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“Damn you, suck in!” Sophia screams at her stomach constantly as I attempt to zip up her dress. Finally, it’s up and we step out of the dressing room. I want to hide my face from Mrs. Anton who flocks over every dress I try on. Her favorites so far include a baby blue ball gown with a million ruffles, a black mermaid dress with a beaded corset, and a white fuff dress that also looks adorable on Sophia.
Her favorites for herself are kind of all over the board, ranging from pink to black and slimming to five month pregnant. Mrs. Anton loves pink on Sophia. She, who knows Chester as well she knows Beck, loves the pink ball gown on her bigger hips and bust.
My phone begins to ring as I pull the curtain away.
Mrs. Anton looks ecstatic. I hold up my hand to her, “one moment!” When I pick up my phone, I see Beck’s picture. “Hey Beck.”
“Having fun?”
“You could call it that,” I answer.
“Yeah well, this is what you have to look forward to, so get used to it. I just wanted to make sure you were keeping in mind my little suggestion.”
“With your mom picking most of my dresses, I don’t have much of a voice here.”
“Call me when you get home, I’m done working and I thought we could hang out,” I can hear the smile in his voice. Part of me doesn’t want to believe he has something else planned, but then again, doing something with Beck after he practically saved my innocence won’t be the worse thing in the world.
“Yeah, that’d be great,” I mutter.
“Have fun, baby,” Beck hangs up. I push away the curtains and step out next to mirror. Mrs. Anton’s eyes light up once more.
“That’s the one,” she tells me as I twirl in the gown. It’s tight on my chest, a sash running from the base of my neck down across one breast. Over the other breast is a bejeweled dark blue. A lighter, softer blue that, that matches with the sash runs down the rest of my body. Other than the sparks at the top, the dress is plain, but it hugs a few of my curves and dangles a little at the back. I twirl around once, allowing the ends to fly out.
“Work it, girl!” Sophia laughs.
I look at myself for a moment before hiking up my skirt and walking out of the dressing rooms. “Excuse me,” I ask the lady who’s putting dresses away.
“Oh my, don’t you look gorgeous!”
“Thank you, I was just wondering if you have this in red. My boyfriend would love that.” I smile down at the dress.
She thinks about it for a moment, “actually yes, I know we do! I’ll bring that back to you as soon as I find it!”
“Thank you,” I giggle as I run back to the dressing room.
“Where did you go, dear?” Mrs. Anton asks as Sophia struggles into another dress. I try to hide my smile, but I can’t. The lady comes back a few moments later, in her hands a black bag. She sticks it in my dressing room before smiling and leaving.
“What’d you do?” Mrs. Anton demands.
“No!” Sophia complains, “that’s the dress! I want you to get that one!”
I slip back into the dressing room and shimmy into the dress with my bulky high heels catching on the fabric a bit. Sophia is already showing off her tenth pick to Beck’s mom when I come out. Mrs. Anton’s mouth drops, Sophia’s chin hits the floor.
“That’s it,” Sophia is first to speak. “That’s the one.”
“I love it, though I usually advice against giving Beckett everything he wants,” his mom winks. I spin around in the dress feeling absolutely stunning. There’s no feeling like it, except for probably when I pick out my wedding dress. Even though then I might not love a dress as much as I love this one, though. Because when I pick out my wedding dress, I’ll be constantly reminded of the pain I’ll go through of marrying a boy who I might never love.
Sometimes, I wish I was just in love with Beck. It’d make things so much easier. I wish he was in love with me. My life wouldn’t include so many ups and downs, I wouldn’t be as stressed all the time, he wouldn’t groan when he has to take me out. And if only, vice versa.
The lady comes into the dressing room. “So is this the one? Shall I get your measurements?”
I look at the mirror one more time and give my best grin. I’m beautiful. My butt looks tight, but not huge. For once, I feel more confident than I look, and damn do I look confident. The shoulders back, spine straight posture that’s been drilled into my head for years finally feels right. It seems natural to stand so straight and tall.
My curves are hugged in all the right places by the eye popping read and glittering jewels.
“Yes,” I say, “please.”
She gathers my measurements, which are smaller than I thought, and dismisses me to change out of the dress. I sit in my jean shorts and tight jacket as Sophia continues to search for the perfect dress. She squeezes her body into all sorts of dresses, lucky Mrs. Anton brought us to the biggest dress shop in the whole state, but can’t decide on one.
Two hours later, we narrow it down to a mermaid style that makes her body look amazing and a southern style baby pink dress that looks like it was taken straight out of a fairytale.
