Blood and Gold

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When the presidents daughter, Susan Hues, moves to Chicago due to her parents divorce, it doesn't take long for her to make a new friend, Jalil Sueng; a tall, dark, and handsome young man, with a 3rd degree black belt in kung-fu, which comes in handy when he has to protect Susan from a secret government organization known as the O.A.A.C. and their attempts to kidnap the presidents daughter. Through intense fights, the constant hiding, and even becoming American Outlaws, the two have to rely on their greatest assets to survive: Each other.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012




Somewhere in Washington D.C.

Time: 8:47p.m. Date: May 16th, 2013

Agent Lamal was walking down the hallway of the O.A.A.C. building in which he works. Agent Carl Lamal was the Vice Executive of the Ocult Assassins Association Correlation. He had gotten word that the President's daughter had just moved to to a different state after the the President and the First Lady had gotten their recent divorce. Agent Lamal thought this was the perfect oppertunity, to kidnap the Presidents daughter. But he didn't know where she resided in the United States, and that is why he ever so rapidly moved to his leading investigator's computer lab.

There stood Agent Simon Tremont, the lead investigator, in front of his large transparent, touch screen computer monitor, where he was playing an oversized game of solitare and drinking a cup of coffee. Agent Lamal had walked through the double doors of Tremont's computer lab. "Tremont," he said, "I need the location of a potential target." Tremont did not turn around to meet his Vice Executive, as he continued his game and took another sip of his coffee, then saying "Oh, trying to kill another dignitary are we, sir?" Lamal, walking up tp the large computer monitor then standing beside Tremont, said, "No. This time I'm stealing from one."

Tremont paused his game and touched the bottom right corner of the large monitor, which opened up a large satilite image of the earth and a touchscreen keyboard below it. Tremont rolled up the sleeves of his white button down shirt and pushed his squared spectacles higher on the bridge of his nose, "What's the name?" he asked. Lamal rubbed his pointed chin and said, "Susan Hues..." Tremont typed the name on the touchscreen keyboard and up popped 3,396 results of people with the same name. "Okay... You want to narrow your search a little?" Tremont asked. Lamal ran his fingers through his short, but thick black hair and said, "Susan Emily Hues." Again Tremont typed this on the monitor. After touching 'Enter' The satilite image of the globe began to spin. It then stopped spinning after about 5 seconds and showed the North American Continent almost thirty percent covered in tiny blue dots, these dots represented the search results. "Chicago, Illinois." said Lamal. Tremont followed suit and zoomed in on the city of Chicago highlighting ten results of all persons in the city wih the name 'Susan Emily Hues'.

Lamal then instructed his lead investigator to go through all of the results until they found the Susan they were looking for. The first picture showed a middle aged black woman, obviously not his Susan. The next picture was of a hispanic woman, again not the Susan they wanted. The next seven pictures did not match the discription of the actual Susan Emily Hues. Tremont touched the last blue dot search result on the map and a picture of a young bruenette with brown eyes, light freckles, and rosey cheeks. This fit Lamal's discription perfectly, whom after examining the picture for a minute or so, said, "Give me the address, and cell phone number. I want to know where she goes to school, who her friends are, her teachers, her E-mail, Facebook, and her Twitter accounts. Tap in to all of her phone coversations and text messages. I want so much survaillence on this girl, if she sneezes I want to know where she blew her nose." Tremont immediately began his research, "Do you want to know her ovulation schedual too, sir?" he said smartly. Lamal pulled out his phone and said "Just have it on my desk first thing tomarrow morning, Agent" before dialing another Agent by the name of Rori.

Agent AkihiroRori, who has been trained in the art on kung-fu since he was a baby Japan, walked throught the double doors of the of the computer lab a few minutes later. He said, "Yes sir? You have another assignment for me?" Lamal said, "Rori, you are going to Chicago to pick up a small package for me. I need this girl," he pointed to the picture of Susan on the large computer screen, "in my possession by the first of June. You think you can handle that?" Rori grinned, pulling his golden kunai knife from its holster, "When's my next flight?"

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