The Oath

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Magical Creatures

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Magical Creatures

They walked quickly and stealthy, making sure to stay out of sight and they soon got into Rosie’s house undetected.

“That’s the coolest thing I ever did! I felt like a freaking spy. Even like Sherlock Combs!” Caleb whispered with excitement.

“You mean Sherlock Holmes.” Dan corrected.

“Yah we really don’t care for your oyster gibberish.” Rosie butted in. “So it seems to me you’re not a vamp, because you’d hunger for blood, obviously. Not giant because you’re too short, but not troll because you’re too tall. So that leaves centaur, werewolf, pixie, warlock, and shape shifter.”

“He doesn’t look like the pixie kind of guy, and he doesn’t have half a horse body, so that leaves warlock, werewolf, and shape shifter.” Caleb reasoned.

“Alright Dan, turn into an, um, a dog! Simple, yet manly.” Rosie said with the excitement of the thought.

“Um, no. I’m not turning into anything because I can’t, I think I would have turn into a bird and flew off by now.” Dan snared.

“Fine, werewolf or warlock. And werewolves usually don’t know what they are until someone tells them and they learn to control it.”

“Okay, so we wait for the full moon in about,” Caleb paused for thought “1 week!”

“Wait so that whole myth is true with werewolves and the full moon and silver?” Dan didn’t know what to believe in any more. “Wait if you’re a witch prove it! I can tell he’s a giant.”

“Half giant little guy, and as half I can crush you with my foot without thinking twice.” Caleb said with the anger and heat rushing through his body. There was only one other giant in that magical town, the giant species was almost extinct because of hunters so being a giant wasn’t ever something to brag about.

Rosie smiled at Caleb, she knew he wouldn’t harm anyone so the thought of him saying that just made her smile. What a false statement. She began to think. “Alright you two chill out a sec,” She decided to pause for dramatic effect, “I’m going to do a simple spell, nothing with chants and very little focus.” She ran to the kitchen and got a cup of water. She then lightly put her hands over the cup and as she raised her hand from the cup, the water followed. Then she moved it between her palms and squeezed them tightly together.

“Are you ready to see it?” The boys stared at the water from beginning to end, almost hypnotized by the water while in the air, as it sparkled in the rays of the sun. The nodded with delight to see what would come.

She slowly opened her hand. She wanted a dramatic effect to her simple magic trick and she couldn’t find a better time. As one palm separated from the other a revealed what had become of the water, the smile on Dan’s face was in shock. “Are you serious, you do this dramatic water thing and it makes a cookie?”

“Actually I can make anything simple that can fit in my hand. But I like cookies. So yah, want it?” She asked.

“Fine, what flavor?

“Um I think it may by chocolate chip, it varies really but I don’t know.” Dan took it from her hand and took a bite. It was the best chocolate chip cookie he ever tasted. He started to smile and both Rosie and Caleb started to laugh at him.

“What, what is it? What’d I do wrong?”

“Your face dude! It’s hilarious, and as you now know Rosie makes the best cookies I know!” Caleb commented with delight. Rosie blushed from this and her cheeks matched her hair.

“Would you like me to pull a bunny out of a hat now, or saw you in half?” Rosie asked with humor.

“Let me see if I can do it!” Dan said with excitement.

“Alright, but use my wand, it’ll be a lot easier. There and only two ways it won’t work. The first is because you are actually a werewolf, and secondly, wands can only be used by two people and – “ As Rosie spoke and gave Dan the wand, the lights flickered with power, a gust of wind surrounded them, and a shock went through Dan’s hand filled with electrifying power that shot down and up through his body. “This can’t be! It isn’t possible, Caleb they said he was gone, that he was never born, dead, nonexistent!” Rosie shivered, looking at Dan terrified.
“Well this is a turn of events. But chill Rosie, we still completed the oath years ago. We’re okay.” Caleb said in comfort.

“Wait what are you two talking about, who said I was dead and all that?” Dan was confused and his excitement of being a warlock vanished by the straight faces of Rosie and Caleb.

“Um, well I guess I can tell you –“

“No! He will only know what is needed to be. And nothing more, got it?” Rosie’s face lost color by this. “I’m going for a walk, just call me when you’re done.”

“Alright.” As Rosie left Caleb’s face lit up and stared at Dan’s. “Okay so, let’s start as surprise, you’re a warlock and you can do magic! But Rosie doesn't want you to know something else.” He trailed off for Rosie to out of earshot completely.

“Then tell me what it is.” Dan had a feeling Caleb was going to tell him, and for some reason he felt excited.

“Okay well in our town everyone has to take an oath. This oath was established by the Council who is head are head of the town. The oath is taken when a girl and a boy are children. They are usually around the same age, and they are the same how you say magical creatures. See when the two children take it they are bond together, instantly friends, and also soul mates. Each of the magical creatures has their own way of finding the right one.

