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“Want to go riding?” a voice whispers. I jump, throwing half my things into the air. Tuck falls over in a laughing fit, and I have a good mind to push him into the pool. He’s on the edge, I could catch him by surprise.
“You almost scared the shit out of me!” I hiss. “What are you doing here? My dad is home!”
“Go inside,” he sits down next to me at the table by the pool, “tell them you’re going to bed, walk downstairs, and sneak out your window.”
I give me a sour look, “my room is on the second floor.”
“I’ll catch you,” he winks.
“I’m serious!” I snap back.
“As am I! Gosh, you have to come! Jace won’t stop bugging me about you and I want to teach you to ride,” Tuck begs with his hands pressed together. “Please! It’s my first time racing since the accident! And Jace is riding again! Come on, baby.”
Unable to fathom the words, I pull my school work to my chest and head inside. He celebrates his silent victory by pumping his fist into the air. I walk into the living room and kiss my dad on the cheek, “goodnight daddy.”
“Night darling. Who’s picking you up after school tomorrow?”
“He’s a nice boy,” Dad says like it’ll make me like him more.
“He’s perfect,” I grin and walk upstairs. Tristan is in his room. “Tristan!” I creep into his doorway. He’s lying on his bed staring at the ceiling.
“Can I help you with something?”
“I’m going to hang out with Tuck, cover me?”
He nods and pops his gum.
“Love you!”
“Love you, too, cousin.” I throw my stuff down on my bed and lift up the window.
“Hurry up!” Tuck calls up.
I flip him off, “I have to get dressed! I can’t go in my pajamas.” I don’t even wait for his response before I dive into my closet, jump into a pair of worn down, baby blue jeans, pulls on a tang top over a push up bra, and yank on my leather jacket. Shoving my phone into my pocket and a wade of one dollar bills into the other, I deem myself ready.
“You better catch me!” I hiss as I climb out onto the slanted roof. He holds his hands out for me. Luckily the roof is slanted enough that the drop my the roof is only about ten feet. Eliminate six feet of Tuck and I only have to jump four feet before being caught.
“I would never drop such a delicate thing,” he smirks up at me. “Just jump!” I breath out and jump. His arms wrap around me before bringing me up to his chest. He smiles into my hair, “see, that wasn’t so bad.”
“Let’s just go before my dad comes out!” I smack his shoulder once he puts me down. “That’s for being such a douche.” He shakes his head and hands me my hat. “You left this in Jace’s room. He told me to give it back to you.” I ruffle his gelled up hair. “Hey!” he snaps and grips my hand as we climb onto his bike, “watch the hair. I worked hard on it!”
“You’re such a prep.”
There are less people at the warehouse when we get there. Probably because it’s Monday night instead of Thursday, like the last time. People still cheer at the racers, but many are mixed in their socializing too much to notice the underdog overtaking first place. He pumps his thin fist as he crosses the finish line first, and a line of betters groan.
Jessie instantly runs up to Tuck and throws her arms around his neck. “You’re riding!” she screams. Tuck hugs her back before letting her down off his body. She lets her hands fall down to his belt, “but it’s not like that’s the only thing you’re good for.”
“Go find a good spot and I’ll meet you there in a little bit. I don’t race till two.” He pats her butt as she leaves before I follow him back to his room. “So kid, what happened between you and your boyfriend. Sophia was whacking her gums about something yesterday. I only tuned in when I heard dick.”
I sigh and push myself up onto the table. He props his bike up against the wall and grabs a beer.
“So?” he lifts an eyebrow, “explain! Don’t make me beat it out of you.”
Another sigh, “he wanted to go out and do something fancy while we were by Harvard looking at apartments. So he was showering while I was doing my hair and noise. He didn’t warn me when he came out of the shower, and then he starts talking about how I have to get comfortable with his body. When I tried to push him away, he gripped my hand and put it on his,” I stop and look up at Tuck who’s listening intently.