We stand there looking back and forth between the dresses.
“I need a guy’s opinion,” she sighs, “text Tuck and send him the pictures.”
“Who’s Tuck?” Mrs. Anton asks.
“Oh,” I shy away, forgetting how scared she gets when it comes to her baby boy’s heart, “he’s just one of our guy friends. He’s just really honest all the time.” So we sit around and wait for Tuck to text back as we stare at the dresses constantly. Already, both consultants have given their opinion, which doesn’t matter to Sophia. She craves Tuck’s opinion like it’ll save her life.
Then, my phone buzzes.
Tuck’s calling. I put it on speaker.
“One,” his voice instantly says, “why does she want my opinion?”
“Because you’re honest!” Sophia snaps back. “Now help me!”
He chuckles, “alright, alright, go with the pink dress. You look cuter in it.”
“Thanks, I owe you one,” Sophia sighs and runs behind the curtain to throw on the pink dress again. I stand there helpless with Mrs. Anton leaning over my shoulder.
“Oh, Con, by the way, I asked Jessie to Prom.”
“And she said yes?” I can feel relief flood over Mrs. Anton.
He scoffs, “oh of course she says yes, I mean, have you seen me lately? I’m pretty damn hot!”
“And cocky. I have to go, see you tomorrow,” I close the phone before he can say anything else that will upset Mrs. Anton. She already worries about Beck so much, I don’t need her thinking that I’m going to cheat on him with Tuck. I don’t need that idea even planted in Beck’s head, because if he has a shred of doubt, he’ll be pissed every time he sees me with my best friend.
Sophia emerges from the dressing room with her arms flapping. “I think it’s perfect.”
“Chester will love it,” Mrs. Anton glows.
I scoff back a laugh.
“Shut it, you!” Sophia snaps with a smile. I go to stand up and almost fall over the chair. “Klutz!” she screams at me.
“Yeah, yeah!” I wave her off quickly. “Just go get your fat,” I stop myself before I swear, “butt measured!”
“Got a hot date tonight?” she winks.
I shove her heels in her hands so she can put them on. With a smug smile, I say, “actually, I do! He got off work early. So ha!” We fall over laughing as we try to have a serious stare off, nothing works.
“Why his father has him working on Sundays is beyond me! If it were up to me, he’d work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after school. Then he’d have the rest of the week off! Simple as that! Then he can have Friday night and the weekend to spend with you and his friends.” I blush. “But you know his father, always having to work. Nothing’s working correctly! Nobody is ever working long enough.” Kiddingly she throws her hands up in the air. I try to hide a laugh.
“He enjoys working,” I remind her.
“More than he enjoys hanging with you?”
“Depends on his mood and my mood.” I shrug and tap my fingers nervously on my jeans. The worst part about being alone with Mrs. Anton, she asks about me and Beck. Mr. Anton never asks, he just smiles and nods. Dad likes to joke, but he doesn’t seem to care as long as we’re together.
“Now, Conaway, we really must have a small chat while we’re alone,” her tone gets serious as my palms begin to sweat. “You must understand what it’s going to be like once you two get married.” Oh great, not this talk! I thought I had at least another few months before she brought it up. “There will be none of this lazy girl wandering around on her own like the world is hers. You will be in the eye of the public always, shopping at the most high end stores. I think it’s best you remember that Beck will be the bread winner and you are his wife.
“You will do what he says, that is the only way a proper marriage can work out. Now I remember your mother, she was like you. All carefree and wild. When you’re father married her, his parents threw a fit. She fit into the role very nicely though, if my memory serves. She cleaned for him and always had a warm dinner waiting for him.
“I just want you to remember that as soon as you graduate high school, you are a high class lady and you shall preform as such. Of course the marriage will be as soon as possible, though Beck has insisted on waiting until he’s done with his first four years of college. I cannot fathom that! I mean, you two would be living together and not even married? It’s outrageous! But since my husband agrees with him, we are stuck in our situation. I’m sure you would like to have the wedding as soon as possible, isn’t that right dear?”
My voice escapes me. No I don’t want the wedding to be replacing my graduation or grad party as the high light of the year. I want to wait! I want Beck to be out of college before we get married, but that’s never going to happen. I want to go through college, get my degree in at least my basics just so I can do something if I need to! But that’s never going to happen either. Since when have my feelings mattered?
“Sweetie?” she regains my attention.
