Warriors: Yellowfang's Secret

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One secret could destroy them all. . . .

Yellowkit is a ShadowClan cat through and through and she can't wait to become a fearless warrior. Then Yellowkit trains as an apprentice and finally receives her warrior name, Yellowfang—and much to her surprise, she realizes that her paws weren't meant to shed blood. Her true destiny lies as a healer, and she takes her place as ShadowClan's medicine cat apprentice.

But Yellowfang's dreams are haunted by a dark prophecy, and every paw step she takes seems drenched in heartache. As she struggles to separate herself from her warrior past, she realizes that the future she faces is bleak and dim—colored by a devastating secret that could destroy the warrior Clans.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Warriors: Yellowfang's Secret

Submitted: October 24, 2012

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Submitted: October 24, 2012





Special thanks to Cherith Baldry





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Yellowfang’s Exclusive Manga Adventure

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CEDARSTARvery dark gray tom with a white belly


STONETOOTHgray tabby tom with long teeth


SAGEWHISKERwhite she-cat with long whiskers


(toms and she-cats without kits)

CROWTAILblack tabby she-cat

BRACKENFOOTpale ginger tom with dark ginger legs (Yellowkit’s father)

ARCHEYEgray tabby tom with black stripes and thick stripe over eye

HOLLYFLOWERdark-gray-and-white she-cat

MUDCLAWgray tom with brown legs

TOADSKIPdark brown tabby tom with white splashes and white legs

NETTLESPOTwhite she-cat with ginger flecks

MOUSEWINGthick-furred black tom

DEERLEAPgray tabby she-cat with white legs

AMBERLEAFdark orange she-cat with brown legs and ears

FINCHFLIGHTblack-and-white tom

BLIZZARDWINGmottled white tom

LIZARDSTRIPEpale brown tabby she-cat with white belly


(more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

FROGPAWdark gray tom

NEWTPAWblack-and-ginger she-cat

ASHPAWpale gray she-cat


(she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

FEATHERSTORMdark brown tabby (mother to Raggedkit and Scorchkit)

BRIGHTFLOWERorange tabby (mother to Yellowkit, Nutkit, and Rowankit)

POOLCLOUDgray-and-white she-cat


(former warriors and queens, now retired)

LITTLEBIRDsmall ginger tabby she-cat

LIZARDFANGlight brown tabby tom with one hooked tooth

SILVERFLAMEorange-and-gray she-cat (Brightflower’s mother)



PINESTARred-brown tom with green eyes


SUNFALLbright ginger tom with yellow eyes


GOOSEFEATHERspeckled gray tom with pale blue eyes


(toms and she-cats without kits)

DAPPLETAILtortoiseshell she-cat

ADDERFANGmottled brown tabby tom

TAWNYSPOTSlight gray tabby tom

HALFTAILbig dark brown tabby tom

SMALLEARgray tom with very small ears

ROBINWINGsmall brown she-cat

FUZZYPELTblack tom

WINDFLIGHTgray tabby tom


(she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

MOONFLOWERsilver-gray she-cat

POPPYDAWNlong-haired dark brown she-cat


(former warriors and queens, now retired)

WEEDWHISKERpale orange tom with yellow eyes

MUMBLEFOOTbrown tom, slightly clumsy with amber eyes

LARKSONGtortoiseshell she-cat with pale green eyes



HEATHERSTAR—pinkish-gray she-cat with blue eyes


REEDFEATHERlight brown tabby tom


HAWKHEARTstone-gray tom with flecks of darker brown fur


(toms and she-cats without kits)

DAWNSTRIPEpale gold tabby with creamy stripes

REDCLAWdark ginger tom


(former warriors and queens, now retired)

WHITEBERRYsmall pure-white tom



HAILSTARthick-pelted gray tom


SHELLHEARTdappled gray tom


MILKFURgray-and-white tabby


(toms, and she-cats without kits)

