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“Hey,” a hand rubs my shoulder, “baby, wake up.” I snuggle farther into Beck’s chest, covering myself with his body. He pulls the blanket farther over us. “Wow,” he whispers.
“Last night,” he grins, “I mean, wow.” I push my head against his neck. I can feel my naked chest against his, and the memories come back. The feelings of pleasure and completeness, but then also the hesitation that I had swept through me before he had pushed in. The slight pain that made my body feel like it was going to be ripped in half. The relief when I had finally orgasmed.
Beck lightly brushes hair out of my face.
“I’m going to go shower,” I tell him and pull away. He looks hurt, like he thinks he did something wrong. Quickly, I lean back down over him and crush my lips to his. He cups my cheek softly before I move away and into the bathroom. I let the water steam before I step into the spray.
It washes away the hairspray and pins from my hair, making me feel more like myself than the pampered barbie I was yesterday. When I step out, clothes for the day are set on the sink counter. I say a quick thanks to Beck before I notice the underwear is actually a thong. I roll my eyes, embarrassed that he had gone through my clothing.
I slip on the clothing before stepping out. A naked Beck is sleep in the bed. He’s on his back, his muscles tensing with every breath he takes. Nimbly, I slid onto his back and begin to kneed the muscles over his shoulders. Slightly, he shifts and groans. His voice comes out raspy, “don’t stop.” I continue to work my palms into his shoulder as he moans with every touch. I lean down and kiss the back of his neck. “Damn,” he groans out.
“You should change so we can go home. My dad will be wondering where we are.”
“No!” he groans loudly.
“Beck,” I complain.
He shivers, “fine, but that means you have to get off my back.” I slip off of him and lie down on top of the blanket. He looks around as he gets up, “where are my boxers?” I point to the spot on the ground where we had thrown them. He pulls them on before going to the bag and grabbing his jeans. I watch him with interest as he pulls them on, until he notices me, then I’m blushing with embarrassment.
His smile grows wider and sexier, but after what we had done, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to see him as anything but sexy and sweet.
“Alright, you can stop eye raping me,” he laughs and stands in front of me, “because I’m ready to go again if you are.” I offer him my hand so he can pull me up to my feet. He does so, but he also yanks me up against him. His lips brush mine, but it’s too soft. I want more, though he doesn’t give in.
“Not today,” I whisper and pull him towards the front door once everything is packed back up. “Do you have to work today?” I ask when we’re in the car.
“Of course not!”
Then my phone begins to ring. “Hello?”
“Hey!” a voice screams.
“What’s up?”
“Who is it?” Beck mouths.
I cover the receiver, “Sophia.” He gets giddy look on his face, making me question what he knows. “What’s going on?” I ask again.
The smile in her sweet voice is overwhelming, “I’m on cloud nine!”
“Had fun with Chester?”
“He’s huge! It was amazing!” she scream into the phone. I pull the phone away from my ear so the high frequency of her voice doesn’t kill me. I hear a voice chuckling.
“Are you still with him?” I laugh.
“Chester says hi,” she squeals. “How was your night?”
“Good,” I answer, trying to keep the blush out of my voice.
Beck grips my knee a tight squeeze. “Only good?” he laughs. “Chester gets an amazing from Sophia and all I get is good?” We reach a red light, he leans his head towards me. “From the way you were screaming I could’ve sworn I was better than just good.”
“You fucked him?” Sophia screams.
“What? Did you or didn’t you?”
I sigh, “yes, I had sex with Beck.”
There’s a slight pause as I look over at Beck. He’s smiling so big that it spreads from ear to ear. “It was,” he looks at me out of the corner of his eye, “amazing.”  Beck gives my knee another squeeze. “I’ll call you back later, Sophia, see yeah!” I close the phone and stick it in my pocket.
“Amazing, huh?”
I bit my lip and nod.
“Then we should do it again,” he winks.
“Beck,” I start, “I know that the sex was amazing and all, but I don’t want it to be an everyday or every week thing.” At first, he looks disappointed, but then he smiles.
“Yeah, I understand, babe.”
Another squeeze to the knee, “yeah, it’s fine. I don’t want to do anything to make you uncomfortable. But now that we’ve made love,” my breath gets caught in my throat, “I’m guessing you’re not going to be uncomfortable any more when I walk out of the shower naked.”
I shrug, “if you surprise me again, I might!”
“Yeah right!” he chuckles. “If I walk out of the shower now you’ll be begging for more.” I give his shoulder a shove.
There’s a package on the ground by the door when we get home. I pick it up and bright Beck into the house. “Who’s it from?” Beck asks as he wraps his arms around me. It’s heavy, has to be over fifty pounds as I can barely carry it to the table. I deny Beck the chance to take it from me, instead I slam it down on the table.
I check the whole thing, but there’s no name on it. Beck hands me a pocket knife, ignoring my glares.
“Don’t give me that,” he smirks and turns away. I cut the tap off the top and open the box. A scream leaves my lips as I swat the box away and jump onto the dinner table. Beck turns, his eyes wide with fear. He slowly backs away from the table, from me, and from the snake.
“Beck!” I screech and curl my legs into my chest. Pure panic overtakes me as I cringe away from the edge where the snake’s tail lingers. Uncontrollably, I begin to whimper and cry. I’m terrified of snakes, everyone knows that.
“Shit, baby don’t move!” Beck commands me. “That’s poisonous! That’s a black mamba!” He yanks his cell phone out of his pocket and dials 9-1-1. “Hello, my girlfriend got a package and there was a black mamba in it. Now it’s in the house by her. She can’t move.” He rattles off my address as I continue to scoot away from the edge of the table. “Conaway, stop moving!”
The snake is now slithering around on the ground around the table, like it’s guarding me. Beck watches me with a smile. He keeps repeating that it’s going to be okay, but something about his posture tells me differently. Eventually, the snake disappears from my view.
“Beck,” I say uneasily.
He takes a step towards me, then quickly jumps back.
“Beck!” I shriek, tears streaming down my face.
“Baby, I can’t do anything. It lunges at me every time I move close. The animal control is on their way. Don’t worry, you’re going to be fine.” They don’t get there till at least twenty minutes after the cal, that’s twenty minutes of pure crying and anxiety. Beck can’t stop pacing as I continue to tremble.
There’s a knock on the door, Beck goes to get it, leaving me alone with the black mamba. My breathing gets shallow every second that I can’t see Beck or the snake.
“Beck!” I call out.
“We’re coming, baby,” he answers through the house. Two men dressed in grey with large gloves on proceed Beck into the room. The men move towards the table. One comes to me first, he opens his arms before pulling me up against his chest. I wrap my arms tight around his neck and shove my head into his chest. I don’t care who this man is, he’s saving me, and I couldn’t be any happier.
He walks away from the table before setting me on my feet by Beck who quickly pulls me into his chest. The police come a few minutes later and ask what happened. I’m forced to go back through everything, though the last thing I want to think about is the snake.
It’s squirming around under the table as the men attempt to trap it. Finally they do. The police take the box, the animal control takes the snake, Beck takes me. He wraps me up in his arms.
“Any idea who could’ve done this?” he asks.
I shake my head, though I think I do. It’s gotta be Damien, there’s no doubt in my mind.

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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