“So you gave him a handjob?” another eyebrow raises. I want to smack it off. “Baby, it’s not that bad.”
“No!” I didn’t give him a handjob, I didn’t even look. Don’t laugh at me!” I snap at him, “it just made me nervous!”
He laughs.
“What? I’m sorry baby, but it’s not that bad. You’re just too innocent.” He gets off the table and heads for the door, “but I’m sure Jace would take care of that problem for you, if you wanted him to.”
“Tuck!” I shriek as he skips out. A few moments later as I’m ready to leave, a face pops in.
“Thought I heard your voice,” Jace smiles and wraps his arms around me. I grin as he kisses me.
“When do you race?”
“I had my first race about an hour ago, and my neck race is in about half an hour. Why didn’t you come earlier.”
“Controlling Dad,” I remind him, “I had to sneak out again.”
Jace leans back against the wall, “why? I mean, it’s not like we’re doing anything illegal. And there are adults here.”
“You don’t know my dad,” I snap back and poke him in the chest. “Come on,” I put my hand in his, “let’s go watch some races.” He doesn’t budge. “What?” I pout and put my hands on my hips.
He grips my waist and brings it in between his hips. I can feel his attraction growing. “I think we’d have more fun in my room.” I try to push away the gulp that’s forming in my throat and move past my insecurities towards being with a boy. I mean, I really had only dated boys my father had approved of. And most of my relationships with them hadn’t lasted very long. Not as long as it was lasting with Beck. For one, Beck was actually a gentleman.
“Sure,” I put on a shield over my face and block my raging confusions and fear. Jace pushes me back before pulling me out the door and down a few rooms to his. As soon as I walk in, the door is shut and locked.
Instantly, Jace is in front of me and pushing me back into the wall. His lips attack mine, and I do my best to slow the kisses, but he seems urgent. His grip on my back slips down until his hands are in my back pockets and he’s squeezing. It makes me gasp, his tongue slips into my mouth almost effortlessly.
His fingers move around to the front where’s he’s fiddling with the zipper. I pull away, “Jace stop.” My voice is firm and almost scary, but no matter what, Jace has the upper hand here.
“Why?” he breaths onto my lips. “Baby, it’s not a big deal or anything.”
“Don’t-” I warn but he cuts me off.
“Don’t want?” there’s a seductive look on his face. His hand reaches up to cup my cheek. “Do this?” he asks and kisses my lips. “Or this?” his lips go to my neck. Then he growls, “or this?” Teasingly, he nips at the skin before biting down and sucking. I know there’ll be a mark. I just have to think of a way to explain it to Beck.
His hands go back to my zipper, but I brush them away.
“I’m serious Jace, I won’t have sex with you,” I tell him firmly. If I had been refusing Beck for all this time, I can do it with Jace too. I don’t want this, at least not now, and maybe not with him.
“Why?” he growls against my neck before pulling away. “Sex is-”
“Yes it is a big deal! And don’t try any of the lines, Jace, I know them all and they’re a bunch of BS!” I snap.
“Oh yeah, what am I going to say then?” there’s a defensive tone in his voice.
I slump back against the wall and think for a moment, “Sex is no big deal, if you really liked me you’d do this, this will only make our relationship stronger, you’ll enjoy it as much as I will, rebellion against the dad,” I pause, “everyone’s doing it, trust me, nothing will happen, it’s not wrong, you’ll be happy afterward, it’ll make you even more beautiful that you are now. I’ve heard them all.”
He rubs the back of his neck, “you forget the fact that I’ll love you after we do it.”
“Forever and always,” I grumble.
“Yeah, you’ve got it down, baby.”
I grip his shirt and bring him back up against me, “I don’t want to have sex,” I whisper seductively, “but I liked what we were doing before.” He smiles before pushing his lips back against mine. Jace pulls me over to a couch before sliding on top of me and returning to the kiss.

Submitted: June 14, 2012

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