RIPPLECLAWblack-and-silver tabby tom

TIMBERFURbrown tom

OWLFURbrown-and-white tom

OTTERSPLASHwhite-and-pale-ginger she-cat


(she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

LILYSTEMpale gray queen

FALLOWTAILlight brown she-cat with ginger patches around her muzzle, flecked with gray


(former warriors and queens, now retired)

TROUTCLAWgray tabby tom


MARMALADElarge ginger tom

PIXIEfluffy white she-cat

REDorange she-cat

BOULDERgray tom

JAYelderly black-and-white she-cat

HALdark brown tabby tom


Starlight shone down into a largecavern through a ragged hole in the roof. The faint silver sheen was just enough to show a tall rock jutting from the floor in the center of the cave, flanked by soaring rock walls, and at one side, the dark, gaping hole of a tunnel entrance. The shadows in the mouth of the tunnel thickened, and six cats emerged into the cavern. Their leader, a speckled gray tom with clumped, untidy fur, padded up to the rock and turned to face the others.

“Sagewhisker, Hawkheart, Milkfur,” he began, nodding to each cat as he named them, “we, the medicine cats of the four Clans, are here to carry out one of our most important ceremonies: the creation of a new medicine cat apprentice.”

Two more cats lingered by the tunnel entrance, their eyes huge in the half-light. One of them shuffled his paws as if they had frozen to the cold stone.

“For StarClan’s sake, Goosefeather, get on with it,” Hawkheart muttered with an impatient twitch of his tail.

Goosefeather glared at him, then turned to the two young cats by the tunnel. “Featherpaw, are you ready?” he asked.

The bigger of the two, a silver-pelted tom, gave a nervous nod. “I guess so,” he mewed.

“Then come here and stand before the Moonstone,” Goosefeather directed. “Soon it will be time to share tongues with StarClan.”

Featherpaw hesitated. “But I … I don’t know what to say when I meet our ancestors.”

“You’ll know,” the other young cat told him. Her white pelt glimmered as she touched his shoulder with her muzzle. “It’ll be awesome, you’ll see. Just as it was when I became Milkfur’s apprentice!”

“Thanks, Bramblepaw,” Featherpaw murmured.

He padded up to Goosefeather, while Sagewhisker, Milkfur, and Hawkheart sat a couple of tail-lengths away. Bramblepaw took her place at her mentor’s side.

Suddenly the moon appeared through the hole in the roof, shedding a dazzling white light into the cave. Featherpaw halted and blinked in astonishment as the Moonstone woke into glittering life, blazing with silver.

Goosefeather stepped forward to stand over him. “Featherpaw,” he meowed, “is it your wish to share the deepest knowledge of StarClan as a ThunderClan medicine cat?”

Featherpaw nodded. “Yes,” he replied, his voice coming out as a breathless croak. He cleared his throat and tried again. “It is.”

“Then follow me.”

Goosefeather turned, beckoning with his tail, and took the few paces that brought him close to the Moonstone. His pale blue eyes shone like twin moons as he spoke. “Warriors of StarClan, I present to you this apprentice. He has chosen the path of a medicine cat. Grant him your wisdom and insight so that he may understand your ways and heal his Clan in accordance with your will.” Flicking his tail at Featherpaw, he whispered, “Lie down here, and press your nose against the stone.”

Quickly Featherpaw obeyed, settling himself close to the stone and reaching out to touch its glimmering surface with his nose. The other medicine cats moved up beside him, taking similar positions all around the stone. In the silence and the brilliant light, the new medicine cat apprentice closed his eyes.

Featherpaw’s eyes blinked open and he sprang to his paws. He was standing chest-deep in lush grass, in a clearing of a sunlit forest. Above his head, the trees rustled in the warm breeze. The air was laden with the scent of prey and damp fern.

“Hi, Featherpaw!”

The young tom spun around. Approaching him through the grass was a tabby-and-white she-cat with blue eyes; she gave him a friendly flick with her tail as she drew closer.

Featherpaw stared at her. “M-Mallowfur!” he gasped. “I’ve missed you so much!”

