A Smile Like The Sun (Novella)

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Blayke Hanson struggles with memories of the past about his best friend Evaine Longing, the girl he had loves since the moment he met her. Their relationship had always been complicated, his parent's did not accept her as he had wished they would because she was diagnosed with being severely retarded, and her step mother hated her for it and hated Blayke still for the feelings he had for her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Smile Like The Sun (Novella)

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Submitted: February 14, 2012




Have you ever known someone for so long- believed that you were so close to them nothing could possibly separate you?

Have you known someone like that- in that way- and felt so . . . far away from them?

She did this to me.

I still don’t –to this very day- understand why I let myself fall for someone like her the way I did, when it was clear!- obviously, painfully, pristinely clear that we were not meant to be.

But she was so beautiful: her eyes the color of the sunset, so warm- so inviting- yet so distant, yet curious; her very self was something to just . . . cherish. It was inevitable for me; like being dragged down deep under the never ending sea kicking and grasping- panicking- as you try so hard to get back to the surface for air.

She was my bottomless ocean and my surface.

She was no good for me, yet I needed her to live.


Her name was Evaine Longing.

Ironically, she had the name that basically told its own story, because I did exactly that: long for her.

She was my next door neighbor for fourteen years.

She was also my best friend.

I will tell you this now: it is always . . . always the best friend.

I’ve cursed them ever since- since. . .

She was my best friend that is all that matters for the moment.

 We were six when we first met.

It was winter time in New England- a very brutal winter which to this day I am surprised we ever met at all because our encounter involved the outdoors. Either way: we met, and still, like the idiot that I am, I do not regret meeting her. 

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