I hang my head before looking up, “sorry, I was just imagining what my wedding dress would look like.” Thankfully, she buys into the story. I mean, of course I’ve thought about my wedding dress. I’m a girl and what girl has not thought about getting married and having children? But I’ve never seen myself walking down the aisle with Beck at the front. I’ve tried, oh Lord knows that I have, but I can never do it. It’s just too much for me! I’m supposed to be planning my prom! Not my wedding! I’m only a junior.
“So you are excited?” she cheers and gives me an awkward one armed hug.
“Of course,” I manage out when Sophia comes back with a giddy smile on her face.
The lady follows her, “I think we’ll all ready here, just need the payment.” Sophia instantly goes for her purse, but Mrs. Anton puts up a hand and takes out her own credit card.
“This ones on me,” she winks before walking to the register. “Now no telling the boys about the dresses,” she calls after us, “I want them both to be surprised. Don’t worry, I’ll handle their tuxes and all.”
“She is like the coolest mom ever!” Sophia whispers.
“Yeah, until she gives me the housewife riot act!” I snap back so quietly I’m not sure even Sophia heard me. She gives my arm a squeeze as we walk out towards the front desk.
“Thank you ladies very much!” the attendant smiles as we leave. Mrs. Anton hops in her limo, because she refuses to drive anywhere, blows us a kiss, and speeds away. I slink into the driver’s side of my car and run my hands over the steering wheel exactly where Beck had felt it.
“Something wrong?” Sophia asks.
“I don’t want this,” I manage out.
She gives me a dumbfounded look. “But the dress is gorgeous! I mean, you look smoking hot-”
“Not the dress, Sophia! Dammit! I don’t want this life! I don’t want to have to marry Beck when I’m twenty! I want to go to college and make my own money! I can’t be a housewife,” suddenly I break into tears. “This isn’t fair! Why the hell do I have to deal with wedding plans and social expectations when other junior girls are worrying about what parties they’re attending on the weekend?”
I beat the steering wheel with my hands a few times before pressing my head against it. Sophia doesn’t say a word, I’m not sure she knows how to react. I’ve never had an outburst like this before. My best quality sometimes is being able to deal with things in a silent way.
I guess it’s just all been building up, and now I’m exploding.
“Beck doesn’t get it! And he won’t! He’s not signing away his life,” I choke out, “he’s going to college and he’ll have a job. He has his freedom, I lost mine years ago when Dad started trying to pair me with a rich, spoiled boy.”
Sophia begins to rub my back gently.
I wipe my tears away with my sleeve, “it doesn’t matter anyways,” I try to make my face cold and hard, “not like it ever did.” Then, with a shaking Sophia sitting shot gun, I rev the engine and literally speed to her house. She’s more than happy to clamber out of the car with wobbling feet and clammy hands.
“Tell your boyfriend not to let you drive,” she hisses, “you have serious road rage.”
And she’s right. I’m pissed and taking it out on the road. I can’t help myself, the need to go faster just calls to me. It’s one of the first things that attracted me to going to the race track with Tuck. The breeze brushing by when the racers pace, the feeling of being on a bike, it’s a lot, and everything I want.
She reaches back in slightly and grips my arm gently, “hang in there, sweetie.”
Beck is waiting at my house when I get there. He’s smiling like he’s the greatest thing in the world.
Instantly when I step out of my car, he’s in front of me. He pulls something out from behind his back, and I don’t know what it is through my tear filled eyes. When the first tear falls, he wipes it away. Then another, and I think he begins to realize I’m not crying because of whatever he did or whatever he’s doing now. I’m lucky, he doesn’t say anything. Like Sophia, he seems stricken with fear and too paralyzed to move. As I begin to cry more, he can’t contain himself. He wraps his arms around me and tugs me into his chest. I go without hesitation, drinking in his smell and his warmth.
“Whatever I did,” he begins, “I’m sorry, Conaway. I really-”
“Stop,” I mumble. So we just stand there, his arms securely around me as I seem to cry my heart out.
“Tell me what I can do to make you happy,” he whispers into my hair, “and I’ll do it. Hell or high water, I promise.” I can’t help but blush and giggle at what he says. He’s serious, one hundred percent. He cares about me that much.
Eventually, I back away from him.
He holds the red object out in front of me again. It’s a rose, a beautiful one, too. There’s diamonds on the peddles and they sparkle like crazy as the sun floats down.
“I know dealing with my mom is hard,” he says and ducks his head in embarrassment, “but I was hoping this could make up for it.” I twine the rose in between my fingers, clenching his hand with my other hand almost as hard.
“It’s beautiful,” I sob out.
He cups my cheek in his hand, “what happened?”
