Escaping Hell - Chapter 2 (rough, unfinished)

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Chapter 2 of the book I am writing, if you haven't read Chapter one, find the link below the description.

Following the turbulent life of teenager Molly Leigh, is her new lover all that he makes out to be?

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Escaping Hell - Chapter 2 (rough, unfinished)

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Chapter Two
It was a comfort to know that it wouldn’t only be me and Lucy anymore, that there’d be another friend in our group. And the more I got to know Tony, the more I found I liked him, not just for his looks, he also had an amazing personality. I remember the day that Lucy introduced us, she sneakily walked off to give us some space. Could have murdered her for that, the fear in my eyes was clear. But Tony didn’t seem to mind, in fact, he made sure I was comfortable, and started doing all the talking, giving me only a few questions.
“How old are you?” he asked, seeming interested. I quickly formed an answer in my mouth
“Just turned 14, and you?”
“Coming up to 16 now” He said with a smirk, patting my head. I was not impressed, yet he carried on talking.
“Got any family?” I wasn’t pleased with his basic questions, so I decided to divulge
“Mum, dad, siblings. The norm. What about you?”
He looked sorrowful, his bright eyes sullen. It made me immediately regret asking.
“My mum died when I was younger, dad didn’t want me. Been in care ever since.”
He sighed
“It doesn’t bother me though, I like having freedom. My foster parents are shit anyway”
He put on a fake laugh which made me cringe, I could feel his pain. I just wanted to soothe him, and let him know that it is okay to hurt sometimes. 
Lucy soon rejoined us, looking hopeful. I glared playfully at her, letting her know that she won’t get away with this, but all the same, I was grateful. We were pacing ourselves along the steps by the canteen, talking nonsense to each other, not a care in the world. When I heard someone calling my name. 
“Molly! You fucking fat slut!” 
I instantly knew that voice, it was Louise, the one person that I can say that I truly hate. Ever since primary school, she always had to be better than me, and when she realized she couldn’t, she started to take it out on me. 
“I know you can hear me you retard!” her friends were laughing, and goading her on.
Lucy looked at me, worried
“You should say something, stand up for yourself Moll”
“No, no. Lets just carry on walking. I don’t care.”
I started to walk, Lucy following, only to realize that Tony was still standing back there. I looked back at him, and his face was dark and you could feel the anger pulsating out of him. I was shocked as I watched him march over to where Louise and her mates were standing. 
“Aw look who is coming over, Molly’s little man whore!” she giggled
But Tony was having none of it
“Listen here you worthless mutt, Molly is far from anything you like to call her, and if anyone around here is fat, its you, chubbo. So I suggest you back the fuck off.”
Louise looked absolutely terrified, and rushed away with her swarm of locusts following her. 
Tony didn’t come back to us, he just charged out of the school gates. For the rest of the day I was down, scared that I had done something wrong. I didn’t even confide in Lucy. When I got home, my mum was inquisitive. 
“Did you have a good day at school?” I could tell by the all-knowing tone of her voice, that she wasn’t about to settle for a yes or no answer. I sighed.
“Yeah, it was alright. Bit boring. School y’know.” I was pleased at how normal I sounded
“Hmm, okay hunny. I’m always here if you need to talk, okay?”
“Yeah mum, I know”
With that I shuffled my way up the 13 steps to my room, and collapsed face-first into my pillow. It’s all my fault that Tony got angry.. Why couldn’t Louise just leave me alone?! I was exasperated with the constant remarks of hate directed at me. I mean, I could deal with it when their words only affected me, because after all, what did I matter? But when it started effecting people that I care about, I have to draw the line.  
As Friday morning rolled around, I got out of bed as always and made my way to school. It turned out that Lucy was ill, which meant that I’d have to wander about alone most of the day. So it came as a shock to me when Tony strolled up next to me on my way to Science. 
“I’m sorry about the other day, I just got so angry and I didn’t want to direct any of it at you” he sounded completely heart-broken, so I just hugged him and told him that I forgive what happened. He seemed to cheer up a bit, wrapping his strong arms around my waist. 

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