The Oath

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Is This A Joke

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Is This A Joke?

Dan walked through the woods, filled with curiosity and a desire for adventure! He left alone into the wilderness, he just moved so the lack of friends made him a bit lonely, but the smell of the woods was always welcoming. The quick move was abrupt and uneasy for him. But he had to get used to the new town of Yenster whether he liked it or not.

The sun was out and bright, the summer heat was in the air, but the cooling sensation of the wind blew by. Dan had walked for some time now and even got a little lost. But he remained calm and continued, he thought that maybe he’d end up crossing paths with someone. But he probably didn’t expect people like them.

A crack of a branch made Dan jump a little. He still hadn’t seen anyone his whole time walk and he started to worry. He turned around though and there only an inch away stood a girl about his age. She was simple, she had soft red hair, pale skin with freckles, and her big brown eyes slowly examining him.

“Excuse me, who exactly are you?” Rosie said with a sly grin across her face. She didn’t see too many people in the woods. She didn’t exactly like the town’s kind. She thought of them as nosey normal people, these Oysters, oblivious to the world around them.

“Hey, hey Rosie?” shouted Caleb in a low tone. Almost hoping the strange kid in front of her wouldn’t notice or listen to him.

“What Caleb, can’t you see I’m trying to start a conversation?” She snapped at him. She wanted to enjoy this Oyster. She didn’t usually come face to face with them this easily and she had the advantage with no one around.

“Look where he is standing, and remember the border…” Rosie looked down. There was a line made by twigs to separate the Oyster’s world and theirs. When an Oyster got too close to the border, a spell was cast to turn the forest so the Oyster’s would walk back. But this Oyster was passed it. And he could see her clearly, only magical beings could. And it terrified Rosie of what he could really be.

“Um, what are you guys talking about?” Dan was confused, he couldn’t exactly put the pieces together but he had a feeling he shouldn’t have been there. Next think he knows Rosie is running, running with her abnormally large friend.

Though scared she wanted to know what he was so she stopped behind a tree. ”Who are you? What kind of magic do you consist?” She shouted in fright. But Rosie knew she had to sound stern if she wanted an answer.

“What? Magic? Is this a joke the town plays on the new guy in town or something?” His frustration of loneliness was a bit overwhelming.

“Joke, what joke? Are you a troll? Vamp, werewolf, pixie, warlock, centaur, half giant, shape shifter? What is your species?”

“Um, pretty sure human. I don’t know why you’re naming fairy tale creatures, but you must be crazy, so I’m leaving, mystical girl talking behind mystical tree!” His frustration got to him. He didn’t want to be made fun of, but it seems like these kids were.

“Wait no! Don’t leave!” Rosie was too curious to know about him, about why he was acting clueless. Why he was playing this game with her. “Come here a second. I hate talking to someone far away.”

“Fine. But make it quick I gotta, I gotta… Whoa I’m kinda.” Rosie was putting a spell on him. She wanted to see if he was toying with her. She found it weird though he’d willingly walk to her. 

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