“Nothing, your mom just brought up the wedding and then she started telling me what life was going to be like when we’re married, and,” I stutter for a breath, “I just couldn’t handle it. I probably almost killed Sophia driving home.” I laugh. “She says I have road rage.”
“Oh I know you do, worse than me!”
“Now that’s a bit of an overstatement,” I snap back.
Beck pulls me back to him, his arms securely around my waist. His forehead is pressed against mine. “So did you get your dress?” He’s trying to distract me, and it’s working. Damn him!
“Do I get to see it?”
Bashfully, I shake my head. “Prom’s in a few weeks, you can wait till then.”
Beck leans forward, tipping me backwards until he’s actually over me, his arms the only thing keeping me from falling to my ass. “But I really want to,” he grins. I continue to shake my head and laugh. Then, he starts pressing his lips against my neck roughly. I let out an involuntary whimper. “Why not?” he mumbles against my collar bone.
“Beck!” I laugh as he nips at the skin. “You’re not seeing the dress!”
“How am I supposed to get my tux then?” he smirks like he’s won. I push his chest away until he’s standing up again, and so am I.
“Your mom is getting both your and Chester’s tuxes,” I answer. “Which means Chest also won’t get to see Sophia’s dress.”
“Damn her, always has to deal with everything.”
He’s lucky to have his mom. I don’t let my resentment touch my face, I can’t. It’d crush him, especially since we’re getting along and not fighting now.
“Like you would do it anyways! You’d put it off till the last minute and then make your mom do it the night before,” I scold him. He goes to say something, but I press a finger to his mouth, “don’t, I know you too well.”
Beck smiles down at me before he kisses me.
“Sometimes,” he sighs when he pulls away, “I think I could actually learn to love you.” I want to say something back, but I’m not able to. My tongue feels swelled and I can’t get the words out, I can’t fathom the words that will compete with what he just said.
Instead, I pull him back up against me and tuck my head under my chin. “By the way,” I whisper, “you’re going to love my dress.”
“I’m not telling you!”
“No fun!” he pouts.
“So what did you want to do?” I ask him, my voice filled with a bit of caution. Beck wipes away the left over tears that cover my cheeks and puffy eyes.
“You pick,” he says and kisses me again. “Anything you want,” his lips meet mind before they hover right above, “for tonight.”
I smirk, “just for tonight?”
“Just because my mom made you cry.”
“Can we just hang out here? Please?” I whimper. He takes my hand and pulls me towards the house. Once inside, we walk up to my room and collapse on my bed. He wraps his arms around me as I flip through channels on my TV. When I switch to a baseball game, he stops me and takes the remote away.
“Meanie,” I mutter.
He leans down and kisses me, more urgently than the kisses outside. I get swept up in the whole thing, swept up in the rose sitting on my bedside table, swept up with Beck. I guess it’s not hard to do. He seems a bit surprise when I roll on top of him of my own free will, and even more surprised when my hands creep down to his shirt and begin to tug on the seams.
Beck sits up before ripping his shirt off over his head, breaking the kiss for barely a moment. “Your turn,” he mutters against my lips as his hands slip under my thighs. He yanks me up onto his lap so my knees are on both sides of his hips.
“Hm?” I smirk against his mouth and tongue.
“I said,” he gives my shirt a sharp tug, “your turn, baby.”
“What do you want?” I smirk and kiss him. He hardly kisses me back, his patience growing thin. I know it.
His hands runs up my stomach, stopping right below the bra. “I want this,” he pushes the shirt a little bit farther up, “on the ground!” I grip the bottom of my shirt and wrench it over my head, leaving both of us shirtless. Beck is kissing me again before I know it, and his hands are everywhere. Like him, I can’t keep my hands in just one place. They’re all over the place. His neck, his chest, his abs, his hair.
I can feel his attraction, and it only makes me hornier. I want him, all of him. Every bit of him, but I can’t. I shouldn’t even be doing this! I should claw him away and run, run like no other. How did I let myself get in this situation, and why can’t I even think about pulling myself away?
Then, he gently pushes me back so I’m lying on the bed. I go to sit up, wanting his touches and kisses, but he covers me with his body and begins running his mouth over my neck. With every kiss and nip I feel myself falling farther and farther into his spell. He’s got me, he knows it, but I’ve got him.
He bits down on the skin on my neck as I whimper involuntarily. I run my hands up and down his abs, his teeth scrap against the bruised skin again, and then his hands move to my back. Though I want him, I grip his hands tightly and move them away from my bra strap.
“Not today?” he mutters against my skin.
