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Chapter Four
“No Jace, I’m sorry but we’re done,” I say into the phone, “but technically we can’t be done because we never dated or anything!”
He groans. “I really thought you liked me.”
“I don’t know Jace, I also thought I didn’t really like my boyfriend anymore. Maybe now I do! All I know is that having even the smallest romantic relationship with you messes with my head and makes me confused.”
“What the hell, Conaway?” he shrieks. He’s pissed, beyond pissed. I can’t even believe I’m doing this! I can’t imagine what he feels at this moment. This must be hell for him, the only girl he’s ever felt a bit close to, other than physically, and she’s telling him that it just can’t work out. “You can’t just do this! Not to me, Conaway! I swear, this isn’t over.”
“Yes it is, Jace!”
“I’m not talking about this over the phone with you, come back to the warehouse.”
I sigh, “I can’t. Tuck got hurt and he’s pissed, so he’s not racing for a while. He doesn’t even want to show up.” He hits something metal, and a ding goes off. “
“Dammit Conaway! I want you! I’ve never wanted a girl as much as I want you! And it’s not that I want your body, or I want to have sex with you. I actually want you! I want to be your boyfriend, I want to love you. Please Conaway, give me another chance!”
“I can’t! I have a boyfriend! I should have never cheated on him with you. I shouldn’t have ever gone to the track in the first place, I was only looking for trouble.”
There’s a knock on my bedroom door. “Hey baby, you in here?”
“Give me a sec,” I scream back. “I have to go, bye.”
“No! Baby please-” I close the phone and toss it on my bed. I bound to the door and open it up to Beck. He wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up onto his body before walking back into the room.
“Hope you don’t mind,” Beck says, “but I thought we could hang out.”
“Or you could sit here while I do my homework.”
“Didn’t sound like you were doing homework,” he laughs. “Who were you talking to?” His scent is strange today, instead of the usual gentle smell of cologne or axe, he smells of grease and oil. On his forehead there is a bit of a black smear, it’s accompanied by many more smears on his pants and white shirt. Every so gently he lays me back down on the bed, but keeps his arms around me. I feel the oil stands that are newer and still wanting to spread.
“What have you been doing?” I smirk and reach for my homework, though I’m still under his body.
He squirms a bit, rubbing his forehead against mine. “Why? Do I still have grease everywhere?”
Beck laughs and wipes my forehead with his shirt, “and now it’s on you.” He removes his body from mine ands sit up. Beck pulls me into his lap as I attempt to get my homework back out. I put my french homework on my lap as he turns the TV on. “I was working on my car.”
“Why? It’s already fast enough.”
“I want it faster, now I have to compete with you and your road rage!” he gives my waist a tight squeeze. “Who were you talking to?”
“Tuck, he was wondering if I could hang out tonight.”
“I can leave if-”
“I told him I was busy,” I interrupt him.
Beck rests his head on my shoulder, “so what are you telling me, then?” I duck my head as I giggle a bit, his smile making my heart beat like mad.
“That you should stay, and once I finish my homework we can do something.”
“Like?” he grips my wait even tighter.
“Let me do my homework!” I brush him off and take out my pencil again. He peeps over my shoulder twenty minutes later, my pencil still tapping on the same sentence.
“You’re so terrible at french,” he mutters. I push off his lap.
“Well we all can’t be fluent like you!” I snap. “And not all of us have the option to live in France for three years.”
Beck laughs and takes my paper from me. He reaches for my pencil, but I hold it away from him. “No cheating this time!”
He groans and hands me back my paper. “By the way, you’ve spelt like everything wrong!”
“She grades it on effort anyways,” I roll my eyes.
Beck grips my cheek softly and runs his thumb over my cheek and chin softly. He leans forward, his lips dangerously close to mine, “Je me souviens la première fois que je t'ai vu, j'ai demandé à mon père de me présenter à vous. J'ai attendu jusqu'à ce que votre père avait un parti et je le priai de me faire avec, juste pour que je puisse avoir la chance de danser avec vous! Je voulais vous avez si mal, jusqu'à ce que j'ai appris ce qu'est une douleur vous pourriez être, mais maintenant je suis chanceux de vous avoir. Je sais que je suis, maintenant.” I stare at his lips as they fluently go through the words, gracefully and wonderfully like an angel. His voice drifts, a husky sense lingering the back of it, making me want him even more. His eyes never leave mine, staring deep like there’s something more for him to see.
“I have no idea what you just said, Beck.”
“I just said how lucky I am to have you,” he shrugs.
Laugh, I shake my head. “You said too much in French for me to believe that!”
