie,” Sophia grins.
“What?” I can’t help my smiling.
She points to the door. With a smirk on his face, Beck is watching us like we’re crazy.
“I hate you!” I screech at him before launching myself into his arms. “You’re cleaning this up!”
“Is that a yes?” Beck asks and spins me around.
I nod, nervously.

Submitted: June 18, 2012

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