“Not today,” I answer. His lips continue to move down my neck until they’re on my shoulder, then they go down further. “Beck,” I groan out. His name on my lips makes him even more excited as his kissing gets more intense and rough. He goes back to my neck, biting harder and sucking on my skin until I’m sure my neck will be covered in purple and red spots.
Suddenly, my phone is alive with life.
“Don’t answer it,” he growls and meets his lips back to mine. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t, I can’t answer it. Even if Beck hadn’t growled at me, I wouldn’t have answered it. The screen continues to light for a good thirty seconds before all you can hear is our breathing and his kisses.
I grip his hair lightly and bring his lips back up to mine.
Abruptly, there’s a knock on the door.
“Fuck!” I swear under my breath.
Like lightning, Beck reaches over and grabs my shirt. I throw it on and lean back against his chest. One problem, his boner! Quickly, I throw a blanket over it to cover it. He winces at impact, but brushes the pain away quickly.
“Yeah?” I call as Beck tries to turn his attention back towards the TV. He attempts to look bored, but he’s breathing gives him away.
Tristan pushes the door open, “dude, put a shirt on!”
“Tell your cousin not to rip it off next time!” he jokes and flips through channels.
“What’s up?”
He’s smirking at us, my hair is probably a mess and so is Beck’s. Obviously, we weren’t just sitting here staring at the TV. “Storm’s blowing in soon. I thought Beck might want to move his car into the extra cell in the garage, just in case.” Beck runs his hands through his hair and throws his t-shirt back on as quick as he can.
“I’ll be right back,” he calls over his shoulder as he sprints downstairs as quickly as he can.
“Watching TV?” my cousin demands. “It’s not like we can’t hear you two getting busy up here!”
“Nothing happened!” I snap back.
He shrugs, “but it could’ve!”
“Yeah but you barged in!” I giggle as I run my hands through my hair to straighten it out.
“Not working,” he tells me before leaving. A half wet Beck comes back in a few minutes later. He plops down next to me, his white shirt sticking to his abs. I run my hand back through his soaking wet hair.
“What’d you do,” I joke, “take a shower?”
He rolls his eyes, “fine, next time you can go outside!”
I shake my head, “you look better in a wet t-shirt anyways.”
A devious smirk crosses his face, “I’d like to test that!” No, am I really doing this? Am I seriously flirting with this boy? I can’t be. He pulls me over his shoulder, like I’m nothing more than a rag doll, and he bounds towards the stairs with a bounce in his step.
“Beck!” I laugh as lightly beat his back with my fists.
“Go ahead,” he snickers, “call me by my full name. Hell, baby, I don’t care.”
“Beckett Alexander Edmund Anton!” I can’t hide my blush or the excitement in my voice. It’s bursting from my soul as I enjoy every moment of being thrown over his shoulder. “Where are we going?”
The door is tossed open, a sharp burst of cold smacks him upside the head. I begin to struggle. “No! It’s freezing!” Rain  spreads itself over my body, causing me to shrivel against his warmth. My exposed legs are shaking in his grip, only causing him to laugh hysterically.
“There,” he says as he puts me down. In the pouring rain. His eyes burrowing into me. He grips my hips and brings me up against him. “I had fun in your bed,” he smirks.
“Yeah well,” I sigh, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it,too.”
“That’s my girl,” he gives a flirtatious hair run through with his hand before putting his hand on my neck. It’s pouring now, and I want to ask him if he had planned all of this. I mean the kissing in the rain? Wasn’t hat a little bit like a movie? Though with him, it really doesn’t surprise me.
He kisses me gently at first, letting us both savor the moment.
“You’re going to catch a cold!” Tristan screams from the window.
My boyfriend leans his head against mine, “I don’t mind.”

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Oooo, look out. I love Tristan, he is a adorable. Kmu?

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haha sure!

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So freaking cute. Please keep me updated!

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haha thanks! will do

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Arianna Lillian Foster

How can she not like Beck? If he wasnt a fictional character I would so want him. Damn I want him even though he is a fictional character!


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haha. awesome. kmu!

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WWWWOOOWWWEEEEE!!!!!! Absolutely loved this chapter... Beckett Alexander Edmund Anton! Only a sincere girlfriend can remember such a long name full ;) KMU please!

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i love his full name!!!!! haha. THANKS!!!

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This was such a great chapter. Update soon. I totally love this story. Thumbs up.:)

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