“It was something like that,” I continue to stare at him, “fine. I said  I remember the first time I saw you, I asked my father to introduce me to you. I waited until your father had a party and I asked my father to bring me with him, just so I could have the chance to dance with you. I wanted you so bad, until I learned what a pain you could be, but now I know I’m lucky to have you. I know that now.”
My smile grows even bigger and I can’t contain the butterflies that are coursing through me like crazy. He didn’t just say that, he couldn’t have. He’s not supposed to! He’s supposed to be annoyed with me! He’s not supposed to be perfect! Then when I think he can’t get any sweeter, he swerves around my lips and kisses my cheek.
“You’re cute,” I poke him in the stomach. “And a distraction from homework!” I wait for him to say something about how homework isn’t important and my grades don’t really matter because I’m not going to college, but he only mumbles a sorry and scoots a bit away. Once I get up to use the restroom, he pulls me into his lap when I sit back down. From there, I finish my homework, though Beck looks beyond exhausted.
“Tough day at work?” I ask him.
He rolls back into the pillows and nods. “Dad’s got me working extra shifts because apparently I have to get used to earning my share or something.”
“Ah,” I tap his leg to the beat of the commercial on TV, “my poor boyfriend.”
“Got that right, baby,” he groans. “I’m just going to sleep.” I move off his lap and clear my bed of all my homework. “In your bed,” he chuckles. “So damn comfy!” I crawl back onto the bed and rest my head on his shoulder. “Yeah,” he moans into my hair, “I could fall asleep like this.”
“Then stop talking,” I grumble, ready to sleep too.
I wake up in the middle of the night, my back pressed against something hard. A rough, warm, heavy object is wrapped over my waist securely and dragging me back into the boy behind me. His other arm is under our heads, acting as a pillow though there’s already an even fluffier one there.
One of my hands is over the arm wrapped around my waist, while the other is pulled close against my chest. The body behind me adjusts and causes me to squirm a bit.
“Beck,” I whisper and grip the clock to look at the time. Almost midnight. We’ve been sleeping for over three hours. I flip onto my back. He looks even calmer when he’s asleep. I poke his chest, “Beck!”
“What?” he grumbles and pulls me closer.
“We fell asleep,” I tell him. He doesn’t open his eyes, he doesn’t even seem to consider it.
He tangles his feet with mine even more, so one of my legs is on top of both of his. “What’s wrong with that? It’s not like your dad will care! If you haven’t noticed,” he gets a cocky smile across his cute dimples, “your dad kind of loves me.” He kisses the side of my head.
“I have noticed,” I grumble back and close my eyes. “Why does he love you so much?”
“Because I’m perfect,” he pauses, “for you. Come on, baby, let me stay the night.” I detach his arm from me. “Where are you going?”
“To change out of jeans!” I snap back.
I pick up his shirt off the ground and head to the closet. I change my bra for a sports bra and my jeans for bootie shorts. Then I pull on his shirt before heading back out. He’s shimming out of his jeans, leaving him in his boxers.
“I was wondering where that went,” he motions towards the grease stained shirt that’s a little loose on me. Easily, though, he’s able to sneak his hands onto my bare sides. “I like it,” he whispers. We climb back into bed, his bare chest separated from my skin by the thin fabric of his shirt on me.
As I slide into the bed with him, I notice his jeans on my chair. His boxers rub against my legs as he presses himself up against me. “Hey Con,” he says as his breath cascades onto my neck. I suck in a breath, he has no idea the feelings he can make me have.
He runs his hand up and down my side, brushing away the shirt. “I was wondering,” he pauses, “you always act like marrying me will be such a terrible thing, do you actually mean it?” I put my hands in his hair, trail them down his neck, and slightly rake them against his chest until they rest on his abs. “Well?” he asks impatiently.
“Only when I’m pissed,” I answer and wrap my arms around his waist, bringing myself up against him.


Submitted: June 26, 2012

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Aww, I'm sad now! I like Jace! She should be with Jace! Ahh haha. KMU?

Tue, June 26th, 2012 9:01pm


haha i likeD him too! haha sure thing

Tue, June 26th, 2012 2:10pm


Kmu.!! They r so cute.!!!

Tue, June 26th, 2012 11:57pm



Tue, June 26th, 2012 6:31pm


I love Beck I'm so glad she broke it off with Jace!!!

Wed, June 27th, 2012 2:11am


haha ya

Tue, June 26th, 2012 7:12pm


Great chapter. Kind of short. Update soon!! :D

Wed, June 27th, 2012 3:36pm


sorry, but i'll update soon!!!!

Wed, June 27th, 2012 2:30pm

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