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Sunday brings brunch with the Antons, which means I have to dress up once again. I pull on a light blue, knee length dress with white pokadots. “Why don’t you look pretty,” Tristan says as I walk down the stairs. His friends are all packing up their stuff and heading out to their cars.
“Hey Princess,” the senior who Tuck shoved walks up to me. “You look mighty fine. Now what does a girl like you have to do to get a guy with such a nice car.” Tristan grabs his shoulder roughly and pushes him back.
“Watch it, Andy, or get out. You’re just jealous!” he snaps. Andy rolls his shoulders back, grabs his stuff, and leaves the house. Tristan wraps his arm around my shoulders, “ignore him. He’s had a crush on you for a while, and now he’s mad because you have a boyfriend.”
“Yeah well he’s got a funny way of showing it,” I answer.
“Beckett coming to get you?” Tristan asks.
I nod, “are you coming?”
“Unfortunately, and I’m escorting his annoying cousin, Bella.”
Laughing is called for as he picks up his keys. Bella is the worst. She insists on the best of the best and acts worse than anyone else. She isn’t pretty either, so I have no idea how her and Beck are related. While his features are soft yet stunning, her’s are over down and bulging. Her nose is tiny after she got a nose job in eighth grade, her eyes are always bugged out with makeup, and she usually has a smell that’s somewhere between a rat and a crow.
The boys are all gone within twenty minutes, enough time for Dad to walk down the stairs and scream at them all to get out.
“Thanks Uncle, now they’ll never hang with me,” Tristan jokes.
Dad puts on a tough look, “be glad I’m allowing you to stay here. I still believe having a male influence in this house that will bring over other boys will cause a ruckus in my baby girl’s mind.” He softly kisses my forehead.
“I’ll be fine,” I tell him.
“How was apartment searching with Beck?” he asks. Dad hadn’t gotten a chance to ask me the night before, we’d hit traffic and Beck hadn’t dropped me off till around eleven. He’d kissed me at the door before leaving. I can still feel his lips against mine.
“Great, his dad picked out a lovely one!” I coo just to make him happy. The door bell rings, “I’m guessing that’s him.” I go to stand from the table when Dad stops me.
“I’ll get it,” he says and moves to the front door. He grips the hand of a very nicely dressed Beck before pulling him into the house. “Doesn’t she look wonderful,” Dad beams at me like I’m some prize.
“Ravishing,” Beck holds his hand out to me. I lightly take it and allow him to pull me up against his side. “Shall we go?”
“Yes,” is all I can manage out as I feel everyone’s eyes glued to me. He puts his arm out like a gentlemen, or like they used to do in the old days, and I gently grip the inside of his elbow. My head is dizzy as he pulls me out of the house and opens the car door for me.
Beck tries to start up a conversation in the car, but all I can do is look out the window as the other cars rush by.
“You’re distracted,” his words finally break into my head. His voice, it has almost an edgy tone to it, like he’s getting annoyed.
“Yeah,” I mutter, “I guess I really am.”
His hand slides onto my knee, “something happen?”
“Then I don’t-”
“It’s nothing,” I stop him.
“If it’s nothing then why not tell-”
“Drop it, Beck!” I snap harsher than I intended to.
He goes silent and pulls his hand away, but almost instantly I’m holding myself back from begging for his comfort. We pull up to the country club and climb out of the car. Beck slips his hand around mine as we enter the restaurant. Mr. Anton and his wife are already seated in one of the far corners. They have a large table already decorated with food.
My stomach complains and causes Beck to laugh.
He pulls out my chair for me before siting down next to me.
“So Conaway, I heard you two went apartment hunting on Friday. How was that?”
I sneak a smile at Beck to play the part of really being in love with him, “wonderful. Mr. Anton picked out a beautiful apartment that’ll be perfect for next year.”
“What did you think of it, son?” Mr. Anton asks Beck who’s staring at the food like his last meal was a decade ago.
“I’m sure he didn’t notice much about the rooms, probably couldn’t take his eyes off my cousin,” Tristan scoffs jokingly as he walks in with Bella on his arm. If possible, she looks worse than usual.
“Tristan!” I scold.
“Baby, it’s fine,” Beck pats my hand, “it is hard to keep my eyes off of you.” His smile makes me blush enough to duck my head, because I know each of his compliments are true. He means every word he says, all the time. Then, Mrs. Anton begins talking about wedding plans. I feel anything left in my stomach begin to rise into my throat. My grip on Beck’s hand tightens as she gets into it more.
“Mother,” Beck finally laughs, “she still has another year of high school to finish before we begin to talk about this. I’m sure Conaway doesn’t want to have to fit wedding planning in with her school work.”
I breath a quick thanks.
He gives my hand a reassuring squeeze.