As you saw witches use the wands, because only two people have the power over it. Vampires do something with blood, werewolves have the same tune with howls and so on. So in our town everyone was matched up except for three children. Rosie, another half-giant, and I.

The Council was devastated that Rosie would never find someone so they put their hands into me. I had to choose between her and the other half-giant. So Rosie and I made a plan to stay friends and do the oath, then runaway once we could survive on our own. It was smart, and I could never ask for a better friend, but I always felt bad for Rosie, because everyone told her she’d never know love. That her true oath mate was dead.”

“Wait so that means Rosie and I are supposed to be oath mates, and we’ll like… like each other?” Dan asked not sure how he felt.

“Sooner or later yah.” Caleb sat back and played with the string to his sweater.

“Why are you so cool about this? I’m just freaking out here! Like I can’t have experience with another girl, what if I don’t like Rosie? The red hair isn’t really my thing either.” He franticly raced up and down the room.

“Trust me. You won’t even think of another girl, your head will be filled with just her. And by the way, act cool about it, Rosie can’t know I told you. She’ll kill me!” Caleb chuckled.

Rosie walked in just then and stopped at the door entrance. “What’s going on here, it’s been a while.”

Caleb smirked “Oh nothing at all, I just told him why the wand did tha –“

 “You didn’t tell him about, you know what right?”

“No oh course not, I got your back Rosie, nothing about that, zero amounts, not even a lick of it, a hint, not even a sprinkle. Nada!”

“You liar! You exaggerate every time you lie just like you did there!” She yelled at him, she then turned to Dan, said goodnight and ran up to her room.

“Wow I can’t believe she got so mad, hot head much? Hahaha, you need a ride home by the way?”

He hesitated still trying to get it all in his head “Um, yah I guess it’d be nice –“

“Good because Rosie has a broom and can take you there real quick, bye!” Caleb winked and closed his bedroom door after him.

“Dude you can’t! Open up! Huh.” Dan slowly walked out the house and prepared his walk back to his house even though he had no clue where to start.

“Hey, you look lost, need a ride.”

He didn’t recognize the voice and turned around abruptly. “Um, yah who are you?”

“Ha-ha my name’s Ashley. I saw you with Caleb and Rosie earlier, I’m actually a friend of theirs. What were you talking about anyway?” She asked with an innocent smile.

Dan had a gut feeling he couldn’t trust her but at the same time she was his only ride home. “I don’t think I should tell you, so I’ll walk.”

“Don’t worry, they’d probably tell me later anyway.” She giggled at the thought.

“Well, I’ll let them tell you because I’m going home now.”

“Oh, why don’t you stay a while though, chill, relax, it’s only 8 o’clock. No need to go so early and so soon.”

Rosie heard voices from her room and decided to come down to make sure no problems had started. Once she saw Ashley and Dan together, all she felt was pure jealousy. “Hey, what’s going on over here, I thought you were going home not flirting with vamps.”

“No, I wasn’t flirting with a, wait a vampire?” Dan asked questionably.

“Oh, yah I’m a vampire, what are you by the way I’ve never seen you around her before.” Ashley stated with delight.

“It doesn’t matter what he is because you’re not going to bother him and he’s going home. Right?” Rosie looked at Dan with a smile. She felt horrible for telling him what to do, but she could leave him with that leech.

“Right, yah home, it was nice meeting you Ashley.” He was a little confused between the tension, but Dan didn’t think it was time to ask any more questions.

“Well let’s get together again, you seem…. Delicious.” Ashley’s fangs came out, and her devilish smile glistened in the moon. Dan stumbled back and slowly walked to Rosie, he didn’t exactly know what she could do, but he trusted her, even after one day. “Trust me, we will meet again.” She gracefully walked away and took one look back before closing the door behind her.

“So, you need a ride? My car is in the garage right now, it’s more stable than my broom.” Rosie and Dan walked to the car in silence. And once in the only noise was the radio playing a mainstream song neither of the cared about. “Um, so where exactly do you live?”

“You can just drop me off at the edge of the woods. I want to learn my way back so when I come next time, I won’t get lost.”
“So you’re coming back for sure?” Rosie was excited he wanted to come back, she never made friends easily.

“Oh um, yah, of course.” Dan blushed at his little confession, kind of like he wanted to go back just for her. But once he realized his own thought he put it away and watched the trees go by. The car came to a slow and steady halt, right between and woods and civilization. “I have a question.”


“Oh, ha-ha, um are you even old enough to drive?” They laughed awkwardly at his little joke of a question. “So I guess I’ll go now. I’ll be back tomorrow after school, right at the edge between the woods and your world. Meet me there? With you know Caleb of course.” He began to blush.

“Yah of course. With Caleb.” Rosie mumbled.

Dan walked out of the car. He closed the door and looked up, it was already pretty dark, but he had a feeling his parents weren’t worried. 

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