“I may be a warrior of StarClan now, but I am always with you, my dear,” Mallowfur purred. “It’s good to see you here, Featherpaw. I hope it’s the first time of many.”

“I hope so, too,” Featherpaw responded.

Mallowfur kept walking, brushing through the grass until she joined a ginger tom at the edge of the trees; together the two StarClan cats vanished into the undergrowth. Close to the spot where they had disappeared, another StarClan warrior crouched beside a small pool, lapping at the water. Heartbeats later, a squirrel dashed across the clearing and swarmed up the trunk of an oak tree, with two more of Featherpaw’s starry ancestors hard on its tail.

Featherpaw heard his name being called again. “Hey, Featherpaw! Over here!”

Featherpaw glanced around the clearing. His gaze fell on a black tom, almost hidden in the shadows under a holly bush. He was small and skinny, his muzzle gray with age.

The dark-furred cat beckoned with his tail. “Over here!” he repeated, his voice low and urgent. “Are your paws stuck to the ground?”

Featherpaw shouldered his way through the long grasses until he stood in front of the tom. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“My name is Molepelt,” the cat replied. “I have a message for you.”

Featherpaw’s eyes stretched wide. “A message from StarClan, my first time here?” he breathed. “Wow, that’s so great.”

Molepelt let out an irritable grunt. “You might not think so, when you’ve heard what it is.”

“Go on.”

Molepelt fixed him with an icy green gaze. “A dark force is on its way,” he rasped, “with the power to pierce deep into the heart of ThunderClan. And it will be brought by a ShadowClan medicine cat.”

“What?” Featherpaw’s voice rose to a high-pitched squeak. “That can’t be right. Medicine cats have no enemies, and they don’t cause trouble for other Clans.”

Molepelt ignored his protest. “A long time ago, I was the ShadowClan medicine cat,” he went on. “My Clanmates and I did a great wrong to another Clan—a Clan that belonged in the forest as much as any of us, but was driven out through our selfishness and hard-heartedness. I knew then that what we did was wrong, and I have waited, my heart filled with dread, for the Clans to be punished.”

“Punished? How?” Featherpaw asked hoarsely.

“The time has come!” Molepelt’s green eyes were wide, and he seemed to be gazing into the far distance. “A poison will spring from the heart of ShadowClan, and spread to all the other Clans.” His voice became a soft, eerie wailing. “A storm of blood and fire will sweep the forest!”

Featherpaw gazed at the old cat in horror. Before he could speak, a powerful black-and-white tom pushed his way through a clump of ferns and padded up to the holly bush.

“Molepelt, what are you doing?” he demanded. “Why are you spilling all this to a ThunderClan apprentice? You don’t know that this is the time!”

Molepelt snorted. “You were once my apprentice, Hollowbelly, and don’t you forget it! IknowI’m right.”

Hollowbelly glanced at Featherpaw, then back at Molepelt. “Things are different now,” he meowed.

“What do you mean? What’s going to happen?” Featherpaw asked, his voice shaking.

Hollowbelly ignored him. “There’s no reason to punish ShadowClan,” he continued. “What happened was too long ago. The medicine cat code will keep the Clans safe.”

“You’re a fool, Hollowbelly,” Molepelt growled. “The medicine cat code can donothingto save the Clans.”

“You don’t know that for sure!” When Molepelt did not respond, Hollowbelly turned to Featherpaw. “Please, say nothing about this,” he meowed. “There is no need to spread alarm, not when the future is lost in mist even to StarClan. Promise me that you won’t tell any of your Clanmates. Promise on the lives of your ancestors!”

Featherpaw blinked. “I promise,” he whispered.

Hollowbelly nodded. “Thank you, Featherpaw. Go well.” Nudging Molepelt to his paws, he led the old medicine cat away into the trees.

Featherpaw gazed after them. After a few heartbeats he scrambled out from underneath the holly bush and staggered into the sunlit clearing. “Even if Molepelt was telling the truth, it makes no sense!” he meowed out loud. “How can ThunderClan be threatened by a ShadowClan medicine cat?”

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