“Besides, I’m sure Conaway would much rather talk about Prom.” My heart skips another beat. What’s he punishing me for this time? “I think we’ve decided we’re going to my prom, and probably next year we can go to her senior prom. Right babe?”
“Yeah,” I say with confidence.
“Oh joy!” Mrs. Anton squeals. Dad raises an eyebrow at me, as does Tristan. Bella tries to scoff off the fact that the spot light isn’t on her. “What color is your dress?”
“I haven’t looked yet, actually,” I confess.
“There’s still plenty of time!” she replies. “Maybe we can go this weekend and shop for one, how does that sound?”
“Wonderful!” I cheer up a bit. Mrs. Anton has always tried to treat me like her daughter, and usually she makes me feel a bit less alone.
“You could take Sophia with you,” Beck suggests, “I know Chester is going to ask her.”
“Really?” I almost zing out of my chair. My urges to take out my phone and call Sophia are rejected by Beck’s grip on my hand.
He simply nods.
“Well that’s marvelous! We’ll go on Sunday and pick out a dress. Oh I think you’ll look lovely in blue, or maybe pink.”
“I like red,” Beck pipes up.
“Since when has it been about what you like?” his mom snaps back with a bit of sass. It causes her husband to laugh.
Defensively, Beck holds up his hands, “I’m just voicing my opinion since it seems like I hardly have one anymore when it comes to a few things.” The men chuckle because they know it’s true. He puts his hand back down on mine. Laughing, he leans over a bit, “but I do really like you in red.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” I smirk quietly.
“Oh look how cute they are!” Mrs. Anton coos to my father.
Beck moves a strand of hair away from my face, “just ignore them. We’ve only got another hour of this.” Surprisingly, that doesn’t make me feel much better. I look up at Tristan who’s trying not to be pulled into a conversation with Bella, but he’s losing the fight. Dad continues to stare him down until he acts the least bit interested.
We dig into the food, but I hardly eat any. Instead, I take sips of my water and bites of the omelet in front of me while Beck seems to gulf down anything that is plopped onto his plate. Yet he does it in the most elegant way.
Mrs. Anton continues to ask me about prom, but I hardly have any idea about what’s going on. And as I stagger out answers, Beck tries to distract them with making jokes about it. Finally, Mrs. Anton drops the subject as I drop my head. Beck reaches under the table and gives my limp land a squeeze.
I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, and so does Bella. Great, now I have to deal with the head snot herself. She confronts me as I get out of the stall. I move around her to get to the sinks.
“What is with you?” she demands forcefully.
“What do you mean?” my voice sounds so much more scared than hers. I sound timid and nervous, not at all confident like she is.
Bella throws her hands up, “you have Beckett and yet you’re acting like he’s nothing special!”
“Maybe that’s because I don’t think he is,” lie. He’s beautiful, and any girl should consider herself lucky if he liked her. “If you haven’t figured it out yet, Bella, I don’t like Beck. You know our families, it looks good for us to date.”
“The only reason he’s with you is so he doesn’t lose his inheritance. He complains about you all the time! Why me? Why me? He always demands when we’re alone. There are plenty of other beautiful girls who would look just as nice on his arm, but of course his father had to choose you! He doesn’t even have a choice in it!”
“Neither do I!” I snap back. Remember the confidence you have around Tuck and Jace. The way you spoke to Damien like he was nobody. That’s the confidence and arrogance that I need now. “Beck’s a great guy! But I don’t love him! This is what my dad and mom wanted, I owe them at least that.”
“You don’t deserve any of this!” she shrieks at me.
I put my hands on either side of the sink and glare at her through the mirror, “and you think you do?” I scream at her. “You’re only here because Tristan needed a date! You’re lucky that a guy would even pick you up! He shouldn’t have even come today, he hates you! Everyone does! You’re annoying, a bitch, and you pop into everyone’s business! What makes you think that you should be here either!”
And with that, I storm out of the bathroom, leaving Bella standing there with her mouth hanging open.
I’ve never talked to her like that, and I don’t plan on doing it again.
When I get back to the table, everyone is standing and ready to go. Beck slips his arm around my waist after I hug his parents and say goodbye. He pulls the numb Conaway out to the car before opening my door for me.
“I hate your cousin,” I tell him as soon as he starts the engine.
“We all do,” he counters and pulls out of the country club. “What makes you suddenly have so much hatred towards her? Something happen in the bathroom?”
“She just called me out, that’s all,” I mumble and bring my knees up to my chest. I don’t care if Beck can see my underwear, it’s not like he has not seen it before.
“Did you say something back?”
I nod.
“Really? Get all feisty with her?” he smirks.
“I simply called her an annoying bitch who pops into everyone else’s business,” I hide my cheeks against my knees because I know the roses are kissing them. Laughing, Beck wraps an arm around my shoulders and tilts me close enough till he can kiss my head.
“That’s my girl,” he smiles proudly.

Submitted: June 14, 2012

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